‘Fanatico’ Season 1: Ending, Explained – Does Lazaro Do The Show?


What did we just watch? And we are not sure if we mean that in a good way. There has always been a question in movies with a double role: why don’t the other characters use their common sense to figure out which person it is? Well, in “Fanatico,” everyone recognizes that they are dealing with two different people, but it takes a very dark and dystopian turn. While we appreciate how they managed to pack the story concisely in five episodes, we are surprised at how it still managed to be boring in bits. What went wrong, really? Let’s try to find these answers by looking at the storyline of “Fanatico.”

Spoilers Ahead

How Does Lazaro Step Into Quimera’s Shoes?

The series, “Fanatico” starts with pop star Quimera getting ready for his show. He is popping pills and taking cocaine, and is heavily under the influence of drugs. However, he makes his way to the stage and gives a great performance. Next, we see his lookalike, Lazaro, who is a delivery boy. His life is quite the opposite of Quimera, with cranky customers and an exploitative workplace. On that particular day, he and his friends make a plan to go watch Quimera’s concert. They are aware of the likeness between the two men, and it seems to be an accepted part of the friend circle. As Lazaro wanders backstage, he notices that Quimera is under the influence and is barely able to function, but he is convinced by his managers to go on stage and sing. In the middle of his performance, as the crowds are completely in tune with his music, Quimera dies. It is a shock to everyone, but it also means a loss of millions because his death will not be covered by insurance and the ticket sales for his future concerts need to be refunded.

Lazaro, who was a part of the audience, is shocked, but the wheels of his mind are set in motion. The next day, he is out of a job as his bag is broken and his company refuses to reimburse it, stating policy. He and his girlfriend go to the venue of the concert and are caught by the security there. As they are making their exit, they are spotted by some people, who immediately start recording the boy who resembles Quimera so much. He also makes his way to where the late pop star’s memorial service is being held. Outside of the place, he is spotted by everyone. While nobody thinks he is Quimera, the likeness gives him a significant social media milieu. But Lazaro has found a way to get out of the life he hates. The next day, he crashes a party where Quimera’s friends and industry are present and announces that he is alive. Again, everybody knows that he is not the singer, but they see the potential in the resemblance. He is taken away by Pompa to Quimera’s house, where he spends the night. Pompa takes him to meet Hector, who is going to be Lazaro’s new manager. In all of this, Pompa keeps getting sidelined, and this infuriates him. 

At the end of a very intense negotiation for Lazaro to take Quimera’s place and capitalize on their resemblance, as even the lookalike happens to be a singer, the three of them are making their way out, they are attacked by Pompa and his friends, who beat up Lazaro. He is slowly understanding what it means to step into the shoes of Quimera. At a party, when Quimera’s girlfriend Mia confronts Lazaro, he tells her that he just wanted to make something of himself. But as the exact nature of the business is being presented to him, and understanding that contrary to his expectations, he will not be put on a pedestal, Lazaro is becoming disillusioned with his choices. Things escalate as the day of his show finally arrives, and he goes to meet his mother and his girlfriend to invite them.

‘Fanatico’ Ending Explained: Does Lazaro Do The Show?

When he goes to meet his mother, he finds Clara as well, living in his room. Clara has been angry with him since the day of the party, but Lazaro assumes it is because of what happened with Mia. Clara lets him know that is far from the case and confronts him about his reaction to seeing her there, to begin with. She understood that Lazaro was embarrassed of her and hence, broke up with him. He tells her that he wants to buy a penthouse for her as she had wanted to live together with him. But Clara assures him that she would like to earn it for herself. His mother has a similar reaction to Lazaro. She tells him that he is not the first person to offer her the world. But she chose her life because she wanted her independence, and if he wanted different things, he was free to pursue them.

Right before his show, Lazaro starts to understand exactly how much weight has been placed on his shoulders. He tries to leave the venue but is caught by fans of Quimera, who hoist him up and put him on the stage. After a single second of disorientation, Lazaro gives in to the situation, and starts his performance with the same song that Quimera was singing when he died. And the lyrics, “I don’t know what I had gotten myself into,” hold much greater significance for him now than when he heard them for the first time, coming out of Quimera’s mouth. 

Final Words: What Works And What Doesn’t Work For ‘Fanatico’?

We applaud the fact that the makers of this were able to bring together a complex story in such a short time. But contrary to our expectations, even the fast-paced narrative couldn’t save it from being incredibly dull and bizarre in parts. We understand Lazaro’s desire for a better life and the ease of just taking somebody else’s place, but the nature of his confusion that followed needed to be addressed better. For a long time, Lazaro was unable to cope with the very life he had dreamed of having for a long time, and that concept needed better execution. Other than this one fallacy, which unfortunately was what the show was all about, we would say that other pieces of content need to take a page from its book and learn to keep things to the point, albeit in a comprehensible way. We will be able to recommend those to our friends without hesitation. This, we will give a pass.

“Fanatico” is a 2022 Drama Comedy series created by Yago de Torres Peno, Dani del Aguila and Federico Mania Sibona.

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