‘Euphoria’ Season 2, Episode 1: Recap & Ending – The Story Of Fez & The New Year’s Fight


“Euphoria” has established its ground when it comes to providing a detailed back story for each character in the series. The second season starts with the life story of Rue’s friend and drug dealer, Fezco. You must have wondered what might be the deal with Fez and especially his little brother and partner, Ashtray, in running the drug operation. In “Euphoria” Season 2, the creators take us back to the past, a past that is as morbid as the present for the drug dealer duo. We are introduced to Fezco’s grandmother, the person who raised Fez to take care of a business so unpleasant.

The Past: Grandmother And Drugs

‘Euphoria’ Season 2, Episode 1 started with Fezco’s grandmother, whom Rue described as the greatest; well, she was quite the woman back then. With a gun in her hand paired with high heels and a bootcut suit, her jacket read “God’s word, God’s Will, Fez’s grandmother entered a strip club with a mission. She shot a man on both his legs and left the room, leaving the man screaming for life. As Fezco steps back into her car, we find a little boy with bruised eyes looking at her. She said that she had a word with his father, and that he would be staying with his grandmother from now on. This indicates that the man who was shot was Fez’s father, who ill-treated the little boy. Though the grandmother loved the boy, she was not the best guardian.

From a very young age, Fez was introduced to the world of drugs. His days were spent sorting cocaine and supplying the drugs for his grandmother. The little boy knew very little about his mother, only that she was a good person and that his father took advantage of her good nature. The grandmother advised little Fez to never fall in love, as that is the only instinct one truly cannot trust. Though it was impossible to guess, Fez was good at school, especially in math. One day, as he returned home, his grandmother introduced him to little Ashtray.

Ashtray was collateral, something that her client chose to keep as a deposit to ensure their payment. Sadly, the mother never returned to get her child, and Ashtray became a part of the drug dealer duo. As the toddler chewed on the cigarette buds left on an astray, the grandmother decided to name him Ashtray.

When it came down to violence, Fez learned a great deal from his grandmother. Even though the school spoke against violence, his grandmother disagreed. She believed violence was at times necessary. 

As Fez’s grandmother started hitting a man who betrayed her in business, Fez tried to stop her and was hurt in the process. It was his first dark spot, as Rue had described, and his life was spent in a haze for two months. As he recovered, his grandmother fell sick on the bathroom floor, and she could not be saved. Fez was left with a drug business to take care of and a little brother to cater to. Ashtray became his support system and was a part of his business. Ashtray murders Mouse with a hammer; previously, Fez had stolen drugs from Mouse’s supplier to pay him. The reason for the chaos was Nate. He had informed the police about Fez’s business, as a result of which they had to clear their house of drugs.

The Present: Meeting The New Drug Supplier On New Year’s Eve

With the murder of Mouse, Fez was left to find a new drug supplier. The duo, along with Rue, parked their car at a shady spot and were introduced to Custer and Faye, his girlfriend. As Faye was asked to wait in the car with Rue, Custer briefed Fez and Ashtray about the lady drug supplier. She used to be a schoolteacher but joined the business for money.

Meanwhile, Faye decided to take heroin in the car even though Rue opposed the idea. As she injected the drug, two thugs caught hold of Rue and Faye and brought them inside the room where Fez, Ashtray, and Custer were present. The members of the gang were on probation, which is why they were extremely suspicious of new people. Everyone in the room was asked to strip to check for wire, and after confirming that the police were not involved, the business began. After a successful drug deal, the trio drove to a New Year’s house party.

‘Euphoria’ Season 2, Episode 1: Ending – The New Year’s Eve Party

Rue consciously tried to avoid Jules at the party. Meanwhile, Lexi informed Maddy about the disappearance of Cassie. Even though Lexi called Cassie numerous times, she did not receive her call. This is when what happened to Cassie is revealed.

Nate found a drunk Cassie outside a general store eating cookies. He drives her to the New Year’s party, and the two decide to hook up in the bathroom. While the two were making out, Maddy banged on the bathroom door for entry. A distracted Nate responded, asking to wait. Maddy realized that it was Nate inside the bathroom, and banged the door harder. Cassie was on the verge of tears, as she did not wish to offend her best friend Maddy by hooking up with her ex-lover, Nate.

After a few minutes, Nate opened the door, and Maddy entered the bathroom. We found Cassie lying in the bathtub, waiting to leave as soon as Maddy would go. But it takes a lot more than that. Maddy was followed by a senior to the washroom, and the two smoked a joint while flirting with each other. Cassie remained still in the bathtub while the guy eventually discovered Cassie. He informed Maddy that a girl had passed out in the tub, to which Maddy did not pay heed, and they left. Cassie finally got the opportunity to leave the washroom and was questioned by her sister, Lexi, for disappearing.

Amidst the party, Lexi and Fez bonded, mostly for their different viewpoints, and they shared phone numbers. Rue decided to take the remaining heroin left by Faye in the car. High on drugs, Rue entered the party to find Elliot taking drugs inside a room. She joined him and was about to lose consciousness when he crushed her with some Adderall to help her stabilize her heart rate. In Elliot, Rue found a new friend, and while they were bonding, Jules decided to have a conversation with Rue. Rue informed Jules that she had started taking drugs from the day Jules had left her at the train station. The two were emotional about the past that they shared, and they both felt they were deeply attracted to one another. They decided to take a chance on love again.

While the love was being restored, Fez finally caught hold of Nate, the reason why he attended the party, and battered his face till he was stopped. The bloody body of Nate was taken aside. Lexi watched Fez turn into a monster within a few minutes of their conversation, leaving her startled.

The new season has started with a bang, quite literally. With a new year and a ton of new problems, Euphoria is set to take us on a ride that is both, cinematically and narrative-wise, promising.

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‘Euphoria’ Season 2, Episode 1, directed by Sam Levinson, is streaming on HBO Max and Hotstar.

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