‘Evil’ Season 4 Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: Will Kristen Raise The Baby?


I had half a mind to start this off with an “oink, oink.” And I guess telling you that beats the purpose of avoiding it. But we’re all a little odd over here in the Evil gang. How else would we ever make sense of how bacon can cause demonic possession? Evil is getting weirder by the week. Rather fitting considering we’re heading to a sort of doomsday by the end of the season and the show.

Spoiler Alert

What’s going on at the Delmonte Farm? 

From werewolves to pigs? It sounded like a demotion to me. But that was before Kristen whipped out her phone and played the video of a man who apparently caught a demon from some pork chops. That’d only seem too bizarre to you if you weren’t familiar with the kind of stuff Kristen, David, and Ben usually find on Vidtap, that cursed app influencing the masses to take on some pretty self-destructive and dangerous social media trends. And lo and behold, there’s also a video of a kid gorging on some Delmonte Farm bacon to see if there’s any truth to the rumors about the possessed pigs over there. Nothing actually seems out of the ordinary at the farm when the owner, Chet Garcia, gives the trio a tour. And Anthony Garcia, next in line to take over the family farm, comes off as a reasonable guy who doesn’t buy into the flat earth, QAnon, and the close-to-home possessed pig nonsense. But you have to admit that there’s something sketchy about the way the pigs are riled up by the smell and sight of Kristen’s blood when she gets a nasty cut on her leg.

Don’t be too quick to judge Anthony by his surface-level normalcy, though. Because after what Ben stumbles upon when he befriends the owner of the neighboring Baxter farm and sees some of the footage his surveillance drones picked up, Anthony seems anything but normal. About a month ago, Anthony was recorded running through the field on all fours like something out of early 2000s horror films, seemingly possessed. And a little intimidation from our towering priest is enough for Garcia to open the tap of uncomfortable truth. Back home from college, Anthony showed pretty damning signs of possession just a month ago. Away from his Pentecostal faith, Chet was at a loss before he found a rookie group of teenagers, the Trio of God, to perform an unauthorized exorcism on Anthony. Well, it suffices to say that that didn’t work. But what’s actually interesting about this whole thing is Delmonte Farm’s location. The GRF facility and the “gates of Hell” from the first episode of Evil season 4 are just about 4 miles from the supposedly possessed pigs. And the church from the second episode is in Lidden, super close to the farm. It seems like all the cases that are being handed to Kristen and co. are localized to that one area. 

What does David’s vision mean?

I’ve lost count of how many times this question has popped up in my head ever since Evil season 1. There doesn’t seem to be an end to how much David is yet to figure out about himself. And with Father Kabiru’s increasingly cryptic assignments, I wouldn’t bet on David finding the answers anytime soon. In Evil episode 3, though, things get weirdly tangible for David. It’s rather simple at first. 8 Christian missionaries’ lives depend on the vision David is expected to get when he crosses a literal line on the floor—no biggie. It’s only when David goes back home and prays that he actually gets a vision. There’s his Black angel again, the one who let him in on the secret of the world’s imminent end. This time, she puts out the lamp in her hand to give David what can be described as a religious VR experience. David’s practically transported to this awful place with corpses lying all around; all Black people. And David, God’s choicest punching bag, is actually looking out the eyes of the hateful murderer in this vision. Kabiru seems to have a name for it. PSI–Perfect Site Immersion. The Vatican’s got terminologies of their own. If David were to believe Kabiru, then he’d have to accept that he possesses these bizarre powers that make him supremely uncomfortable. He’d need to believe that he was telepathically transported to Ethiopia, where the murderous General Kaleb Girma, the man whose rage David felt when he was basically taking Girma’s place and even had the same scar on his right hand, is going on a killing spree. This can’t be good for David or his emotional well-being. Girma’s rage is already showing up on him. But I doubt that he wouldn’t sacrifice the last semblance of his sanity to save the lives of the 8 missing missionaries Girma is possibly holding hostage. His righteousness will be the end of him.

Were the pigs actually possessed?

I don’t know if it was a failed attempt at starting a band that led to the atrocity that these three girls call the Trio of God, but they’re lucky that Kristen didn’t give them a piece of her mind. Evidently, these girls followed the gospels and exorcized a possessed Anthony, just like Jesus had done in Mark 5. But they forgot to tie up one major loose end. In the gospels, after casting out the demon from the man, Jesus redirected it to the pigs that were nearby. And unlike the Trio of God, Jesus made sure that the possessed pigs drowned themselves. These girls, on the other hand, collected their whopping “living expenses,” told Chet to “dispose of” the possessed pigs, and wrapped it up. Now, Ben’s entertaining the possibility of neural sarcoidosis. It’s a disease where foreign antigens mess with the brain and cause the kind of inflammation that might explain Anthony and the pigs’ odd behavior. But things aren’t as simple as that. On a sing-songy stroll to collect soil samples from the Delmonte Farm, Ben’s met with a stomach-churning sight. Garcia’s pigs have broken the fence, dug up the graves on Baxter’s property, and have been snacking on Baxter’s decomposing kin. Ben’s an absolute mess as he fights off a huge, practically demonic hog with a shovel and runs to safety. But he cracks the mystery on his way home. But before I tell you what the investigative trio deduced from this case, I’ve got to remind you that the cases in this season have been pretty ambiguous, horror-wise. These aren’t really visions that can be explained with some scientific mumbo jumbo Ben or Kristen can think up.

