‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Episode 11 & 12: Recap & Ending – Will Min Woo Succeed In Getting Woo Fired?


Previously, in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” Young Woo fought a complicated case of sexual assault involving a disabled person. She lost the case, but it made her realize how unapproving the world is of a disabled person. However, Jun Ho comforts her and says he will always believe in her. Things escalate quickly between the two of them, and they start dating. On the other side, Tae Su Mi has offered Young Woo’s father to take her to Boston to work in her firm and also receive treatment for autism.

Did Shin’s Wife Get Her Share Of The Lottery Money?

Young Woo and Jun Ho have started dating, and unlike anyone would expect from Young Woo, she has been waiting for Jun Ho to come to the office. She sees him entering the building but only keeps on looking at him. Jun Ho notices her and asks what she is doing alone. She tells him that she wanted to see him but noticed that he was late for work, so she was waiting for him. She proceeds to leave as she gets a call from her boss without giving Jun Ho a chance to speak.

Shin Il-su and his two gambling buddies won a giant lottery of 6.4 billion won. Three of them had promised to share the money equally if one of them won. However, the one who won the lottery now declines to have made any such promise. Shin Il-su visits Hanbada with his wife to sue the traitor. Attorney Jung thinks it is a difficult case to win as there is no written promise, and gambling money is involved in it. Shin gets emotional and talks about how his wife has been working hard to raise their children and how it is their only chance to end the misery. Jung takes the case, but Young Woo is against doing anything outside the limits of the law.

Shin takes Young Woo to the gambling house, where she meets Han, who confirms that the oral deal was made between the three of them to split the money. However, he is hesitant to testify in court. As expected, Han bails on the day of the hearing because he is an illegal immigrant and does not want to get deported. Shin brings in the coffee shop owner as a fake witness, and the opponent claims that she is giving false testimony because she has an affair with Shin. The woman declines the allegation, and the judge holds her statement to be valid. Her statement helped them win the case, but Young Woo had seen him doing a finger heart for the woman.

After Shin receives the money, he visits Young Woo to give her a gift card, but she declines it and accepts Kimbap made by his wife instead. He asks Young Woo if he has to share the lottery money with his wife in case of divorce. Young Woo replies “no” in answer, but she feels like she should inform his wife about Shin’s intention. Attorney Jung tells her the law about not getting involved in the client’s personal life. It is true that Young Woo cannot visit Shin’s wife as a lawyer but can visit as a customer. She visits the Kimbap shop together with Jun Ho, and they see Shin and his wife fighting. This confirms that Young Woo’s doubt was true. Young Woo cannot tell her the details, so she uses the fake characters that Su Yeon told her about: Mr. Salt, Ms. Pepper, and Attorney Soy Sauce.

Young Woo tries to tell Shin’s wife about the conversation she had with Shin and to get proof that Shin had agreed to share the lottery money with her. Shin’s wife didn’t believe Young Woo until Shin really sent her a divorce notice. However, she was doubtful of her husband’s intentions and tried to get evidence. She comes to Hanbada to solve this case and get money from her husband, as they don’t have a house or a shop of their own, and she is skeptical about whether her husband will provide for the kids or not. Jun Ho and Young Woo drop Shin’s wife home and see Shin getting out of a luxurious car.

Shin threatens his wife when he sees her with the attorney. Jun Ho thinks it would be better for her to not go home right now, and they turn back. Shin takes his car and tries to run over his wife, but gets hit by a truck instead and dies on the spot. Shin’s wife starts screaming, and Young Woo starts panicking out of anxiety. Thanks to Jun Ho, she calms down after he hugs her tightly. Shin’s wife gets all the lottery money and more from his life insurance. Young Woo thanks Jun Ho for hugging her when she panicked, and he promises to be her hugging chair whenever she needs one.

Kwon Min Woo has not stopped researching Tae Su Mi’s past and visits her directly and asks her to take him into their firm. He talks about Young Woo and how she was born when Tae Su Mi had taken a break from college. Su Mi challenges him to make Young Woo quit Hanbada or get her fired. If he can make that happen, she promises to let him work directly under her. Min Woo is greedily ambitious and would not hesitate to wreck someone else’s life for it.

Can Lawyer Ryu Jae Sook Win The Case?

Kim Hyeon Jung is a senior manager at Mir Life Insurance Company, and her company is being taken over by another company. The company is going through restructuring, and Hyeon Jung gets called by HR for the same. He informs her that the new company is allowing married couples to work together so that one spouse can take voluntary retirement, and the other will be fired if they do not. In Hyeon Jung’s case, HR tells her to quit because it won’t look good if her husband stays home and she gets in the way of his career. Hyeon Jung is devastated to hear that after years of giving her best for the company.

Jung Myung Seok’s senior was attacked by an ex-convict who brutally murdered his own father, and Myung Seok and his senior helped to reduce his sentence. Myung Seok has been living in constant fear that he might get attacked as well. He sees a suspicious man getting inside the elevator with him, but he disappears after they get off. Myung Seok gets flustered when the HR of Mir Life taps on his shoulder from behind. Hyeon Jung and another female employee, Lee Ji Yeong, have sued the company for gender discrimination, and lawyer Ryu Jae Sook is representing them. Ryu Jae Sook is popular for taking cases related to human rights and raising awareness against injustice. However, she has barely won any of those cases.

Judge Ryu has been assigned to the case, and he is from the same lineage as Lawyer Ryu; hence, Myung Seok worries he will go easy on her. Both parties have prepared their cases well. Ryu has proof of how most of the women have quit their jobs instead of their husbands’ and how HR asked them to quit because it is their duty to support their husbands’ careers. Mir Life has brought an employee whose husband has quit his job, but Hyeon Jung exposes that it is because her husband has cancer, and she is testifying for the company because she had received paid leaves for her to support her husband’s treatment. Ryu has been leading the case so far and has shut down all of her opponent’s allegations. Min Woo has taken the challenge from Tae Su Mi to get Young Woo fired, and he has made his first move.

Min Woo gives Young Woo the documents that show that Hanbada had consulted Mir Life Insurance, the policy that Ryu is fighting against right now. It clearly indicates that it was made to make female employees quit. Young Woo gets angry and asks Myung Seok about it, but he scolds her because their job is to defend people. If it is fair or not, it is a judge’s decision. After the next trial, Min Woo points out that Young Woo is talking with Ryu. Min Woo makes his final move and posts to Ryu the policy consultation document with Young Woo’s card in it. Min Woo expected Ryu to present it during the final trial, but she showed other evidence. In the end, the judge gives the verdict in favor of Mir Life Insurance because the policy doesn’t mention that women are forced to quit.

‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Episode 12: Ending

Jun Ho and Young Woo have been going on dates regularly now, and Jun Ho walks Young Woo home almost every time. Young Woo is careful this time because her father had seen her kissing a guy and asked her if she was seeing someone. Jun Ho gets hurt when Young Woo tells him that she doesn’t want him to meet her father because they aren’t seeing each other yet. He tells her that he has been doing all the things he doesn’t enjoy only because he likes her, and if it doesn’t mean they are seeing each other, he doesn’t know how else to put it.

The HR of Mir Life Insurance is not really happy about winning the case because he is likely to get fired because the case went out of hand. On the other hand, Ryu and her clients held a party and also invited Su Yeon and Young Woo. They recite poems and cook food from Ryu’s homegrown vegetables. They did not win, but they raised their voices against injustice and are going to appeal again in court. “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” has brought interesting cases so far, and we can only expect it to get better in upcoming episodes.

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