‘Faraway’ Ending, Explained: Does Zeynep Go Back To Her Family? Is She With Josip?


We sincerely believe that romantic comedies are one of the toughest genres to crack, even though the evidence seems to be to the contrary. Most genres like horror, action, or even fantasy can get away with being one-dimensional with a reliance on multiple factors to keep the plot going other than the characters themselves. But rom-coms need an exploration of the personalities of the protagonists with all of their complexities and flaws, because how else are we going to see the joke or believe that they are in love? Love is a powerful emotion, and comedy is a serious business, so how can a story that brings them together ever be a simple affair? It makes no sense to ever give up on rom-coms. So, imagine our joy when we saw something as charming as “Faraway” after such a long time. We love this a little bit more because it wasn’t just about her falling in love with a man but about falling in love with what life had to offer and looking past the disappointments to finally celebrate the other side of the coin. This is how that happens in the “Faraway” film.

Spoilers Ahead

Zeynep’s Decision To Go To Croatia

Zeynep is an overworked wife, mother, and daughter who is taken for granted by her family. It is the day of her mother’s funeral, yet she can’t seem to catch a break. Her father is being unnecessarily difficult, her daughter Fia is being brash and condescending towards as usual, and it is clear that her husband really doesn’t care to support his wife the way she needs to be taken care of at this time. He promises her that he will be coming to the funeral service in time for the speech, as Zeynep is not comfortable talking in front of a large group. But Zeynep notices him laughing on the phone while talking to someone, and that puts her off, not just because of his insensitivity to her situation but because she hasn’t heard him laugh like that in a long time.

Right before she can leave for the service, she comes to know that her mother, Katalina, had purchased a house in Croatia with her own money, and she had left it to Zeynep. Nobody knew about the house, and it comes as quite a surprise, especially to Zeynep’s father, who keeps going on about how his wife is a stranger to him now. He continues this at the funeral service, with the attendees shocked at his behavior. But the biggest blow for Zeynep is that Ilyas doesn’t show up at all, and in a fit of confusion and tears, she goes to his restaurant, only to find him laughing with his junior chef. When Ilyas sees her, he tells her that his watch stopped, and he lost track of time. But Zeynep has understood that he has feelings for the girl. It doesn’t help that the girl comes out and makes the situation all about herself and how it was such a difficult time for her as she was a new hire. Ilyas supports her, completely ignoring how Zeynep is feeling. The thing is, it doesn’t need love to be there for your wife. Just some care and consideration borne of the relationship you have shared for 30 years should have given Ilyas that sensitivity, but his lack of it showed Zeynep that she really didn’t matter in his life. To get away from it all, she makes an impulsive decision and immediately leaves for Croatia to her mother’s house. She ends the day by sleeping in the bed in the house, only to wake up to a rude shock.

Zeynep’s Attempt To Sell The House

Zeynep wakes up in bed with a man, Josip, who claims that he has been living in the house all his life. He grew up there, and 15 years ago, when Katalina bought the house, she allowed him to stay there rent-free—that is, until someone else came. Zeynep is not okay with her mother’s arrangements and wants to rent or sell the house immediately. She wants to make some changes to the house, like making it more modern with electronics, but Josip is determined to get in her way. Half of the land the house is built on is his, and he is clear that he won’t give that up.

Nevertheless, Zeynep fixes a meeting with the property dealer in town, Conrad, whom Josip immensely dislikes. Conrad is a much younger man, and he gets along well with Zeynep. That night, when she is making her way back home, she is extremely drunk and has to be taken care of by Josip, while she forces him to sing 99 balloons all the while. On the same night, he burns her spanx, which he considers to be a ridiculous garment, to begin with. It is also safe to say that he doesn’t give the best compliments but somehow conveys his good intentions. His ‘soft, round belly’ comment and the ‘old hen, good soup’ analogy are not the most charming things to hear, but they did help Zeynep reach a level of comfort with him. They also really open up to each other through their conflicts, some petty revenge, and just time spent together in some peaceful musical moments. When he takes her out on his boat, she tells him about how her family has gotten used to pushing her around, and he tells her that his wife left him for his brother, and then they both died in a car accident.