In episode 3, the possessed pig mystery is yet again half-solved. Garcia was actually cutting costs by killing the pigs that Anthony’s demon supposedly went into and feeding their meat to the “clean” pigs. Feedback, as Ben calls it. Now, possessed or not, this act of feeding the hogs their buddies makes them aggressive and cannibalistic. That’d explain why they went berserk at the sight of Kristen’s blood or why they attacked Ben. There was apparently this Oregon farmer who did this back in 2012 and paid the price with his life when his hogs ganged up on him and ate him alive, and that’s actually happened if you want to look it up. So, the hogs chapter is wrapped up. But there’s still no answer to what actually happened to Anthony. I guess this season of Evil will tie up all the cases when the bigger, scarier picture is eventually unveiled. Until then, David’s got to figure out where he stands with the entity, and Ben’s got to fight for the right dosage of Ziprasidone to keep the Jinn at bay. And Kristen, well, she’s just made the terrible mistake of getting in touch with Dr. Boggs to help out Andy. Leland’s got his assistant on his payroll. And by sending Andy to Dr. Boggs, Kristen may just open up another way for Leland to puppeteer him. 

Will Kristen Raise The Baby?

I knew I’d seen her somewhere! Although I have to admit that I didn’t immediately remember that it was this show itself. But in my defense, remembering non-recurring actors is a near-impossible task in my line of work. I just hope that you connected Nurse Bloch to the finale of Evil season 1. That’s right. The nurse in this episode, in charge of Leslie in the hospital that DF funds, is the same grim reaper nurse that David had a near-fatal brush with in season 1. In the hospital that David was escorted to when he was thrashed outside of the church, Nurse Bloch played her homicidal game by drugging patients with IV anesthetics and killing them. Oh wait, if Leslie’s gone into labor and the antichrist is coming, does that mean we’re on the 38th day of the prophecy? Or is Leslie early? Nonetheless, she was certainly not having a great time with Satan Jr. clawing at her insides until Nurse Bloch gave her a big dose of epidural. It looks like Nurse Death hasn’t quite let go of her MO. Now giving birth to the antichrist is one thing, but overhearing the nurse and Leland’s hush-hush talk about how they want to turn her into baby food is a whole other level of crazy. Leslie has the perfect confidant in Sheryl, though. Well, for one, she hates Leland’s guts. And then there’s her no-nonsense deduction skills, which eclipse Nurse Bloch’s lying skills. But Sheryl better look out for her own family now. Leland’s just reassured Leslie that Kristen is one he plans to mulch up for the antichrist’s nutrition. What sort of mommy issues does he plan to raise this kid with?

In the ending sequence of Evil episode 3, Kristen gets a frantic call from Leslie, who’s escaped from DF’s hospital and is in urgent need of help. This might totally be an innocent action by a helpless woman in labor with the freaking antichrist. Maybe Leslie didn’t feel quite comforted by what Leland said. It’s possible that she didn’t buy the reassurance that she wouldn’t be killed and fed to her newborn for the next 6–7 months. But the other theory could be that Leland put her up to this. He’s definitely the kind of guy who’d terrorize a pregnant woman and compel her to get the biological mother of her child in trouble. So maybe it was a trap that Kristen walked into when the sweet woman couldn’t leave a scared pregnant girl stranded. All in all, Leslie was lucky to have Kristen in the room. Who else would’ve had the gall to tell the doctor off for harassing a woman in labor? The baby looks a bit too normal to be the antichrist. But considering how big baby Timothy is, I wouldn’t rule it out. Oh, did I not tell you? The “antichrist” is named after Kristen’s dad. Which means Sheryl’s husband, right? What’s Leland actually trying to do here? If putting Kristen through an extremely heavy emotional hurdle was his job, I’d say that he has succeeded. It was hard enough for her to oversee the birth of a kid who was half herself, knowing she wouldn’t get to (or even want to) be in his life. But it must’ve been excruciating for Kristen when the unconsolable baby went quiet in the comfort of his real mother’s arms. So the tears are understandable when she holds the bottle to the cooing baby devil’s mouth. But this also makes me entertain another possible angle. What if, and bear with me here, Leland’s ulterior plan is to have Kristen raise this baby? If Leslie backed out or went poof, I don’t think Kristen would want to hand baby Timothy over to a sociopath like Leland. And if the girls get a whiff of their new half-brother, Kristen will never hear the end of it. Leland is well aware that the best way to hurt Kristen is to hurt someone she cares about. And if Kristen makes the mistake of bonding with this baby, Leland will always have the power to destroy her life. I don’t think she’d take it sitting down. I just hope that she’s ready to have two RSM kids at home. 

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