‘Evil’ Season 4 Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Is Reprogramming The Robot Dogs?


A Cujo-core droid that’s just as adorable as it is terrifying? Sounds like someone we know. We’re looking at you, Kristen! But I’d cut her some slack considering episode 2 of the final season of Evil chucks her life into a tornado of problems. Ben and David have got troubles of their own brewing. And none of the three are bringing it to the table. What could go wrong in such a scenario?

Spoiler Alert

So, what mystery are we half-solving this week? 

Kristen’s right. A werewolf that scares easy isn’t the type that’d chase the parish priest and the congregants away. I don’t know how Michelle and Robert King do it, but something as ridiculous as a pair of very fake glowing eyes in the darkness of the graveyard looks absolutely terrifying to us as well as to the investigator trio. The shock value is through the roof when a rabid robot dog pounces on David. Only David, mind you, not Kristen and Ben. So there was no werewolf frequenting the church graveyard after all. Only a very feisty android canine that’s now taken care of by a crowbar-wielding Ben. The look on Father Ignatius’s face is practically all of us as we try to make sense of why a harmless perimeter surveillance robot would attack David. What’s more? Sister Andrea knows of one of her nun friends, Sister Agnes, who was attacked by one of these robot dogs just outside of her church. Sounds like the kind of stuff that’s right up Ben’s alley. There’s a catch, though. The two people who were attacked by these dogs, David and Sister Agnes, are both Black. So the question has to be asked out loud. Were these robot dogs unleashed with a disturbingly racist purpose? Since Ben has an in with Kate, the software developer behind these freaky little surveillance robots, it can’t hurt to pick her brain on what might have made a few of these dogs go rogue. Testing one of the models in demo mode does make it seem like nothing is wrong with the core software. So someone must’ve pulled off a “jailbreak” and sneakily reprogrammed these harmless robots to attack Black people. 

What does the Entity want with David now?

Exactly how many times is David going to have to explain his demon-repellent mosquito net to people? But I think Victor LeConte, the agent working for the Vatican’s top secret agency, The Entity, might have more of an idea about what sort of trouble David needs to bat away on a daily basis. It comes up a handful of times in their conversation that David’s needed now more than ever. The Vatican owes him one for pulling Grace Ling from the maw of death. But you know what they say. Don’t do someone a favor unless you’re willing to be on speed dial for future trouble. The Entity only seems to get increasingly erratic with their dos and don’ts. So this time around, David is supposed to go to a specific location, at a specific time, wearing oddly specific attire. You know David. A rule-abider if ever there was one. He’s understandably taken aback when he’s escorted to a room only to hear a certain guy called TJ detail his life to him to a T. The next part of whatever’s going on is even more peculiar.

A hexagonal table with an ace of diamonds card at the center–and David, along with a bunch of other people, is asked to focus on the card and draw what comes to mind without moving his wrist. It’s only when David eventually meets his new handler, Father Dominic Kabiru, that he gets to know that the whole business was a test that he’s apparently passed. Neither David nor I was prepared to learn that he has remote vision ability. What’s that and how did the Vatican determine this? Well, that guy T.J., the one who was blabbering on for a whole minute there, went on to record a video at the same time when David was drawing pictures on the table. And turns out, whatever T.J.’s camera saw was eerily similar to what David sketched on the paper. There was no way for David to know what TJ was recording. So despite Victor LeConte’s cynicism over the whole remote vision thing, they’re convinced that David possesses the inexplicable power to see things without being physically present in a certain location. That’s gotta come in handy against the imminent doomsday event, no? Explains why he’s repeatedly told just how bad the Vatican (and probably humanity itself) needs him now. 

What’s Andy Struggling with?

I never thought I’d say this, but Andy Bouchard’s misery is kind of starting to get to me. Does that mean I’ve stopped shipping Kristen and David? Not a chance in hell. But you’re bound to soften up knowing the kind of havoc Leland’s schemes are wreaking on his fragile mind. The poor guy’s getting awful nightmares that are making him curl up under the bed. The tests at the doctor’s obviously don’t come up with any sign of lingering complications from the time he was supposedly buried under an avalanche. But the bloodwork, the needle marks between his toes, and a vein that collapsed two days ago are enough for the doctor to conclude that Andy’s a junkie. It’s hard not to feel bad knowing he’s being drugged by Leland when he goes under. But I have faith in Kristen. I don’t think she’d kick him to the curb without a thorough investigation into this freaky scenario. Kristen’s almost gotten desensitized to Leland’s unbelievably invasive and abusive tactics and schemes. But she’s always more protective of the people around her than she is of herself. So even though she’s seemingly unbothered about Leland stealing her egg and planning the birth of a demonic child, there will be hell to pay for kidnapping, drugging, and hypnotizing her husband. And I don’t think the big reveal is too far off considering the kids have found their dad hugging the bathtub in a terrible state. Moreover, Andy was avoiding the call from Leland that was supposed to trigger his state of hypnosis. So it’s safe to assume that Leland’s about to be busted. 

