‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Episode 1 & 2: Recap and Ending- How Does Woo Young-woo Prove Herself?


“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” is a South Korean legal drama written by Moon Ji Won and directed by Yoo In Shik. Park Eun Bin plays the protagonist, Woo Young Woo, who is an autistic genius and a rookie attorney. Kang Tae Oh, Kang Ki Young, and Jeon Bae Soo can also be seen in leading roles in this courtroom drama.

Did Young-woo Win Her First Trial?

Woo Young Woo, as a child, made her father worry as she didn’t speak a single word until she was five years old. The doctor diagnosed her with autism, and her father had no idea how to raise her with it. After they came back from the hospital, the landlord started cursing at him. It was a misunderstanding. The landlord started hitting him because he thought that his wife was having an affair with him. This was when Young Woo spoke her first word. She spoke out about the law against physical abuse in detail. It stopped the fight between the two as Young Woo’s father jumped in excitement.

Young Woo’s father asked her if she learned the sentence from a movie, but she pointed at the stack of thick law books. Young Woo’s father was a lawyer, and she had read the entire book of laws at the age of 5. The landlord’s wife had said that Young Woo would become a lawyer just like her father, and it indeed came true. Young Woo graduates from law school at the top of her class and has joined Hanabadara Law Firm, one of the best in the country. On her first day, her dad tells her not to do unnecessary things like her funny introduction, talking about whales, and repeating others’ sentences.

Young Woo lives with her father, but she is independent enough to travel alone and can adjust herself to society. Her father has trained her to understand emotions and how to react in different social instances. On her very first day at the office, she faces difficulty passing through a revolving door and meets Lee Jun Ho, who helps her. Jun Ho is a senior attorney at the Hanabadara law firm and guides Young Woo to her mentor, Jung Myung Seok. Young Woo introduces herself with the funny introduction her father told her not to use, and she tells her mentor that she has autism, but he becomes skeptical of her. On her resume, there is a special note from the CEO of Hanabadara to take special care of Young Woo.

Jung Myung Seok talks with the CEO and assigns Young Woo a simple case to test her. A woman hit her husband, which caused him to have a subdural hematoma. The woman has been accused of attempting murder. When Young Woo meets the old woman, she finds out that it is the same woman who told her that she should become a lawyer in the future. Her husband had a bad temper and still does, which is why his wife hit him with an iron while arguing. The husband does not want to take it to court and wants his wife to tend to him as compensation. However, Young Woo notices that the old woman is financially dependent on her husband and cannot inherit anything after he dies because of the attempted murder charge. Myung Seok is impressed by Young Woo and allows her to take the case to the jury court.

The husband starts cursing at Young Woo when he first understands that she is the daughter of the man who had an affair with his wife. Young Woo wants the woman to be charged with physical damage instead of attempted murder, and her husband’s ill-temper is the perfect evidence for it. Young Woo brings the husband into the court, and before she can interrogate him, the man starts cursing at her and attacks her. Young Woo says to the judge that the man has an ill temper and that the woman lived with him for many years and still takes care of him. Young Woo appeals to change her felony from attempted murder to physical damage, but they receive the news that the man has died, and his attorney immediately files a murder charge.

Young Woo feels guilty for the man’s death because he died right after they had an argument. She has a bigger challenge now: to not get the woman charged with murder. She reads the statement again and again and finds a big clue. The old man had said in his statement that on the day of the incident, he had a severe headache and that he had been having that for many days. Young Woo interrogates the doctor in the court if one can faint due to an existing hematoma. The doctor confirms that it could be possible, and Young Woo’s firm also submits a report from other medical experts, which helps the woman to get charged only for physical damage and not murder. Young Woo proves to everyone that she can be a lawyer even if she is different from others.

Why Does Young-woo Pose As Jun-ho’s Wife?

