‘Extraordinary’ Recap & Season 1 Ending: Things To Know Ahead Of Season 2


Extraordinary is original; it’s feminist, it’s humorous, and yet, it’s about a world with superpowers. Can you believe it? Jokes aside, this is a fantastically fast-paced show about a woman who, in a world of people with superpowers, is seemingly the only adult with none for herself. In season 1, we accompany Jen on a journey to find her power, as it is her deepest desire in the world to have one, and along the way, we’re joined by a bunch of other impressive characters with some interesting and unique powers. However, if you’re looking for a “superhero” show, then this is not the one for you. Extraordinary is a drama disguised in a superhero costume. See, this isn’t your typical sci-fi show, with supervillains and some sort of mad scientist that created these powers. We don’t know why people have powers, and we don’t know how, but the show doesn’t really care. At the end of the day, this is a story of heart, with friendship and family as the central premise. Let’s quickly dive into the recap of Extraordinary season 1.

Spoiler Alert

What Is Special About Jen?

The protagonist of this show is a woman in her early 20s named Jen who assumes she’s a late bloomer. For most, their powers come on almost as soon as they turn 18 years old; however, Jen’s still powerless. Undoubtedly, Jen’s left with a sour taste in her mouth, knowing she might be the only person in the world without powers. I suppose this gives Jen an excuse to make everything about herself as we learn through the season. Our protagonist shares an apartment with her best friend Carrie and Carrie’s boyfriend Kash (fun stuff). Carrie is basically a clairvoyant, but in this world, she can actually summon ghosts and have them speak through her. So, naturally, she’s a lawyer who is able to conjure the dead for all the lawyer-y stuff. Kash, on the other hand, has the power to rewind time, but it seems there are some limitations to this power because he might be faltering under stress, or there is a limitation in the length of time he can rewind, but this isn’t quite clear. Jen’s very close to Carrie, but she also uses Carrie’s power to her own benefit and gets her to summon her dead father. 

In terms of family, Jen’s only ever connected with her dad because her mother seems to despise her, knowing she has no powers and hasn’t really achieved anything in life (ugh, relatable). Her mother’s also now remarried, and Jen’s got a sister named Andy. She is the complete opposite of Jen, and they essentially hate each other for no reason at all. On Andy’s 18th birthday, she gets her power, which is super strength, leaving Jen especially disappointed about her own dull life. 

Who is “Jizzlord”? 

Jen finds a stray black cat, whom she takes in as what I can only call an angst partner. Jen is, of course, suffering from a lack of power, so she needs a sort of support system. Ironically, Jizzlord turns out to be a shapeshifter human who has been a cat for three years and has now developed amnesia for all things human. He doesn’t remember who he is or where he came from, and words come to him slowly. Jen feels bad for the man; I suppose, in a way, she relates to him, and so she takes him in as her own human, too. Jizzlord is like a family pet in the house; while Kash hates him at first, Jizzlord makes his way into his heart, too. You know right from the start that Jizzlord and Jen are going to develop feelings for each other; it’s the most natural course in this situation. However, right at the end of the show, we learn that Jizzlord has his own family and a child! Although we do get the impression that Jizzlord is happy where he is and doesn’t really care what his life was like in the past, putting a child in the mix changes things drastically. Though she has strong feelings for Jizzlord, at first, she’s skeptical of letting people know about their relationship because he’s so different. She realizes this doesn’t matter when her on-and-off lover, Luke, shows up all jealous. Luke claims Jizzlord is not one to be jealous of since he’s kind of stupid and not as hot as him, but this is what makes Jen realize that Jizzlord, in fact, is the one for her. Because importantly, he actually wants to be with her. 

Why Does Carrie Break Up With Kash? 

While Kash and Carrie are great together, Kash is jobless and is essentially mooching off of her while he finds a job. Seeing as he isn’t able to, he goes for the next best thing, wanting to start a group for vigilantes to “help people.” It’s funny because, as much as Kash wants to help people, he actually just wants to seem cool and make a name for himself. However, this leaves Carrie lonely and neglected. In the meantime, Carrie also realizes that her relationship with Jen herself is quite one-sided. She’s basically a pushover because she’s just the nicest person there is (much Amy vibes from Sex Education). While Carrie and Jen do manage to put their differences aside, with Kash, it’s completely different. He may have found his vigilante friends, but Carrie grows tired of waiting for him to understand her and give her what she needs. In the climax of the show, Kash is left heartbroken, so every time Carrie asks to have a serious talk, he continues to turn back time. This goes on for more than a day, but by the end of it, Carrie finally realizes what’s happening and tells an exhausted Kash that they must break up. Not going to lie, this was quite heartbreaking. 

Does Jen Actually Have Powers? 

Throughout Extraordinary season 1, Jen considers going to a clinic that is supposed to help people like her find their powers. I suppose it’s equivalent to a counselor of sorts. However, it’ll cost her 12,000 pounds, money that not even her mother has. At the end of the season, Jen reconciles with her mother as they both realize they’ve hurt each other in many ways, and Jen’s mom reassures her that she does, in fact, love her, and is the only one actually here for her. As much as she wants to help her, Jen’s mom’s hands are tied too (we wonder if the 3D printer guy could print cash). However, an ex-lover who found his calling thanks to his interaction with Carrie has enough money to call 12,000 petty cash and offers it to Jen. Jen’s overjoyed to finally be able to find her true calling; however, there’s one little detail that she’s missed in one of her recent interactions. 

When Luke tells Jen that he isn’t jealous of Jizzlord and that Jen should aim “higher” (his power is flying), she finally puts herself first and calls him out for how he’s treated her throughout the series and then walks away. What Jen doesn’t see is that Luke can’t fly after this interaction, which could mean that Jen has the power to leave people powerless! We’ll find out soon enough in Extraordinary Season 2, returning to Hulu on March 6th, 2024. 

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