‘Euphoria’ Season 2: Ending, Explained – Is Fezco Dead Or Alive? Will There Be A Season 3?


The second season of “Euphoria” comes to an end with a bang (literally)! This season we witnessed clashes, deceit, trauma, and the endless cycle of drug abuse. Two unexpected couples emerged in this new season: Lexi and Fezco and Nate and Cassie. The major drama was unleashed with the Nate-Cassie romance; after all, Cassie was Maddy’s best friend. It was a sad ending for those who rooted for Jules and Rue. But all hopes are not lost, as life finally looks good and sober for Rue.

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The Finale And Lexi’s Play

Lexi, who always watched the main characters make the worst decisions of their lives, decided to write a play based on their lives. Lexi’s emotions take the main stage; Cassie, Maddy, and Rue get to watch themselves from Lexi’s perspective. The insecurity, the jealousy, the trauma that they went through, and at times, were the reason for it, became magnified. But then again, you might not appreciate your mirror image in public. Cassie hated what she saw. Her flaws were staged for people to watch and laugh at. She became furious when the play humiliated Nate, and he, in turn, broke up with Cassie. Cassie had an outburst on stage. She tried to publicly shame Lexi for creating the play. Maddy joined Cassie on stage and struck her for being a terrible friend. Lexi continued with her play after the brawl. She quoted Fez by saying that people’s feelings need to be hurt at times. The audience loved Lexi, and so did Rue. Lexi saw Rue for who she was and not for what she did.

In “Euphoria,” Season 2, we are introduced to Elliot, the third-wheel in Jules and Rue’s relationship. Their friendship ended when Elliot informed Jules about Rue’s drug abuse. In the end, Rue forgave Elliot for what he had done, as it helped her get on the right path. Even though they had a lot in common, they chose to maintain distance since they believed that they were not a good influence on one another. After watching the play and the emotional rollercoaster ride that Rue had gone through after her father’s death, Jules tried to comfort her. She confessed her love for Rue, but Rue did not reciprocate. Rue wanted to remember Jules as her first love and did not feel the need to continue with their relationship.

“Euphoria” Season 2 gave us incredible moments, from the lover’s montage to Rue’s escape from home. But, by the end of it all, it is just a high school drama with catfights and love triangles. I think we can all agree that every emotion we felt during our high school days was extremely heightened, owing to our age and lack of experience. “Euphoria” validates those experiences instead of cornering them as juvenile or silly. The usual happy-go-lucky high school stories are replaced by a more complicated affair that “Euphoria” introduces, and it is perhaps this relatable factor that makes it popular.

Rue in Euphoria' Season 2 Episode 5 Recap Ending
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‘Euphoria’ Season 2: Ending Explained – Did The Police arrest Fezco?

From season one, we know that Ashtray murdered Mouse, and that truth surfaces in “Euphoria,” Season 2, bringing forth a horrible outcome. Lexi saved Fezco the best seat for her play. Their endless conversations over the phone about nothing and everything brought them close to one another. She found a person to share her doubts and secrets with. As Fez was about to leave for the play with a bunch of roses in his hand, Custer wanted to talk with him. He had slyly kept the police on the call and wanted Fez to confess his crime. Faye helped Fez by secretly signaling to keep quiet. Fez did not say a word. Faye, in the meantime, started blaming Laurie for Mouse’s murder. She wanted to put the blame on Laurie and Custer and save Fez in the process. Even though their plan was working, Ashtray punctured Custer’s throat with a knife. Fez knew that the situation was out of their hands now, and they had to surrender to the police. Fez grabbed hold of the knife and was prepared to take the blame. But Ashtray had some other plans. He was not ready to surrender and did not want Fez to take the blame. He locked himself inside the bathroom and waited in the tub with his guns and bullets. As the police forced their entry, Fez screamed for Ashtray to surrender. Instead, Ashtray fired shots from the bathroom, which led to multiple rounds of firing between the police and Ash. But, in the end, the police shot Ash in his head, leaving Fezco in anguish. As the police arrested Fez, Lexi’s invitation to the play lay on the dusty ground.

Meanwhile, Nate takes a stand against his father’s misdeed. He carried a loaded gun and approached his father at the gay bar where he was residing. He was angered by Cal’s happy life; he could not accept that his father would live the rest of his life without facing any consequence for his actions. Nate spoke about his childhood trauma. When he was barely eleven, he saw the video collection his father had. He was exposed to sexually explicit content involving his father when he was far too young. Nate had nightmares where he imagined himself as his father’s victim. He could not allow his father to walk free after destroying his life to a point that was beyond repair. He informed the police about his father; he had a pen drive that consisted of the videos that were often shot without consent. Even though Cal expressed his sorrow for spoiling his son’s life, Nate was not ready to forgive him. The police arrested Cal and Nate felt a sense of relief.

Nate Jacob's father, Cal
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Season 2 Afterthoughts And ‘Euphoria’ Season 3 Expectation

When Cassie and Maddy were aiding their wounds in the washroom after their fight, Cassie sorrowfully spoke about how Nate broke up with her even before she had the outburst on stage. Maddy simply said that this was just the beginning. Even after she surrendered herself to Nate, he chose to break her dream of a perfect love story within a second. The vulnerable condition of Cassie, just to get some love and affection, can turn all the more disastrous. What would be refreshing to watch is if Cassie and Maddy reunited as friends.

In “Euphoria,” Season 2, Kate was missing. She was barely given any dialogue and played the stereotypical best friend to Maddy. Kate’s role this season was disappointing, to say the least. Also missing in action is McKay, whom we saw only in the first episode.

Every good thing must come to an end, and personally, another season of Euphoria does sound dicey. It can get monotonous, even with all the visual experiments. Hopefully, the writing team has an epic script up their sleeves! We can expect the Lexi and Fezco story to develop in the next season. Hopefully, we will meet a sober Rue, though the threat of Laurie remains a valid concern.

“Euphoria” Season 2 is streaming on HBO Max and Hotstar.

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