‘Euphoria’ Season 2, Episode 7: Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Nate And Cassie Break Up?


This one’s a Lexi show! The new “Euphoria” season 2, Episode 7 puts up the play that Lexi has been writing for days. The play is based on Lexi’s life and her experiences. Be it her friendship with Rue or her relationship with her elder sister Cassie, Lexi bares her feelings in this one. In the episode, the space oscillates between the stage and the actual events that took place.

Meanwhile, Fez and Ashtray seem to be in danger as Faye’s boyfriend, Caster, visits them. “Euphoria” season 2, Episode 7 ends with an epic dance number that left the audience laughing and cheering, though a few found it unacceptable. Hence, without any further ado, let’s explore “The Theatre and Its Double”!

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The Rue-Lexi Friendship

In the first season of “Euphoria,” we learned that Lexi used to be Rue’s best friend, but they grew apart with time. In “Euphoria,” season 2, Episode 7, Lexi stages their friendship, the little memorable moments that they shared before Rue got completely addicted to drugs. Lexi remembered how Rue struggled after losing her father, and she knew that she could never comfort her enough. It was Rue who taught her how not being popular or not being a part of a group made one an exception, and that had its own beauty. As she reminisced about her happy days spent with her best friend on stage, Rue became emotional, watching their beautiful friendship unwind. Lexi had always regretted not informing Rue’s mother about her addiction, especially after she overdosed. She was always left without an answer when someone asked if Rue was her best friend. She missed the bond that they once shared, but somehow it was too late to reach back to Rue.

The Unexpected Romance: Fez And Lexi 

Season 2 of “Euphoria” was able to pique the audience’s interest in the possibility of a new couple formation, Fez and Lexi. As the internet hoped and prayed for their romance, the unexpected couple is finally growing close to each other. Lexi spent most of her time talking to Fez. She discussed her insecurities with him, especially with regard to the play. Fez listened to her thoughts and her doubts with patience, and it made Lexi feel special. On the day of the play, Fez wore a white, freshly ironed, shirt. He asked Faye for her opinion regarding his attire, as he wanted to impress Lexi.

Meanwhile, Ashtray watched Caster enter the house and whisper words to Faye. He could figure that something was truly wrong with the way they behaved. He caught hold of a knife and kept it hidden in his sleeves.

Fez carried a bunch of red roses as he was about to leave, but at that moment, he could sense that Caster was hiding something from him. Lexi watched the empty seat that she had saved for Fez. With every new scene on stage, she hoped that he would eventually turn up, but that never happened. Nonetheless, Lexi emerged as a strong woman in “Euphoria” Season 2, Episode 7. She commanded her fellow artists with certainty, aimed for perfection, and eventually, her play was a massive success in the end.

“Euphoria” Season 2, Episode 7: Ending Explained: Did Nate And Cassie Break Up?

The play was not meant to please everyone. Cassie was hurt by the way Lexi projected her. She rushed to the washroom the moment the play focused on Cassie and Maddy’s friendship. Maddy was a confident young woman who never seemed to doubt herself. 

When Maddy’s parents fought, she stayed at Cassie’s house. Cassie comforted Maddy as she cried, thinking about the situation at her house. Cassie was reminded of the sweet memories at a time when she and Maddy were no longer friends. We finally get to see what happened after Rue spilled the truth about Cassie and Nate’s relationship. That night, Cassie locked herself inside the washroom as she was too afraid to face Maddy. Maddy banged on the door for some time. She was emotional and disappointed as she had never expected her best friend to betray her. She did not care about Nate. He mistreated her and made it a point to ruin her relationship with her best friend as well.

Cassie wept as a part of her regretted her decision, but as she looked into the mirror, she fixed her hair and smiled at herself. With a broad smile on her face, she was the sweet, innocent Cassie she had always been.

Cassie and Nate’s relationship was not about an equal partnership, but rather, one of submission and dominance. Cassie submitted herself to Nate completely. She wanted him to make all her decisions, from what she could wear to whom she could talk to. She was just happy to be loved. She felt grateful that Nate chose to be with her. Cassie was the kind of woman Nate had always wanted. He chose the adorably innocent girl without any opinion, someone who could be an obedient wife and complete his idea of a perfect family. Nate continued to be like Cal, even though he had nightmares about his father.

The play came to an end with a dance number. It was obviously about Nate and his gym buddies. These are the men who end their sentences with “no homo” to confirm their sexual orientation at any given time. Nate was always repulsed by homosexuality. The fact that his father was not heterosexual always made him uncomfortable. 

In the last dance, the play portrayed Nate and his friends involved in visibly homosexual acts. The phallus took center stage as the men danced their hearts out. The dance attempted to humiliate a man with such toxic traits, and it was successful in offending Nate. Nate clenched his fist as he watched the dance. He left the treater, and Cassie followed him. He blamed Cassie, as Lexi was her sister. He asked her to leave his house as soon as possible and left the corridor. Cassie was heartbroken and angry at the same time. She looked at the stage with hateful eyes.

In the last episode of “Euphoria” season 2, we can expect Cassie to have an outburst now that she has lost Nate as well. Along with that, we can expect to know what happened to Fez and Ashtray. With the narrative unraveling, the last episode is expected to be exciting!

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“Euphoria” season 2, Episode 7 is streaming on HBO Max.

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