‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Episode 5 & 6: Recap & Ending – Can Young-woo Bring Justice To The Defector?


In the previous episode of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” Young Woo worked on a case involving an autistic person, which hurts her as people keep on pointing at her autism as a problem. She resigns from Hanbada but comes back after Myung Seok gives her an opportunity to gain her confidence back, and Jun Ho reassures her that her autism is not a problem or an inconvenience to anyone.

Why Is Young-woo Not Happy About Winning The Case?

The director of Iwha Company has been giving a presentation on their latest product, an ATM Machine Cassette, and the prospective clients have mentioned that Geumgang already has the same product on the market and they are providing it at a cheaper price. Iwha director claims that they have developed the product and have also applied for the model utility rights. He files a lawsuit against Geumgang for stealing their design, and Attorney Kwon and Attorney Woo are representing them.

Kwon Min Woo is competitive and already dislikes Young Woo because of her intelligence and thinks that she gets special treatment because of her autism. He doesn’t even inform Young Woo that she has been assigned to the case, and she had to find it out from Su Yeon. Su Yeon understands Min Woo’s behavior as he was known as a Tactician in law school. Young Woo asks Min Woo about the case, and he takes her to the client meeting without filling in the details. Myung Seok scolds Young Woo for not studying the case before meeting the client; it was what Min Woo wanted. He wants to make a better impression than his competition.

In the first hearing, Geumgang claims that the machine design is an open source design presented at the Chicago International ATM Fair in 2019 and that Iwha does not hold exclusive rights. Another company, Leaders, had also used the design, but they went out of business after faulty production. The judge asks Geumgang to bring the evidence to prove their claim. Min Woo meets with the owner of Leaders and makes sure that none of their ATM cassettes are available on the market right now. Young Woo learns body language to understand who is lying and visits the development head of Iwha with Jun Ho. She understands that the person is lying and tells him to not do certain actions in court.

The development head lies in the court, which brings Iwha closer to winning the case, but Geumgang still asks for more time to find the Leaders machine and prove their point. In the meantime, Young Woo receives a letter from the owner of Geumgang in which he writes that she has been helping a company that is bigger than them and that wants them to go out of business. Young Woo shows the letter to Min Woo, who tells her that he knows they are lying, but they have to win for their client. Geumgang manages to find the Leaders’ machine and prove that they have not stolen Iwha’s technology. They win the case, but Iwha is the real winner because they get all of Geumgang’s clients as the company loses its reputation. The owner of Geumgang gives a disappointing look to Young Woo, and she feels awful about what she has done. She feels that she has wronged someone and has helped someone who didn’t deserve to be helped. However, she understands that this is how businesses work, and she can’t do anything about it.

Why Does Hyang-sim Surrender After Five Years?

A North Korean defector, Hyang Sim, leaves her daughter in an orphanage and surrenders to the police for a crime she committed five years ago. Hyang Sim was raised in a foster home along with another North Korean woman. Their foster mother sent them to bring back her borrowed money from another woman. The woman looked scary, and hence, Hyang Sim and her foster sister went inside her home with a rod and a brick to threaten her. They only damaged the property and not her, but a neighbor complained to the police about the noise, and they got arrested for robbery and physical injury.

Hyang Sim ran away while her sister got arrested and served a sentence of four years. Hyang Sim did not want to go to jail because her daughter was three years old and would have forgotten her mother if she had gone to jail. However, she is old enough now, and Hyang Sim doesn’t want to live as a runaway anymore. Su Yeon is extremely attached to her story and wants to get her out on probation, which, according to Myung Seok, is almost impossible. Su Yeon and Young Woo meet the victim with Jun Ho and instantly find out that her husband is violent and that the injuries on her face on the day of the incident were because of her husband and not Hyang Sim.

In court, the woman refuses to talk about her husband’s abusive behavior, and it becomes difficult to prove that Hyang Sim didn’t cause any injury to the victim. Her sister was already charged with all those felonies, which makes it even harder to prove her innocence now. Su Yeon and Young Woo meet the lawyer who handled the sister’s case and get in contact with the doctor who declared that the injuries on the victim were due to a physical attack. The doctor is biased toward North Koreans and has a hatred for them. He had written the wrong report for the same reason.

The doctor had written an article in a newspaper on how North Korean defectors are a criminal group, and Young Woo tried to use it against him, which worked to gain the sympathy of the jury but is not enough to get Hyang Sim on probation. Young Woo is determined to get Hyang Sim out on probation because she thinks that Hyang Sim is a good mother. Young Woo’s mother abandoned her, but Hyang Sim didn’t do it to her daughter.

‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Episode 6: Ending

While Young Woo is busy in her case, Jun Ho has been feeling down because he doesn’t know how to behave around Young Woo. Geurami had told Young Woo that she thought Jun Ho liked her, and Young Woo had asked him immediately if it was true. This put Jun Ho in a tight spot, and he started acting consciously around her, which made him worry if Young Woo would think that he didn’t like her. Min Woo thinks that Jun Ho likes Su Yeon because Young Woo doesn’t even come into the picture in this case.

Young Woo is busy trying to come up with new strategies to help Hyang Sim and puts forth the argument that Hyang Sim is North Korean and acted according to North Korean laws, where her action against the victim is not considered for a prolonged sentence. Even after the final hearing, Young Woo and Su Yeon meet the judge outside the court to tell him that Hyang Sim didn’t steal anything, so she shouldn’t be charged with robbery. The judge lets them go with a warning only because they are rookies.

Both Young Woo and Su Yeon wait anxiously for the result, and the judge gives the verdict in Hyang Sim’s favor, considering all the factors that the rookie attorneys put forth and also, a fact that they forgot: Hyang Sim surrendered herself. Young Woo and Su Yeon make a good team, and they have a lot to learn together. We cannot wait to see them working on more cases together in the next week episodes.

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