‘Euphoria’ Season 2, Episode 2: Recap & Ending – Does Nate Like Cassie?


“Euphoria” Season 2, Episode 2 explores what happened after the New Year’s Eve party. From Nate’s hospitalization after being brutally beaten by Fez to exploring Rue’s newly found friendship with Elliot, Taking a hint from the first episode, the complicated love triangle formed between Nate, Cassie, and Maddy is further developed in the brand-new episode.

The Love Triangle: Does Nate Like Cassie? 

After getting his face battered by Fezco, Nate was hospitalized. Accompanying him was his former lover, Maddy, her best friend and Nate’s new love, Cassie, and Cassie’s former lover, McKay.

As Nate was taken to the hospital, he thought fondly of Cassie. He reimagined his life with Cassie instead of Maddy. He knew his life would have been different and way happier than it was at the moment. With Maddy, there was always a certain level of toxicity, but with Cassie, his relationship would have been simple and easy. He thought of Cassie as both powerful and soft, something that he had started to admire. He regretted not noticing Cassie before falling in love with Maddy. He could imagine making babies with Cassie and starting a family. Even in his happy family dream, his father was the man he wished was dead. He was ashamed of his father and, in his dream, he imagined his sudden death, which would solve all his problems. Sadly, his reality was far from his dreams. In reality, he had to be with Maddy as Maddy had the videos in which his father, Cal, was sleeping with Jules, a teenager.

As he started recovering, he tried to mend his relation with Maddy by sending her romantic texts. Maddy started considering getting back into a relationship with Nate. Even though Nate had previously harmed Maddy, she craved their lethal romance. 

Meanwhile, Cassie texted Nate, stating how she regretted being involved with him. They decided to meet somewhere away from home. Nate drove Cassie to a remote place that was still under construction. He confessed that he liked her, but he could not be with her. He decided to stop communicating with Cassie and wanted her to do the same. Somehow, Cassie did not expect Nate to truly end their secret affair. She ran inside one of the under-constructed buildings, and Nate followed. They shared a moment of intimacy during which Nate remarked about the power she had on him. He asked her to reconsider how she planned to continue being friends with Maddy while having an affair with the man she loved. This brought Cassie back to reality and indicated a probable end to their affair, though their attraction might be hard to contain.

Did Cal Shoot Fez?

Cal was determined to find the man who hurt his son. He asked Nate the reason for the brawl, but his son chose not to state the identity of the man who caused harm.

Cal reached Cassie’s house; he knew Cassie was easy to intimidate. While Lexi maintained silence, Cassie got scared and shared the truth. She feared that Cal would involve the police and that the police might want access to her phone, which could have revealed her affair with Nate. Lexi wanted to help Fez. After all, no other person of her age was ever interested in learning about her as Fez did on New Year’s Eve. She was stunned by how sweet, and caring Fez was at one moment and was extremely aggressive the next moment. She regretted not ever taking a stand; she was always the one who was fearful and took no action. She blamed her fearfulness for Rue’s overdosing as well. She knew how badly addicted Rue was, but she never really took any action. This time, Lexi made up her mind to save Fez. She went to meet him at the departmental store, but could not manage to say any more than the usual greetings, especially after noticing Faye with Fez.

Though Faye was simply living with Fez after she had pushed the motel’s landlord for his hurtful comments. While Lexi was at the departmental store, Cal entered the store with a gun in his pocket. He asked Fez if the store was his and if Lexi had informed Fez about Cal’s identity. Fez doubted the man’s intention; Ashtray was ready with his gun to take any action if required. Cal chose to simply pay for what he bought. He introduced himself as a concerned father and left the store.

‘Euphoria’ Season 2, Episode 2: Ending – What Was Cal’s History With Jules? 

Cal confronted Nate after he returned from his meeting with Cassie. Cal wanted to know the reason why a drug dealer would decide to harm his son. Nate decided to confess the truth. He revealed that he was aware of his father’s intimate life, especially about the time he slept with Jules.

In season one, Cal had asked Jules to maintain silence regarding their affair, but Rue figured something was wrong with Jules. Nate explained that Rue had shared the information with Fez, who tried to threaten him. Nate had filed a police complaint that led to the raid of Fez’s house. Therefore, Fez injured Nate for revenge. Nate said that it was to save his father and his family from any embarrassment that he had tried to threaten Jules not to share any details of the night with anyone. When Cal explained that he was unaware of the fact that Jules was a minor, Nate added that even Jules was unaware that his father recorded the night. After learning that his son knew about his personal video collection, Cal asked if Nate had the video with him. Nate remained silent.

The video is an important element, considering how it is evidence of Cal having slept with a minor. The video was taken away by Maddy, with whom Nate had to pretend to be in love to get access to the video. Meanwhile, in the next episode, we can expect to see the further establishment of Rue’s friendship with Elliot. On the first day of school, when Rue introduced Jules and Elliot, Jules immediately felt that Rue had a soft spot for the guy. While they bonded over drugs, Elliot believed he might not be a good influence on Rue’s life. ‘Euphoria’ Season 2 is packed with love triangles and, of course, complicated emotions that can turn worse with time.

‘Euphoria’ Season 2, Episode 2 is streaming on HBO Max and Hotstar.

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