‘Fargo’ Season 5 Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: What Is Ole Munch Up To?


While the new season of the black comedy crime drama series Fargo had already garnered a lot of interest with its opening two episodes, this week’s episode 3 makes things even more tense and satisfyingly weirder. The season follows a normal Minnesota housewife, Dot Lyon, whose rather silly arrest for tasing a police officer opens up her threatening past, for she has been living in hiding for the last ten years. Dot had been originally married to Roy Tillman, a conservative and misogynist sheriff in the bordering state of North Dakota, and she had escaped from that life to settle into a new one in Scandia. However, Roy had now gotten a whiff of his estranged wife and was out to seek vengeance by bringing her back. Fargo season 5 episode 3 pushes this plot some more, while developments with regards to the other characters are also presented.

Spoiler Alert

What does Gator do?

Episode 3 begins with Roy Tillman driving down to the same gas station, where a number of incidents have transpired. Only a few hours earlier, which was shown at the end of episode 2, Gator’s assisting officer had been butchered by the vengeful hitman Ole Munch, leaving Gator shocked and scared for his own life. Ole’s message was clear: that the Tillmans owed him and that he would surely return over time to take back his dues. As Roy reaches the place, Gator shows him the body of the officer, along with the board that Ole had left behind on his neck, all of which the son has carefully hidden out of plain sight. Both Roy and Gator are of the opinion that they should not let the death of this officer be noticed by the actual police authorities or anyone else. They take the body away on Roy’s truck, intending to dump it off somewhere or maybe take it back to their safe community back in Stark County.

While this murder has been more or less covered, the father and son need to prepare their next steps in order to protect themselves as well as exact revenge on Ole for having killed one of their own. Roy instructs Gator to find out more about Ole and track him down while also hiding their tracks in the death of the other hitman they had hired, Donny Ireland. The police investigation into Donny’s death, which had occurred when Dot smacked him with an ice bag at the same convenience store by the gas station, would surely reveal who he was and who had hired him. Therefore, the Tillmans decide to get rid of evidence with regard to that matter, and later on in the episode, Gator drives down to the police records archive to do just the same. Gator accesses the archive with his card as the sheriff’s deputy, and he sets out to take away every piece of record from the box assigned to Donny Ireland.

A slight hiccup in Gator’s way is the other police officer, Witt Farr, who had survived the convenience store attack and now walks in at the records archive. It is highly likely that Witt was already quite suspicious of Gator after the latter deleted Dot’s photo from Indira Olmstead’s phone in the previous episode. Therefore, seeing him at the place makes him even more suspicious of Gator’s intentions, especially after Witt sees Gator steal documents from the case box. When confronted, though, Gator does not get nervous at all, as the young man’s only important characteristic seems to be his self-confidence, which has so far turned out to be extremely misguided. Gator smooth-talks his way out of the situation, threatening and indirectly abusing Witt, but this interaction gets the police officer even more invested in the case.

Witt takes the card that Gator had left at the archive record and searches the internet to find out that Gator Tillman already had accusations of stealing evidence earlier as well. He then opens up an email that Indira had sent him, and this contained the photograph of Dot from the police records. Witt obviously recognizes her, and this ensures that he will go searching for her in the near future.

How is the Lyon family preparing for the future?

Dot is still in an alarmed state of mind, fearing that her ex-husband will arrive at any moment now. As the whole situation coincides with Halloween, Dot changes up their earlier plan to now dress up as zombies and zombie hunters. She is more interested in acquiring the guns needed for her protection, though, and she convinces Wayne that a visit to the Gun World is absolutely necessary. Although the husband definitely suspects something strange to be in the works, he does not ask Dot anything yet, as is his nature. To be fair though, whenever Wayne has questioned Dot about anything so far, the wife has only brushed past the topic, and so Wayne’s inquiries would not be taken too seriously either.

At the gun store, Dot chooses a number of extremely powerful guns, both rifles and handguns, putting their bill over $5,000. However, the only problem is that gun stores are mandated by law to give new guns to customers at least a week after the purchase, during which time checks on the customer’s profile and history are made. Dot tries to convince the store clerk that her house is in some serious danger, and that getting guns a week later will not help. She even wants Wayne to use his influence here, but this does not happen, and the store clerk is unwilling to go against the law. Dot, therefore, chooses to take cans of pepper spray, and then back at home, she still implements her rudimentary traps for defense. She also, very intelligently, mixes up the boards mentioning the names of the streets near her house in order to ensure that Roy’s men will have a difficult time finding her.