After her first successful case, Young Woo’s colleagues accepted her into their team. Their team has got a new case to work on, and it is ridiculous. At a high-profile wedding, the bride’s wedding gown slips, exposing the bride’s naked body. The bride’s father wants to sue the hotel that made all the wedding preparations. The hotel was ready to give back the entire amount spent and also special vouchers for the couple, but the bride’s father wanted to sue them for one billion won. He has promised Hanabadara that he will give them all of their legal work if they can make this possible.

The lawyers sometimes have to act like detectives and go undercover to find a fault on the opponent’s side. Myung Seok orders Soo Yeon and Min Woo to act like a couple and visit the team that handled the bride’s dress and Young Woo and Jun Ho to take statements from the bride and the groom. Soo Yeon insists on going with Jun Ho as she has a crush on her, and, knowing the banter between Soo Yeon and Min Woo, Myung Seok allows her.

Young Woo and Min Woo take statements from the bride and groom, and both of them have left the case to their parents. They are going to carry on the wedding if their parents want or break it off if they want. The bride, Hwa Yeong, tells the lawyers that the groom’s grandfather wants to break the marriage because she has a tattoo of lord buddha on her back. The groom doesn’t have his opinion on it but thinks that it’s wrong to sue the hotel as it comes under his father’s business group. Min Woo thinks that both of them are immature and psychologically dependent on their parents. Young Woo questions herself if she is also psychologically dependent on her father because she can not even cook her own meal.

Jun Ho is all ready to go in as a couple with Soo Yeon, but she upsets her stomach and calls Young Woo to bring a change of clothes. Soo Yeon is unable to attend the meeting, and Young Woo has to go with Jun Ho. She says exactly as Soo Yeon tells her to. Young Woo is eccentric, but she pulls off a good show, and Jun Ho gets mesmerized when he sees her in the wedding dress. However, Jun-Ho has to focus on finding out who made a mistake in the bride’s dress. Soo Yeon is in the restroom and overhears an employee’s name involved in the accident. Jun Ho finds the employee talking over the phone and requests her to give her contact information for the one who was in charge of the bridal wear. To his dismay, the concerned employee has been fired and has left the country. This has put the legal team in a tight spot as she was an important witness in the accident.

‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Episode 2: Ending

Young Woo is obsessed with whales and doesn’t leave a single chance to talk about them. Her father has told her to not talk about them at the office, but Jun Ho allows her to talk about whales when it’s just the two of them. Young Woo started calling him anytime she wanted to talk about whales, and hence, Jun Ho and Young Woo decided that they would only talk about whales during lunch, but they could talk about anything else at other times. Jun Ho believes that someone must listen to Young Woo talking about whales if she loves them this much.

From Hwa Yeong’s statement, Young Woo finds a foolproof solution to get close to one billion Won in compensation. Hwa Yeong was supposed to receive a piece of land as a wedding gift, and according to the law, it is a loss of the bride and needs to be compensated for. The land itself costs more than three billion Won. Young Woo persuades the other employee to stand as an eyewitness, and they have come close to winning the case, but Hwa Yeong withdraws her case before the judge declares the result.

Hwa Yeong had asked Young Woo for a way to close the ongoing case, and she gave her the simplest way to do it: just ask the judge to withdraw it. Young Woo told Hwa Yeong that she was dependent on her father and could not make her own decisions, and Hwa Yeong decided to break out of that habit. She tells her father that she wants to make decisions for her life and doesn’t want to sue the hotel. She also declares that she won’t marry the guy because she has someone else she loves. Hwa Yeong holds the hand of her girlfriend and leaves the court, saying that she will only marry her and no one else.

Though the case gets withdrawn, the Hanabadara law firm gets all the new cases from Hwa Yeong’s father, and Young Woo attracts attention from other law firms. Hanabadara’s rival firm, Taesan’s CEO, wonders how they missed out on such a talent. Young Woo has impressed everyone, and it is just the beginning. There will surely be more to look forward to in the upcoming episodes of “Extraordinary Lawyer Woo Young Woo.”

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