‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Episode 3 & 4: Recap and Ending- How Does Young-woo Win A Challenging Case?


In the previous episodes of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” Young Woo joined the Hanbada law firm. Despite no one initially believing her, she proved herself by successfully winning two cases. Young Woo loves the law and enjoys what she does. However, she is still a rookie and has a lot to learn, and Jung Myung Seok will make sure that she learns some lessons.

Why Does Young-woo Resign From Hanbada?

Another case has been assigned to Jung Myung Seok, and it is from a big client of extreme importance. Not only is the client important, but the case is also equally risky as well, and Myung Seok specifically wants Young Woo to participate in this case. Kim Jeong Hun’s parents found him beating his older brother, Sang Hun, and screaming, “Die. Stop.” Jeong Hun is autistic but would never go so far as to kill his own brother. His parents need help, and they only expect to get his sentence reduced due to mental illness.

The parents tell the lawyers that the brothers had a close relationship and Sang Hun had graduated from a top medical school but was still kind to his younger brother. The lawyers request to let them meet Jeong Hun but communicating with him is difficult for them, even for Young Woo. Autism has different levels, and Young Woo and Jeong Hun are on totally different levels of the spectrum. Still, they have some similar habits, and Young Woo deduces the meaning behind his words as him telling his brother to not die. According to the autopsy report, there is a mark on Sang Hun’s neck, and the pattern of his broken ribs is unusual for someone who has been beaten to death.

To prove his innocence, Jeong Hun has to speak up, but he doesn’t speak anything to strangers. Young Woo’s father tells her that she had one thing she liked and always listened to him when he mentioned it: law. Jeong Hun likes Pengsoo, the cartoon penguin, and to make him talk, the lawyers sing a song for him. Jeong Hun gets comfortable with them but starts acting out when his brother is mentioned. Young Woo kept asking him if his brother had taken his own life, and he started screaming again. His mom told Myung Seok that this was the last time they would see her son.

Young Woo puts Jeong Hun’s case in front of the judges twice but gets rejected for lack of evidence and him being mentally unfit to answer questions. In the hearing, the prosecutor targets Young Woo to prove that if mentally unfit people can become attorneys, they can become a murderer too. In response, Jeong Hun’s father refuses to have Young Woo on the case, and in protest, Myung Seok also leaves the case. However, Young Woo still solves the case and hands it over to another attorney. She finds Sang Hun’s diary in which he has mentioned that he has tried to hang himself many times, but his brother saved him every time.

Another attorney defends Jeong Hun successfully, and he only gets charged with physical injury and not murder. While working on the case, one of Jun Ho’s friends asked him if he was volunteering for disabled people again, referring to Young Woo. Jeong Hun’s father didn’t want her on the case because she was at a disadvantage, and she also read comments on the internet saying that it is a national loss if a medical student dies and an autistic person lives. After this experience, Young Woo writes a resignation letter and leaves the office with her belongings.

How Does Young-woo Solve The Fraud Case?

Young Woo’s father is confused about why Young Woo hasn’t left for the office and has been saying that she is not an attorney anymore. He gets relieved when her only friend, Geurami, arrives, thinking that Young Woo will open up to her, but she comes with shocking and bad news. Geurami’s father has been conned by his brothers, and now he is not only going to lose his fortune but is also getting into debt. Geurami has asked Young Woo for help, and she has to help her friend’s father. Even if she is not an attorney, she still knows the law.

Geurami’s father is a farmer in Gwang-ho, and his two older brothers have graduated from universities in Seoul. Their father had left their hereditary land in the younger son’s name as he worked in the rice paddies all his life. The land is going into redevelopment, and he thinks that all of his brothers should get compensation as it is a family property. He invites them to discuss it, but they have come up with a proposal already. They tell their younger brother that the law says the older brother gets fifty percent, the middle brother gets thirty percent, and the youngest brother gets twenty percent of compensation. He can not say no to his brothers and signs the agreement, only to find out later that he alone has to pay the tax, which itself costs more than twenty percent of the compensation.

Jung Myung Seok refuses to take the case because it has a chance of losing and calls Young Woo an inexperienced attorney. Young Woo can’t sit still and runs to the office. Myung Seok lets her take the case and promises to guide her as he is her mentor. Young Woo brings the two brothers into the court and interrogates them if they lied to their younger brother about the inheritance law, to which they reply that they never said such a thing. The agreement can only be canceled if it can be proved that Geurami’s father was conned.

On the day, the brothers visited Geurami’s father. The village head was helping them with repairing the roof, and knowing his personality; they were sure that he must have eavesdropped on them. Jun Ho and Young Woo travel to Gwangho and visit the village head, who confirms that he heard what his brother said about the inheritance law and his jaw dropped after hearing it. He agreed to testify in court against the brothers, but lied when he actually sat in the court. Young Woo is at a loss because she never expected anyone to lie in court.

‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Episode 4: Ending

Young Woo has to help her friend in any way possible, and if she cannot find the evidence, she can create one. On Geurami’s grandfather’s memorial day, she creates a scene at her oldest uncle’s house that results in a physical fight in which both Geurami and her father get injured. Geurami did that purposefully on Young Woo’s advice. While the fight was going on, Geurami’s mother called the police, who came and recorded the fight. Young Woo takes it to court and requests the judge to cancel the agreement. According to the law, a gift agreement can be revoked if other parties threaten or injure the giving party, and in this case, it is clear that Geurami’s father is injured. The brothers cannot counter this allegation, and Geurami’s father wins the case.

Even though he won the case, Geurami’s father shares the compensation equally among all the brothers, and they apologize to him as well. They tried to con him because they were broke and had become greedy. Everyone praises Young Woo for winning the case smartly. However, she decides to come back to the office for a different reason. When Young Woo tells Jun Ho that even if she is an attorney, people see her as an autistic person and no one wants a person like her at their side, he replies that he wants an attorney like her on his side, which convinces Young Woo to go back to being an attorney. Jun Ho and Young Woo have been growing closer to each other. Will this relationship turn into a romantic one? Let’s wait until we find out in the upcoming episodes of “Extraordinary Lawer Woo.”

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