On the other side of the Lyon family, Lorraine meets Indira Olmstead and her superior police officer at her office and discusses the matter of the kidnapping. Indira claims that she is almost certain that Dot had actually been kidnapped and is now lying about it, but Lorraine is not interested in the police’s help. She simply asks the two officers to stop investigating, and she even goes on to share her opinion about the police force. According to billionaire Lorraine, the existence of the police force in the world is to keep the poor and downtrodden sections of society away from the rich and sophisticated ones, essentially to work as gatekeepers for the rich and influential. But on this side of the gate, meaning inside the world of the rich and the influential, the police force has no action to play at all. These words immediately make Indira find the woman to be extremely odd, and she might as well investigate the Lyon family as a whole. It is also revealed that Lorraine and her attorney, Danish Graves, had earlier used an ex-CIA agent to investigate something for them in the past, and they now decide to assign the same person to investigate Dot and find her secrets.

How does Roy obsess over Dot?

More about the personal life of Roy Tillman is also revealed in episode 3, and despite still being extremely fixated on his previous estranged wife, Roy is currently married to another woman as well. Karen, this present wife, is the daughter of a man named Odin Little, who is also one of the biggest customers of Roy. As it turns out, Roy seems to have a side business of procuring guns using his authority and selling them off illegally. Odin is the leader of some sort of illegal political group, as he and his men have been planning a massive attack on some institution in the near future. All of this will surely be made more clear in the future episodes, but as of now, Odin seems upset that Roy has not been able to deliver on the decided quantity of ammunition.

But the son-in-law, Roy, is not very concerned about this situation, for his entire attention is still on Dot and the effort to find her. The man remains engrossed in this very thought when he bathes his twin daughters and is also completely zoned out when Karen comes to make love to him in bed later that night. Karen is the typical wife that Roy wants, as she tries to seduce her husband using various roleplay elements, and then when Roy expresses disinterest, she quickly turns and pretends to go to sleep, as if she can have no desires of her own.

At the end of the episode, Roy orders Gator and a few of their men to go over to Scandia and kidnap Dot from her house. Gator and the bunch hide themselves behind Halloween masks and go to the neighborhood where Dot’s house is. The wrong street names, which Dot had intentionally set up, do confuse the men, but then they do finally find the woman. In this while, Roy had placed a phone call to Dot’s house, threateningly making her realize that he was now after her. At the end of the episode, Dot is indeed found by Gator and his men, meaning that a clash between the two sides is sure to come in the next episode.

What is Ole Munch up to?

The rather strange hitman, Ole Munch, had to be in hiding after his antics at the convenience store on two consecutive nights. He is now seen in a house in Bismarck, where an old lady comes home one day to find the man suddenly inside the place. Ole claims that this is where he will be living from now on, and he then even calls the woman “mama.” It is not entirely clear yet, though, whether the two are actually related to each other or whether they just get used to each other’s company at the house. Fargo season 5, episode 3, also presents a rather bizarre piece of information on Ole through a scene that takes place 500 years earlier, in Wales.

A man bearing great resemblance to Ole is seen, and the most logical explanation is that he is an ancestor of Ole. The man is then seen performing a ritual that was known as sin-eating, in which a poor and desperate man is hired by people of higher stature to consume all the sins of some rich individual in exchange for some paltry money. The poor man would then have to bear the sins he had just taken on himself, but in the case of Ole Munch, the sins have seemingly passed on over generations. As a professional hitman, Ole is also basically a sin-eater in the modern sense, as he does the dirty work of others in exchange for money.

At the end of the episode, Ole is also seen performing a horrid sacrificial ritual, probably as he prepares to take his revenge against the Tillmans. Finally, in a muddied and naked state, the man is seen entering Roy Tillman’s house late at night, both physically and mentally ready to take his revenge. More on this is sure to come in the next few episodes of Fargo, which should be as intriguing and intense as the first three.

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