Does Sheryl get a promotion?

Not that all his troubles aren’t of his own design, Leland’s making a big mistake by ruffling Sheryl’s feathers. DF’s misogyny is the least shocking thing about them. It’s a company full of people who burn their midnight oil to corrupt the American population on behalf of their unholy father. And to make her prove she’s worth her salt, Leland hands her the odd assignment of getting a feral political op in line. Mr. Greg R. Bruni has let his demon run amok. He’s an erratic, exasperating mess who’s just smacked his attorney across the face. And you can imagine this weirdo’s reaction to DF sending a “woman” to tame him. Sheryl’s no quitter though. So after mourning her jacket that he drooled on, Sheryl slices Bruni’s finger off to show him he’s messing with the wrong woman. Applause and a “well-done” from the demon boss are all that Sheryl gets in return for such a fantastic job, though. The promotion she’s over the moon about happens to be a cruel gag of sorts. She’s given a corner office she has to crouch down to fit into. What’s worse? The extremely low glass ceiling is basically a window for Leland and the men to literally look down upon her. Something tells me Sheryl’s not gonna let this one go.

Who is reprogramming the robot dogs?

The whole robot dog business takes a pretty ominous shape with the demo robot dog waking up automatically in Kristen’s shed and Lexis opening the door to it. You can’t really blame the girls and even Andy for getting attached to the dog. You’d wanna keep it too if it got heart eyes cuddling up to you. But the dog doesn’t seem too cute and docile when Kristen finds it growling at her when she gets close to a sleeping Lexis. It’s almost like the dog’s been reprogrammed to watch over Lexis. Considering the neighboring properties of the church were all pot farms that could use these surveillance dogs, Ben thought looking for the owner of the attack dog would be a dead end. Luckily, the owner, namely Harley Elfman, gets himself caught by contacting Ben to get his dog back. But something doesn’t quite add up. David, Ben, and Kristen are ready to rip Harley to shreds for reprogramming his robot dog to attack Black people, only to find out that Harley’s Black. So if the targets weren’t picked for the color of their skin, the only common link would have to be their Catholic faith. Harley came clean about using a hacking link he’d stumbled on while looking through Reddit for ways to extend the dog’s perimeter of search and battery life.

Ben’s entertaining the possibility that the hacker must’ve used a malware that followed the targets through the Catholic Mass app. Seems like a pretty solid theory given the app tracks the GPS location of the users. While Harley does get a massive fine slapped on him for tinkering with the software, I don’t think the targeted attacks were in the list of his crimes. The hacker’s logo happens to be one of the demonic house sigils. So it’s evident that the rogue dogs were operated by someone who means to keep people away from the house of God. But that’s not the only reason I’m inclined to draw a connection between the robot dogs and the prophecy about the end of days. Another one of Harley’s dogs showed up at Kristen’s house, ferociously protecting Lexis like the other one did. Kristen does hammer the non-living hell out of it. But it had to have been sent by someone with a keen interest in Lexis–the one kid with connection to RSM Fertility. Although far apart both circumstantially and geographically, both the cases of episodes 1 and 2 seem to be connected to the doomsday prophecy. So I guess most of season 4 will consist of the specific cases where the world is gradually turned into a safe birthplace of the antichrist, Kristen and Leland’s child. 

Why does Ben meet Dr. Kurt Boggs?

So Ben wasn’t lying when he said he’s running his own experiment at his place. The Ginn’s been particularly spicy ever since the incident at GRF. And Ben’s set up a pretty cool space with two screens on either side, one has a black and white wheel sort of thing while the other has windows of different colors. I’m gonna be straight with you guys, I have no clue what it means when the Ginn shows up and Ben marks the spots on the screens with different percentages. Is he tracking how much of the Ginn he’s seeing in each of the colors? This is your time to shine, science people! Ben rejoices a bit too soon when he seems to have a eureka moment. His mind has made up the Ginn who’s speaking his thoughts to himself. But how does he grab your face with his claws, Ben? The experiment has certainly not done him much good. Instead of random episodes of the Ginn’s visit, the Ginn’s now almost always at the corner of his peripherals. So a trip to a therapist seems like a good place to start. And that’s what happens in the ending sequence of this week’s episode of Evil. But why Dr. Kurt Boggs of all people? Hasn’t he achieved enough with his satanic ritual to get the creative juices flowing? He’s clearly not doing too good, considering his frantic, cryptic visit to Sister Andrea in the previous episode. Still, let’s hope for a speedy breakthrough and recovery for Ben. He’s had enough trouble with girlfriends haunted by their dead twins and Succubi around his bed. 

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