‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Episode 9 & 10: Recap And Ending – Are Jun-Ho And Young-Woo Dating?


Previously, in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” Jung Myung Seok and his team of young attorneys successfully defended the Sodeok-dong town head and saved his town from getting demolished over a highway. Young Woo’s observation skills came into use for the case, but she could not read the room every time. She confessed to Jun Ho that she liked him but didn’t wait for his response and now wonders if Jun Ho doesn’t have the same feelings toward her.

Did Bang Gu-ppong Get A Sentence For Kidnapping?

The middle school children leave their school and hop onto their academy bus, but it is different than usual. There is a new bus driver, and he calls himself the Commander-in-chief of the Children’s Liberation Club, Bang Gu Ppong. The kids start laughing at his name because it sounds similar to ‘Fart.’ He tells the kids that today’s academy is going to be different and that they are only going to play. He asks kids who don’t want to participate to leave the bus but doesn’t allow them to ask their parents. The kids agree to go with him, and he takes them to a mountain.

The bus driver wakes up after four hours and calls the police to report that Gu Ppong has kidnapped the children. When the police arrive, they see him climbing down the mountain and all the children following him like a pied piper. He gets arrested and gets charged with kidnapping children. His mother, the director of Mujin Academy, seeks Hanbada’s help to get her son out of trouble. She has sent three of her sons to Seoul National University, and Gu Ppong is the youngest of them. However, he has turned out to be different from others. Young Woo visits him and gets mesmerized to find someone weirder than her.

Gu Ppong changed his name officially because it makes children laugh and adults angry. Even in court, he introduces himself as Commander-in-chief of the Children’s Liberation Army, who frees children from the evils of society’s schools, academies, and parents. The judge detains him, and he makes it harder for Hanbada to defend him. He doesn’t care about going into prison as he wants to promote his mission of freeing children, but his mom is ready to do anything to get him out. Jun Ho gets jealous when Young Woo talks about Gu Ppong the entire day instead of whales, but Young Woo has surprises in store for him.

Geurami has told Young Woo to show acts of service to Jun Ho to show him that she likes him. Young Woo does as told and holds the chair for him and lets him on the inner side while walking. Jun Ho is confused, but Young Woo thinks that he understands everything. Gu Ppong is a difficult person to defend as he takes the side of his opponent’s attorney and agrees to everything he says. His mom has to step up for him and kneels before the mothers of all the kids and begs them to forgive Gu Ppong and sign the consent form as she is also a mother who cannot see her child getting hurt. All the mothers sign the form, which is enough to reduce the sentence for Gu Ppong.

Young Woo and Jun Ho visit the kids outside their academies to understand the kind of life they are living and why Gu Ppong wants to liberate them. The children study at the academy until 10 at night and eat junk food for dinner. The owner of the convenience store tells them that her heart breaks seeing middle schoolers drinking high amounts of caffeine so that they can stay up at night to study more. Young Woo understands why Gu Ppong takes kids to play because their life is no less than a prison. Gu Ppong has no intention of backing down and requests Myung Seok to bring the children to his final trial because he wants to go to prison with dignity and doesn’t want the kids to think that playing will lead them to prison.

In the previous trial, Young Woo defended Gu Ppong’s ideology in court even though it was disadvantageous for him, and Myung Seok gave her a warning to not act out of excitement in court. Their job is to protect the defendant from going to prison, and this time, they have nothing left to defend as Gu Ppong shows no remorse for his actions and tells the judge that he won’t stop doing what he did. This confirms his crime and doesn’t leave a chance to get a reduced sentence. However, before going, he talks with the kids and sings their liberation army anthem, “Kids should play now.” Kids should be healthy now. Kids should be happy now. “

Is Yeong-il Guilty Of Sexual Assault?  

On her way to work, Young Woo sees two police officers arresting a young man in the subway. She argues with the police over the legality of the arrest and puts them in a tight spot in front of the public. They have to prove the legality to everyone and then arrest him. Young Woo’s public stunt lands her in the case of Yeong-il, who specifically requests for Young Woo to defend him in court. The case is complicated because Yeong-il has been accused of sexual assault against Hye Young, who is intellectually challenged. However, Yeong-il claims that they were in a relationship and everything that happened between them was consensual.

During the trial, Su Yeon showed the chats between Yeong-il and Hye Young, which prove that they were involved in a romantic relationship and talked comfortably before and after the accused quasi-rape. Hye Young has a low IQ and a mental age of thirteen, and hence, her mother claims that Yeong-il forced her to do it when she didn’t understand what she was doing. Moreover, Yeong-il has been using Hye Young’s credit card to pay for all of his expenses, which only adds to his disadvantage. A case regarding a mentally disabled person cannot be judged the same way as that of a mentally able person, and there are a lot of complications. 

Su Yeon finds out from the prosecutor that Yeong-il had dated another mentally disabled girl before and used her credit card. This infuriates Young Woo, and she tells Yeong-il that she will withdraw from the case because she only defended him for his love, and if it is not true, she cannot do it anymore. In the middle of this chaotic case, Young Woo and Jun Ho have started going on dates. While taking a walk with Young Woo, Jun Ho runs into his friends, who mistake him for volunteering again, but he introduces Young Woo as his date. Young Woo reads the coffee cup in Jun Ho’s friend’s hand and remembers that Hye Young had asked to meet her. She rushes to the coffee shop, where Hye Young tells Young Woo that the statements in her testimony are not her but what her mom told her to say, and she doesn’t want Yeong-il to go to jail because she loves him. She makes Young Woo stay on the case and defends Yeong-il.

Hye Young agrees to testify in court and agrees that their physical relationship was consensual. However, when the prosecutor asks her to define love and the difference between assault and consensual skinship, she starts crying and runs to her mother. The doctor also diagnoses that Hye Young is not mentally fit to understand her actions in the name of love. The jury votes in favor of Yeong-il, but the judge sentences him to two years in prison for quasi-rape and financial fraud. Hye Young starts crying in the courtroom, and everyone’s heart breaks for her. It is too difficult for anyone to understand what love means for Hye Young.

‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Episode 10: Ending

Jun Ho has a get-together with his friends where one of them tries to convince him that his love for Young Woo is just sympathy. Jun Ho gets angry at him and starts beating him. After Yeong-il and Hye Young’s cases, Young Woo contemplates the meaning of love for her. While she walks Jun Ho home, she mentions to him that no matter how true a mentally disabled person’s love is, people do not want to believe it. She defended Yeong-il because he said that disabled people deserved to be loved, but he got sentenced.

Young Woo is anxious if the world will ever understand if she says that she is in love, to which Jun Ho replies that if no one else believes her, he will believe in her. He tells her that he still likes her despite what the world believes. Young Woo feels uncomfortable with physical touch with anyone for long, but still approaches Jun Ho for a kiss. She gets uncomfortable and asks him if his teeth brush against each other. He teaches her how to kiss properly without getting awkward, annoyed, or embarrassed.

Back at Young Woo’s home, Tae Su Mi visits Gwang Ho and offers Young Woo a job in the Boston branch of the Taesan law firm. She tries to convince him to move out of the country with Young Woo as she will receive good treatment and be in a good community for autistic people. Gwang Ho asks her if she is doing so because she doesn’t want Young Woo to come in her way of becoming the minister of justice and rejects her proposal. A reporter sees this interaction and tells Min Woo that Young Woo is Tae Su Mi’s daughter. What storm is this issue going to bring in Young Woo’s life? We will see this in the upcoming episodes of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo.” 

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