‘F9: The Fast Saga’ Summary & Ending, Explained


There are certain cinematic universes where the viewer’s inclination towards the project is guided either by the nostalgia or perhaps a guilty pleasure of rummaging through the over-the-top action flicks just for the laughs. The Fast and Furious franchise epitomizes it to the extremes. It’s a culmination of cars and pop culture, infused with a holistic advertisement, just to produce a film like F9: The Fast Saga that makes you question the credibility of everything.

Paul Walker’s performance in the initial iterations proved how a street-racing film can inculcate emotions while having stunts and action sequences that you might see in the real world Gymkhana drivers. It was never about destruction but a daredevil that might be rash but isn’t a vandal, driving on glaciers. At the same time, the opponent is not a custom Subaru but a freakin’ submarine.

‘F9: The Fast Saga’ Story line is faster than a Hoonitruck

Dom Torreto, after avenging everything in the previous films, now has to fight ‘family.’ As you know, it was a field day for meme makers. Jacob Torreto, unenthusiastically played by John Cena, has all the tropes of Dom and has an apparent sad part of being away from “family” a car crash in 1989 eventually causes it. I won’t go further as it is as shallow as the storyline itself. Then the creators threw in the Fast and Furious callback, which raises too many questions than it answers. Where was everyone? Why didn’t Dom ever talk about his own brother whilst treating others as “family”?

It’s an espionage soap drama with emotions running amok, characters dressing up after crashes as if to celebrate a festival. It escalated fast, with everything getting normal. I guess, if anything was expected, the pathetic attempts at inducing the element of thrills is like watching an opera on .25x speed.

Hilarity in Action Sequences

I understand John Cena chose such action tropes that are literally hilarious with physics going out of the window and the various prominent scientists just turned in their graves. I still can conjure how an actor or a group of actors would allow themselves to look more silly than the current era of WWE.

The CGI is good, but the sequences are so incredible that I had zero sense of anticipation, as I knew nobody would have any problems at all, its F9, for heaven’s sake.

‘F9: The Fast Saga’ Ending and the Only Salvation!

The characters defeat Cipher and Otto, who literally are your run-of-the-mill, action flick antagonists, egotistical and perhaps sociopathic. The crew then returns to L.A., where the old Toretto family house is being rebuilt (destroyed by Shaw in F7).

A blue Nissan Skyline pulls over while the soap opera grace was being said. To my salvation, it didn’t was an underwhelming CGI for Walker but a subtle nod to the personifying the blue Nissa the elder Brian. This is the most wholesome scene as Paul Walker’s love for cars and the closure for everyone was much needed. See you Again Indeed!

F9: The Fast Saga is a 2021 Action Thriller film directed by Justin Lin. It is the ninth main installment in the Fast & Furious franchise.

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Shreshtha Shukla
Shreshtha Shukla
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