‘Falling For Christmas’ Ending, Explained: What Was Avy’s Wish? Did Sierra and Jake Get Together?


The Netflix romantic comedy film “Falling for Christmas,” directed by Janeen Damian, tells the story of love and self-discovery. It revolves around Sierra Belmont (played by Lindsay Lohan), a young woman who has lost her memories and has identified herself in a completely different way. She is the daughter of a famous man named Mr. Beauregard Belmont (played by Jack Wagner), but she wishes to make her own identity in the world. “Falling for Christmas” depicts her journey to portray the fact that falling in love transformed her lifestyle, allowing her to step out of her father’s shadow and take control of her own destiny.

Spoilers Ahead

‘Falling for Christmas’ Plot Summary: What Happened In The Film?

Sierra Belmont was the wealthy heiress of a hotel owned by her father, Mr. Beauregard. Sierra aspired to be self-sufficient instead of living the life of a spoiled brat. She was dating a man named Tad (played by George Young), who was more into social media than her. Sierra was tired of having so many caregivers around her, but she could not refuse them because it was her father’s decision. On the other hand, a hotelier named Jake Russell (played by Chord Overstreet) approached Mr. Belmont. Jake wanted him to invest in his North Star hotel, as he was having a serious fund crisis. But Belmont turned down his proposal. On his way back from Belmont’s hotel, he stumbled upon Sierra and somehow escaped the fuss. Jake was in a tragic situation where he needed to raise some money to save his hotel, so he asked his daughter Avy to ask Shanta to do a miracle for them. Avy went to the Christmas market with her grandma and made a wish.

Mr. Belmont was introduced to Sierra and Tad in the meantime, but he didn’t seem to like Tad at all. The following day, Sierra and Tad decided to go skiing, while Mr. Belmont went out of town till Christmas. Tad escorted Sierra to the top of an icy hill, where he proposed to her. Sierra agreed to the proposal, but just as they were about to head back, an icy blizzard swept in. They both went down the slope, and Sierra banged her head on a tree and passed out. Tad, however, got lost and ended up at a local man’s hut. Jake came to Sierra’s rescue, and he took her to a nearby hospital. She was fine overall, although she had trouble remembering things. Jake took her to his hotel since he did not want to leave her there alone. When she arrived at the hotel, she met Avy and quickly became fond of her. Since she could not even remember her own name, Avy gave her the new name “Sarah.” She started to learn how to do housework but soon discovered she wasn’t very good at it. But sooner, she began to learn things and help Jake and his family. All she could remember was how much she loved her mother. When Jake brought Sierra and his daughter to the market, they encountered the same old guy who appeared to be Santa Claus and fulfilled everyone’s wishes. Later in the film, it is revealed what Avy’s wish was and whether Santa Claus truly fulfilled it. “Falling for Christmas” also shows how Sierra’s memory came back and how she changed into a whole new person.

How Did Sierra Get Her Memory Back? How Did Her Life Change?

Sierra, who had entirely lost her memories, began to become a completely different person at Jake’s hotel, the North Star. She had forgotten her wealthy lifestyle, as well as her father and lover. She could only recall her mother because she had missed her so much. However, she was affected by the loss of her mother, so she could only remember her face. Jake gave him the same new snow globe that her mother had once given her. Therefore, Sierra started to fall for Jake. She understood that if she had met Jake before, she would never have forgotten him. In the hotel, she learned to live on her own. She learned to be self-sufficient by cooking her own meals and making her own bed. She felt so liberated from doing things on her own, something that she had been missing in her father’s castle. She appreciated Jake and his family’s support and wished to help them as well.

Sierra learned from Jake’s mother-in-law that Jake’s wife had died, and the tragedy had been tormenting him since then, with ramifications for the business. Sierra decided to help Jake and requested that he throw a party and invite all of their potential funders. Jake initially didn’t like the idea but later came to appreciate it. He followed Sierra’s instructions and organized a party where a huge number of previous clients arrived for a Christmas celebration. The customers, on the other hand, wanted to help Jake raise his fund, and even the mayor announced his hotel as a historical place.

Mr. Belmont, on the other hand, returned to town and began looking for his daughter. Finally, the local police notified him of Sierra’s whereabouts and brought him to Jake’s hotel. Sierra remembered everything after seeing her father and Tad. She was sorry for leaving Jake and his family this way, but she had no choice. She returned to her father and later gave an interview in which she praised Jake’s help in rescuing her. She felt her life had changed since that day. She could make her own bed, which she had never done before, and she even gave up her designer clothes. She chose a simple lifestyle and even turned down her father’s offer to become the hotel’s vice president. She desired to live her life on her terms and refused Tad’s marriage proposal because she had already fallen in love with Jake.

‘Falling for Christmas’ Ending Explained: What Was Avy’s Wish? Did Sierra and Jake Get Together?

At the beginning of the film, when Jake returned to his hotel after being rejected by Mr. Belmont, he told his daughter Avy to pray for him, hoping that something miraculous would happen this Christmas that could save his hotel. Avy did make a wish, but it had nothing to do with the hotel. She wanted his father to find a partner who could fix all of his issues. As she made her wish, the old man at the market heard her and granted her wish. Jake met Sierra, with whom he fell in love but was unable to express his feelings. When Sierra recovered her memories and returned to her father’s hotel, Jake realized how much he missed her. So, he rushed towards Sierra to express his feelings. Sierra was thrilled to meet Jake because she had previously refused Tad and chosen to take control of her own life. They both kissed and expressed their feelings toward one another. They eventually got together, and Avy’s wish was granted. The old man at the market was a secret Santa in Sierra and Jake’s lives. He heard their wishes and made them come true without them knowing.

Through its narrative, “Falling for Christmas” tries to portray how Sierra had become a completely different person and adapted to her circumstances despite growing up in a wealthy mansion. She was living a prosperous and lavish lifestyle, but on the inside, she had always been a compassionate person who valued feelings and passion more than money. Her inner self was delicate and simple, so she wanted to explore herself in order to know exactly what she desired. As a result, her memory loss served as a spark in her life, motivating her to discover her true self. She realized she wasn’t some spoiled brat but rather a human with a kind heart. So, she gave up her privileges and wanted to live a humble life with someone she actually loved. That is how Jake and Sierra’s love story suggests that love is more powerful than all the world’s materialistic luxuries. Money can give one all the comforts in the world, but it can never provide the warmth of a human heart that one feels when they are around someone who loves one deeply and sincerely.

“Falling for Christmas” is a 2022 Drama Romance film directed by Janeen Damian.

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