‘Expats’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Gus Dead Or Alive?


In Expats episode 3, a frantic Margaret makes desperate attempts to find clues that could lead to Gus. In the previous episode, we found out that it was Mercy’s negligence that resulted in the sudden disappearance of little Gus. The detective assigned to the case, Chang, had mentioned the importance of details in cases of disappearance, and Margaret wanted to make sure that she got everything right. A year had passed, but the grieving mother was stuck in time. Expats episode 3 also focuses on David and Hilary’s failing marriage and the growing proximity between David and Mercy.

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What made Margaret hopeful about finding Gus?

Margaret found a ray of hope when she discovered that Hilary’s neighbor, Christopher, had a picture of Gus on his phone. She was confident that she was not around when Hilary’s old dog-loving neighbor took the picture, and even Essie confirmed that she was not with him at that moment. Margaret doubted that Christopher had an ulterior motive for secretly taking a picture of her son. She zoomed in on the picture several times to find evidence that could help her rescue Gus. Margaret noticed a cut on Gus’s arms, and she realized that she had forgotten to mention the wound mark to the police. She tortured herself, thinking that maybe the mention of the mark could have helped the police track her son. Margaret decided not to repeat her mistake, and with a Polaroid camera in hand, she took pictures of every little mark on Phillip’s body. Daisy protested when her mother forcefully tried to take pictures of her, and Clarke came to her rescue. Clarke sympathized with his children, knowing that their childhood was far from normal. Their mother had become absent-minded and mostly kept to herself. She was so occupied thinking about ways to find Gus that she barely had any time to spend with Phillip and Daisy.

What led to David and Mercy’s growing closeness?

David was at a pub close to the market where Gus went missing. In Expats episode 3, we find out that Margaret doubted David when he initially lied to the police about his whereabouts. Because he was in the area, Margaret assumed that he was responsible for Gus’ disappearance. David eventually confessed the truth, but he could not get over the harassment he had to face in the past year. He especially could not forgive Hilary for doubting him. Instead of speaking in his defense, he remembered her having a moment of hesitation, and that was a dealbreaker for David. The friendship between Hilary and Margaret also suffered as a result.

David confided his feelings to Mercy. Even though they met under strange circumstances, they found comfort in each other. David helped Mercy look beyond the guilt she experienced, and she provided him company at a time when his marriage was falling apart. They had unknowingly started to depend on each other, even though they wanted to keep the affair strictly sexual with no strings attached.

Did David and Hilary get back together?

David had not returned home for days, and Hilary was desperate to fix their marriage. She admitted her mistake, but David was not ready to forgive her yet. She was heartbroken when she received a sexually provocative message from David that he had mistakenly sent her. The situation had gone out of control, and Hilary decided to step up and find a solution. She instructed her driver to take her to the hotel where David was staying.

Dressed in a beautiful red dress, Hilary walked into the bar. Quite unexpectedly, David was glad that Hilary found him. He apologized for the texts and agreed to have a conversation about their marriage. Hilary made it known that she was not willing to give up on their relationship. She needed him, and she could not imagine her future without him. David, too, was willing to reconsider and work on their marriage, but the happy moment was short-lived. David was surprised to see Hilary complain about the stain on her wine glass just when he was discussing how he struggled to have an honest conversation with her. All of a sudden, he realized how different they were from each other. He felt insulted when she called the place a dump, and he believed he would never be good enough for her. Hilary announced she was ready to become a mother in the hopes of winning David back, but he reminded her how unfit they both were to become parents.

At the end of Expats episode 3, Mercy finds a drunk David passed out on the stairs of her apartment building. She carried him to her apartment, and they went to sleep together. Mercy had become David’s safe space, but Mercy’s fear of ruining everything she touched might impact their relationship.

Why did Mercy walk out of the club?

Mercy preferred staying alone, and at times, she almost felt invisible. As the world around her moved at its own pace, Mercy enjoyed being a mere spectator to the brief conversations that random strangers engaged in. While boarding the subway, Mercy recognized a woman she had previously seen at a restaurant. To her surprise, the stranger recognized her as well and sat next to her on the train. Charly was easy to talk to, and Mercy found a friend in her. They remained in touch, and one day, when Charly invited her to watch her friends perform, Mercy readily agreed to it. Charly introduced Mercy to her friends and requested that they switch their conversation to English for Mercy. While Charly went to the bar to grab some drinks, Mercy started to feel out of place. The conversations overwhelmed her, and her inability to grasp or be part of them bothered her all the more. Maybe a part of her was also scared of destroying the friendship she shared with Charly. She experienced a constant fear of being cursed and bringing bad luck to those around her. Perhaps she was afraid of getting too close to Charly, fearing that she would end up ruining her life. Mercy hastily exited the club, leaving uncertain the future of her friendship with Charly.

Did Gus die?

Margaret was confident that Christopher was responsible for her son’s disappearance, and she begged Hilary to help her. Hilary was not ready to make the same mistake that she did when she doubted her husband. Margaret was so desperate to get access to Christopher’s room that she intentionally humiliated Hilary, stating that she would never understand the pain she experienced because she was not a mother. Hilary did not say a word and simply handed Margaret the key card to Christopher’s apartment. After rummaging through his belongings, Margaret came across a postcard from Thailand. She believed it was enough proof to connect Christopher to Gus. They had taken a family trip to Thailand, and she deduced that Christopher had followed them there.

During Expats episode 3’s ending, Margaret returns home to find Detective Chang waiting at her apartment. He informed the family that they had received news from the mainland about a body that matched Gus’ description. Margaret’s attention remained focused on the postcard that she had in hand, and she realized that it was sent to Christopher by someone named Jenny. This confirms that Christopher was not in Thailand, as Margaret doubted, and it also suggests that maybe he was not the perpetrator. All of a sudden, the little hope Margaret had dissipated. In the end, Margaret and Clarke headed to identify the body. Whether the body belonged to Gus and, if so, what caused his death and disappearance are still unknown to us. The mystery remains to be solved, and hopefully, we will get closer to the truth in episode four of Expats.

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