Zeynep has gotten an offer for the house, and she wants to sell it. She is angry that Josip did not tell her about Conrad coming by with news of that offer. She calls her husband and tells him about her plans for the sale of the house. She says that they can invest the money in the restaurant so that they will have more time for each other. But Ilyas lets her know that he doesn’t want it. He confesses to being in love with his junior chef but tells Zeynep that it only started after she left. A heartbroken Zeynep tries to turn off her location services, and thinking that he is helping her, Josip throws her phone into the rocks. Zeynep jumps into the ocean, maybe in an attempt to retrieve her phone, but gives up and goes back to the house. She refuses to come out and has been in a depressed mood for days.

Josip gives her time and takes care of her by giving her food and water constantly. Zeynep has started feeling a lot better, and she finally comes out when Conrad comes to visit. As usual, Conrad and Josip get into an argument, but Zeynep has had enough. She breaks down the wall of the house, saying that she wants more light. Then, she gets ready to celebrate whatever it is she wants to celebrate. Despite it being Zeynep, who always got the short end of the stick in her marriage, she was the one broken up with. But since the marriage has ended anyway, she decides to celebrate her freedom. To her credit, both Conrad and Josip agree that unleashing her crazy was hot. At the bar, Conrad makes a move on her, which is promptly interrupted by Josip. With her mood ruined, Zeynep is furious at him, but he tells her that he has something for her. He gives her a translated copy of her mother’s letter and shows her Katalina’s original house. He asks her whether he can buy back his house, but upon hearing the amount, he decides to move on.

‘Faraway’ Ending Explained: Does Zeynep Go Back To Her Family? Is She With Josip?

As Zeynep reaches the tallest mountain on the island, she remembers her mother’s words in the letter, asking her to be free and happy and completely herself. It is clear that Zeynep has not had that with her family back home. When she goes back down, she finds a car coming their way. Josip asks her not to tell the man that he has been living in a tent. The man in question turns out to be Josip’s brother, Drazen, and the one who made the offer to buy the house. He is very much alive, unlike what Joseph tells people. When Zeynep asks him about it, Josip says that they are as good as dead, and he changes the manner of their deaths every time he talks about them. He says that he will move out since he doesn’t want to stay near his brother, and Zeynep tells him that she doesn’t plan on selling the house anymore. She goes on to confess her feelings for him, and they spend the night together. They wake up to a blissful morning, but are in for a shock as Fia comes to meet her mother. Seeing her mother eating breakfast in a state of undress, she is shocked. When Zeynep talks to her, we come to know that the conflict between the mother and daughter is really about nothing other than what happens when every teenager takes their mom for granted. They reconcile, and Fia goes to an internet cafe for the day, where she meets Conrad on the way.

The next day, we find that Ilyas and Zeynep’s father have come to the island after being told everything by Fia. It really is a huge fight between them and Josip, with Conrad and Drazen jumping into the mix. An exasperated Zeynep puts an end to the fight and tells them to cook dinner while she leaves with Fia to get some stuff. When they come back, they all have dinner together. Ilyas tells Zeynep that he wants to give their relationship a second chance, but Zeynep has long removed her wedding ring, and she is done with the marriage. At the dinner table, she gives a toast to her mother, the one that she was unable to give at her service, and they all dance to 99 balloons. When Ilyas and Zeynep’s father leave, she goes back into the house to find a red balloon, which is a gentle reminder that Josip still likes her. She rushes to meet him, and they kiss under the stars and overlooking the ocean. Two stubbornly crazy people who can make each other happy, if only for a brief period of time, but sometimes that is more than enough.

What Works For ‘Faraway’ Film?

We certainly like “Faraway,” even though we felt that it could have been faster in some parts. We would have loved an actual confrontation between Zeynep and her husband, as his wanting to be together again felt a little out of place. Zeynep and Josip had some real chemistry, and we have always loved the ‘grumpy-crazy pairing’ above everything else. It is a great film to watch while doing chores or to lift up your spirits after a hard day of work. We would have loved to see Conrad and Josip fight a bit more, but overall, let “Faraway” be the film you decide to watch next when you crave a good romantic comedy to grace your screens and your hearts.

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