‘Euphoria’ Season 2, Episode 6 Recap & Ending: Are Nate And Cassie Together?


With the season’s end approaching, “Euphoria” tries to bring a touch of comfort and hope to its characters. In Episode 5, the audience had to face the crippling anxiety that came with Rue’s withdrawal from drugs. In “Euphoria,” Season 2, Episode 6, we witness Rue cope with her new lifestyle devoid of drugs, with the constant support of her mother in the process of recovery. Meanwhile, the Nate-Cassie-Maddy drama continues, with Maddy finally learning about Nate and Cassie’s relationship. Maddy had a strong desire to seek revenge on both Cassie and Nate. She even discussed her interest in plotting the murder of her best friend with Kate.

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What Is ‘Euphoria’ Season 2, Episode 6 About?

Rue has a hard time trying to stay away from drugs. Leslie comforts her daughter and helps her at every step. A screeching sound filled the room as Rue expressed the physical pain she felt. It is while recovering that Rue realizes her mother’s forgiving nature. She did utter hurtful words directed towards her mother, but Leslie chose to look past those episodes and focused only on her daughter’s wellbeing. Rue was apologetic for the harm she caused to her family. She wished to take it all back even though it was impossible. As she gained her strength, Rue decided to have a word with Ali, her sponsor. She insulted him when he tried to help her. She reduced him to his single worst moment. Rue asked for Ali’s forgiveness, and Ali forgave her. As an ex-drug addict, he knew the struggle that came with addiction, and he was aware of the support Rue needed. After a long time, Ali came to Rue’s house, and the family enjoyed an evening together. He cooked for them and, at the same time, shared some words of advice. He wanted Rue’s sister to be looked after as Rue’s addiction had affected her mentally. The family sat down together for dinner, and they discussed Rue’s stay at a rehabilitation center. Rue hoped to be better for the people around her, though it was only through her determination that she could achieve her goal.

Cassie loses her mind as her truth is exposed in front of Maddy and her friends. She wanted to prove her innocence, but her friends had already stopped talking to her. Nate took charge of his actions in this episode, and this time he did things for the better.

“Euphoria,” Season 2, Episode 6, continues to focus on the progression of the narrative with a few chapters closing. There are various indications of things turning dark, especially with respect to Fez and Rue.

Did Nate Get Back With Cassie?

While Maddy looked for vengeance, Cassie wanted to be accepted by the people she loved, particularly Nate. She tried to reason with herself by saying how she technically did not cheat on her best friend, but nobody supported her logic. She called Nate numerous times, but he never responded. Nate knew what had happened, but he was taken aback by the fact that Maddy did not reach out to him for once. He knew how much Maddy loved revenge, so he decided to take control of the situation.

Nate was relieved when his father left his family. He could never accept his father for the person he was. He celebrated with his mother, who dealt with the situation positively. His mother expressed how she felt Cal had had a terrible influence on his sons, particularly Nate. She regretted the fact that Nate had picked up his father’s bad habits.

Nate knew that now that his father had left, he had to clean up his mess. He searched for his father’s video collection but instead found a gun. He carried the gun with him to Maddy’s house. He threatened Maddy with his life to retrieve the video of Jules and Cal that Maddy had stolen. Terrified of Nate’s behavior, Maddy disclosed the whereabouts of the video. Nate gave the disc to Jules. He wanted Jules to be able to protect herself. Even though Nate and Jules shared a hateful past, she was grateful for Nate’s action. Nate confirmed that the time he had expressed his liking for Jules, it was genuine. 

When Nate finally called Cassie, he wanted her to stay with him at his house. Cassie packed her bag and left with Nate. Cassie expressed how she had to leave everything just to be with him. Cassie had to go through a lot of trouble, and emotional turmoil before her love was finally reciprocated.

Clearly, the romantic angle did reach some closure with Nate and Cassie together. Maddy curled up in her bed, traumatized by what had just happened. However, Maddy’s room for revenge continues to exist, and she can strike back in the worst possible way.

‘Euphoria’ Season 2, Episode 6: Ending – Fez’s Threat And Rue’s Hope

With Ali in the house, the Bennett family finally had a good time. At the table, Rue’s sister addressed how skeptical she felt about Rue’s progress at the rehabilitation center. Ali believed her skepticism was justified, especially after all the trouble the family had to go through. He knew Rue would only make progress if she believed and hoped for her betterment.

Meanwhile, Lexi and Fez share a cheerful moment together. They watched “Stand by Me,” during which Fez caught hold of Lexi’s hand. A new friendship was brewing between the two, especially after their encounter at the New Year’s party. Sadly, trouble is not far away from Fez. Caster met Faye at the backyard alley and informed her about the police’s search for Fez for the murder of Mouse. He promised to take Faye back with him when the situation was appropriate. Faye chose to not disclose the information to Ashtray.

“Euphoria,” Season 2, Episode 6, ended with Leslie receiving a call from the rehabilitation center. She was informed that they were unable to accept Rue at this time. Leslie screamed over the phone, begging them to understand her situation with her suicidal daughter, who she believed could take a disastrous step on any given day. As the mother panicked and cried, Rue slept beside her sister peacefully.

We can expect the next episodes to deal with Rue’s addiction and her journey to find the right path. Meanwhile, Maddy can either have a change of heart or completely ruin the new couple. The Fez and Ashtray are clearly out for a disaster with the police. It is also important to remember that Rue still owes money to Laurie, the drug dealer. She even indicated that she would sell Rue, if required, to get the money back. There is a lot more drama left to unfold with just two more episodes in hand!

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“Euphoria,” Season 2, Episode 6, is streaming on HBO Max.

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