‘Fairfax’ Season 1: Ending, Explained – Did Dale Give Into The Fight For Fame Or Does He Reclaim His Originality?


Directed by Angelo Hatgistravrou, Matt Taylor, Douglas Einer Olsen, Erica Hayes, and Patrick Kochakji, “Fairfax” is an ostentatious animated comedy series that follows a group of youngsters chasing validation to become the most significant influencers. Although the series does draw a very gritty parallel, it is a fun watch and a way to pass the time. The first season of the series was released on October 29th, 2021, and the second season is set to be released on June 10th, 2022.

‘Fairfax’ Season 1: Plotline

A group of friends, Dale, Derica, Benny, and Truman, take on a long quest to fit in and become influencers. Their city is all hyped up with the new rage of becoming cool and owning the best fit. A company named Latrine fuels their desire to be at the top with its new launches. The group finds themselves amidst the chaos caused by their own actions. Undertaking quests to gain a quirky t-shirt to sweet-talking older adults so as to hand over their old belongings as old is the new gold. The group does it all.

“Fairfax” Season 1 follows the new generation’s tactics to always remain hyped and rad. With Gen Z lingo, the series immerses itself in the endless cycle where things lose value after just a day. The new generation spends a lot of money to get their hands on the goodies they lose interest in after just a day. Following Gen Z on social media and in real life, the other generations jump in to try and remain as hip as they can be. Clothes and accessories belonging to the older generation and some streetwear have become a fad. A craze and drive for new trends and challenges have taken over the entire city. Dale, Derica, Truman, and Benny are just some of those who also want to take part and also profit from the new challenges.

The Drive To Remain Cool

Truman wants to be a movie director and wants to be acquainted with his idol, Denis Villeneuve. Benny wants to make his mother proud and also wants to earn good profits from his shoe-selling business. Derica wants to be known as a strong activist and wants to defeat patriarchy. Dale simply loves his family and nature and loves to go on hikes. They refer to themselves as the Gang Gang and are best friends. They, together, are on an endless journey to chase clout and be verified on the gram.

Their quest to always remain cool among their fellow townsfolk has pushed them to the extremes. This behavior resulted in a lot of mishaps. It started with a change in Dale’s behavior. To get more followers on the gram, Dale adopted a more callous approach and wouldn’t hesitate to prank people by throwing pizza at them. This behavior led him to treat his parents poorly. Although he later realized his mistake and reverted back to his original behavior, the chase for clout had left him changing his personality often. He even started hating his father, whom he loved so much, to gain more followers. He started a trend of #Dad_hate and misbehaved with him for videos. He wanted to insult him publicly by pouring a milkshake on him, but he didn’t go through with it after realizing how oddly he was behaving.

Benny had all but stopped caring for his family. He was ready to drop everything and not even play the cello, even after his mother pleaded with him. His mother simply wanted to say that she loved him, was proud of him, and had asked him to play the cello, which he had refused. He was about to let her down before he caught himself and later played it beautifully as an act of respect towards his mother.

Derica, in her quest to be recognized as a social activist, started focusing heavily on how she could become more famous and gain more likes with her activism instead of fighting for a natural cause. In the beginning, she was going to help an orca get back to the ocean for clout. However, after realizing her mistake, she ditched the gram and began assisting the orca tirelessly.

Truman, a truly naïve kid who is set on his goals, is the one friend that will go along and help out with all of the dangerous ideas his other friends have. Although, under Truman’s influence, Dale lost his mind trying to gain more followers for a free ticket to an influencer’s birthday party. Each of the kids in the group has made their own mistakes and also found a way out of them, but due to their craze for social media recognition, they did injure a lot of people, both mentally and physically.

‘Fairfax’ Season 1: Ending Explained – Did The Group Ultimately Reach Their Goals?

In the last two episodes, when the group was on the quest to find the golden Dorito so that they could enter the mysterious lair of Latrine and become the influencer Gods of their city, they faced a lot of obstacles on their way. They even injured their school principal to get to the last bag of Doritos. With the last golden Dorito in hand, the group successfully entered the lair and signed a contract to take no selfies. However, they disregard the rules and are ousted. Not losing hope, they traverse back to the hallway where the fits of the following year are kept. They win the supposed challenge set by the owner of Latrine and are sent back with the latest gear. After reaching home, however, they come to know that Latrine has been replaced by Off-Brian. They are back where they started from, at the end of the line. All their hopes and dreams are dashed, but they don’t give up and get rid of the Latrine goods to get their hands on the new hip products from Off-Brian. “Fairfax” Season 1 ends with the gang back at the beginning, paving the way for the second season. The second season might focus more on some character development alongside comedy and will return with more adventures scheduled for their everlasting quest to become influencers.

Amidst the comedy and the adventures, the series draws quite a grim parallel to how shallow our society has become. For some likes and subscribers, a person is ready to fight and sell out people they hold close. To gain more and more clout, they are prepared to scam their near and dear ones and feel no guilt. Although the presence of mind has led to some retracing their steps and realizing their mistakes, most simply want the tag of an influencer. Even nature has become a way of gaining more influence. Maybe, in the near future, there will be a way out of it, but social media has become both a boon and a curse.

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