‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Episodes 13 & 14: Recap And Ending – Why Does Young Woo Break Up With Jun Ho?


Previously, in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” Min Woo tried to frame Young Woo for unethical behavior and going against Hanbada, but his effort went in vain. Jun Ho and Young Woo had been going on dates for a while, and her father had seen them kissing. However, Young Woo refused to let Jun Ho meet her father because she was not sure whether they were official or not.

What Does Jun Ho’s Sister Think About Young Woo?

The landlady knocks on Young Woo’s father’s shop early in the morning. Her father is looking for an attorney to get a consultation. He asks Young Woo if it is legal to charge a fee if you do not visit a cultural heritage site and just pass by it. Young Woo tells him that it is based on the circumstances and advises him that it will be a loss if he files a lawsuit to get the 3000 won fee back. He still insists on a lawsuit, but what gets Young Woo excited is that it is a case in Jeju. She will get to see the dolphins if she takes the case.

Attorney Jung Myung Seok has been feeling sick and gets tested. He is late for the meeting after visiting the hospital, and his mood doesn’t look good. Young Woo asks him if she can go to Jeju Island for a business trip as soon as she enters his office. Myung Seok’s face lights up, and he thinks that all of them should go to Jeju. Min Woo and Su Yeon look at him in awe, as the case is not so big to get the entire team involved. They get ready for the trip, and Jun Ho tells Young Woo that they will meet his sister and brother-in-law as they live in Jeju. Young Woo doesn’t know what to do in such situations, but Geurami helps her and teaches her some etiquette.

No one is more excited about the trip than Myung Seok, and his juniors have seen him like this for the first time. He has dressed casually, clearly showing that he is going on a vacation. Geurami and Hairy also join them on the trip, which works well for Myung Seok as he needs party people. After landing in Jeju, Jun Ho rents a black van while Hairy rents an open-roof car, and Myung Seok joins them instead of his team. They stop at the entry of the Hwangjisa highway and are asked to pay the fees. They argue over it while Su Yeon records everything on camera. Myung Seok can’t help but cry as he drives through the peaceful forest near Hwangjisa. They travel far to go to his favorite restaurant but find it closed.

The attorneys go through the first trial and start working right after coming back. In between, they also visit the Buddhist temple and understand its cultural importance. Myung Seok tells his juniors to stop working and enjoy their first day. Su Yeon and Min Woo volunteer to buy drinks, and Su Yeon sees a vulnerable side of Min Woo. He is the breadwinner of his family and has a lot of responsibilities. He expected to have a lot of money by his thirties and enjoy his life, but he had to spend the majority of his money on his parents’ health. While Su Yeon asks him why he is acting like a grown-up all of a sudden, he tells her that he is not acting, but he is one.

They go back and find everyone waiting for them. Myung Seok tells everyone that he was married and separated from his wife after eight years. He came with her to Jeju for their honeymoon but only realized later that the reason for their divorce started from their honeymoon itself. Myung Seok had always been busy with work and was working on his honeymoon as well. Still, his wife stayed with him for eight years. Now, he wonders why he was like that. Jeju brought back a lot of memories for him. The next day, Jun Ho brought Young Woo to meet his sister, but she found her strange.

She tells Jun Ho to not tell their parents about her and to not give them something to worry about. She believes if he is not going to marry Young Woo, there is no point in introducing her. Without caring about Young Woo listening, she speaks loudly and says that Jun Ho should date a woman who makes him happy and not someone he has to take care of. In the next trial, a cultural heritage expert stands witness for Hwangjisa and makes statements that are difficult to oppose. While Young Woo stands to make her statement, Myung Seok starts feeling uneasy and collapses in the courtroom, halting the court process.

Do They Find The Owner Of Haengbok Noodles?

Myung Seok has been diagnosed with stage three stomach cancer, and he has already scheduled surgery before coming to Jeju. Everyone asks him to go back to Seoul, but he wants to enjoy the rest of the days in Jeju. Now, his colleagues understand why he was so excited about Haengbok noodles and got upset when he didn’t get to eat them. Young Woo thinks that they should find the owner of the restaurant and request that he cook for Myung Seok. Everyone agrees on it, and they divide into teams to start searching faster. Jun Ho asks the owner of Haengun Noodles about the Haengbok Noodles, and he tells them that they went out of business because they were not original and couldn’t keep up with the changing times.

Jun Ho had noticed a chef getting annoyed when his owner talked bad about Haengbok Noodles, and he found him later feeding a cat outside Haengbok. The chef told Jun Ho that he used to work at Haengbok and was scouted by Haenggun Noodles’ owner. He took the recipe outside and became the reason Haengbok went out of business as word spread through the internet about Haengun noodles. However, he hasn’t been keeping in touch with the owner because he thinks of him as a traitor. He only remembers the owner telling him that he would live in a place surrounded by mountains and water if he went out of business. Min Woo and Su Yeon have got no leads so far, but when Jun Ho tells them the chef’s story, Young Woo remembers something.

Young Woo had seen a lot of unopened letters in front of Haengbok Noodles, and most of them were from a nursing home called “Mountain and Water.” They head to the nursing home only to find out that the mother has dementia and her son visited her just a day ago. Young Woo gets a call from Myung Seok, and he tells her to concentrate on the ongoing case as they are here for work as well. Young Woo has to work without Myung Seok now, and the case has clearly been going out of her hands. The Hwangjisa attorney has made some really valid points that Young Woo doesn’t know how to counter.

‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Episode 14: Ending

Young Woo runs to the hospital to meet Myung Seok right after the hearing ends. Myung Seok’s ex-wife, Jisu, flew from Seoul to visit him and tried to persuade him to go back to Seoul with her. Young Woo interrupts their conversation and starts talking about the case right away, without noticing Jisu. Myung Seok asks Jisu for some time and talks to Young Woo enthusiastically. After Young Woo comes out of the room, Jisu tells her that Myung Seok hasn’t changed, and she knows why she broke up with him. She was unhappy and lonely in their relationship, and Myung Seok was always more enthusiastic about work than about their relationship.

After their failed attempts at spotting dolphins, Jun Ho and Young Woo have been searching for dolphins for the last time before returning to Seoul. Young Woo has been thinking a lot about what Jisu said last night. She knows that Jun Ho makes her happy and takes care of her, but she thinks that she cannot make him happy, just as his sister said to him. That’s why she tells Jun Ho that they should stop seeing each other but refuses to give the reason. While Jun Ho is on the verge of breaking down, Young Woo finds a key point to win the Hwangjisa case. Instead of talking with Jun Ho, she tells him that she needs to leave to talk with Myung Seok. Jun Ho and Young Woo broke up, and Su Yeon got drunk and confessed to Min Woo that she liked her.

Hanbada wins the trial, and before going to Seoul, they visit the Hwangjisa temple. Myung Seok apologizes to the Abbot for the inconvenience and offers him legal advice. The Abbot invites them for lunch, and through their conversation about food, they find out that the head chef is the previous owner of Haengbok Noodles. The rookie attorneys persuade him to cook his signature noodles again and follow in their mentor’s footsteps by providing legal advice to revive his restaurant. The Hanbada team returns to Seoul with two new cases: a new and unclear romance and a heartbreak. Back in Seoul, the CEO of Hanbada has been planning to bring down Tae Su Mi by revealing Young Woo’s secret. Will Young Woo become a victim of a power play? Let’s find out in the next episode of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo.”

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