‘Fargo’ Season 5 Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: How Does Indira Olmstead Help Out Dot?


Fargo season 5 reaches its midway point with the release of episode 5, and things look more dangerous for our protagonist, Dot, now that her two biggest foes meet for the first time. Her beloved and ever-supportive husband, Wayne, is still in a bad state of health, as he hardly remembers anything, and so Dot is without any strong support by her side. However, at the end of Fargo episode 5, the woman finds help from an unexpected source—Scandia police deputy, Indira Olmstead.

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What new predicament does Dot find herself in?

The beginning of Fargo season 5, episode 5, states the exact condition of Wayne Lyon, as he has developed some neurological complications following the serious electrocution back at home, and therefore, the man has to be kept at the hospital for a few days now. The absence of the man in daily life makes the rift between his wife and mother even more apparent, for Dot and Lorraine do not hide their feelings about each other anymore. Lorraine had already been quite vocal about her dislike and distrust of her daughter-in-law. Dot, too, joins in, as she demands to be left alone with her husband, despite the mother wanting otherwise. The woman also takes shelter at the lavish Lyon house with her daughter Scotty, as their house has burned down.

However, when Dot wakes up the next morning, trouble is already waiting for her, as the Lyon family’s ever-present attorney, Danish Graves, enters her room with two sturdy men. These men are from the psychiatric ward of the hospital, where Dot has been decided to be put by her mother-in-law, and they have come to take her away. The woman tries to fight back, using both verbal and then physical means, but she is unable to avoid being overpowered. It would be better to say that Dot is unable to avoid escape just yet, for she is soon able to turn the situation in her own favor. Once they reach the hospital and Dot is put into the psychological ward, she manages to fool one of the sturdy guards and tie him onto her bed, managing to escape her binds in the process. When a nurse soon walks into the room, Dot takes her down too and borrows her uniform to plan an escape from the hospital.

Putting Dot in for psychiatric treatment is, of course, Lorraine’s idea of bringing her unlikable daughter-in-law within her bounds and control. The billionaire woman is very attached to the idea of her family and lineage, and so she is very careful about her granddaughter Scotty, even though she does not approve of how the girl is growing up. Lorraine wants Scotty with her, and an arrangement is already in place that gives her trusted lawyer, or henchman, Danish Graves, a power of attorney in case both Wayne and Dot are clinically unfit. Thus, the intention behind getting Dot admitted to the hospital is to prove her as decapitated and take over the couple’s lives and the life of their daughter in every way.

Along with this ongoing fight in her personal life, Lorraine Lyon also indulges in a professional battle, as she intends to expand her business even amidst all this chaos. As stated by herself during a business meeting, Lorraine runs a multi-billion dollar debt collection company, and she now wants to get into the other side of the business as well. The woman wants to have her own bank, from where loans would be given out more institutionally to unassuming people, and the same lenders would then knock on the borrowers’ doors when the time came to return the money with fat interest. In order to achieve this goal, Lorraine meets with Vivian Dugger, the owner of a struggling bank in the region, because she wants to buy off the business for a hefty fee. Although Vivian is surprised and even offended that a woman is offering to buy out his business, the man’s sexism is not shocking news to Lorraine. It seems like she had come prepared, and so she does not flinch once to state that she will not mind giving the millions of dollars she is intending to spend to some other struggling businessman.

Have Lorraine and Roy decided to work together?

As Lorraine Lyon returns home, another car rolls up in her driveway, and this is indeed the arrival of Roy Tillman. The two main antagonists of this season finally meet with each other, and there is definitely the possibility of them teaming up to meet their common goal—to cause trouble for Dot. However, the meeting does not yield any such plan, at least for now, as the stark differences between the two characters are made more apparent. Roy Tillman is an extremely orthodox and conservative man with an abhorrent mentality with regard to gender roles. He is devoutly religious as well, stating that his judgment of right and wrong is guided by the teachings and claims of the Bible. But Roy also knows his place in the world and respects, to some degree, other powerful people like the Lyons. It is because of this that the man first comes to Lorraine to discuss his problem, stating that he wants to take back Dot, or Nadine, as he knew her to be.

Roy explains how Dot was his second wife, who stayed with him for around two years before mysteriously disappearing one night. The husband feared something had happened to his wife, and while talking about this too, his shocking mindset is clear, for rapists in America are all Mexican men, according to him. Roy kept searching for Nadine, starting to believe that she had died, until he found her picture again very recently in the database, after Dot was arrested for the tasing incident. The sheriff claims that he initially even felt that his estranged wife must have had some horrific accident, following which she lost her memory, and had then started a new life. However, by now, he was certain that Dot was acting by her own will and trying to escape him, and therefore, he asks Lorraine for cooperation, at present. Roy Tillman is as clear and unabashed with his words as ever, for he states that wives are the property of their husbands according to his religious beliefs, and so Dot must be returned to him immediately.

However, on the other side of the table is an equally stubborn and egoistic woman, Lorraine, who is not someone to bow down to such demands easily. Instead, she is someone who throws money at any problem that she faces, and so she offers to pay Roy Tillman some fee to never show himself again. The woman admits that she does not like Dot at all, but then the fact that her son loves his wife very dearly and that she will not willingly hurt her son in any way leads to her decision. Lorraine will not help Roy get hold of Dot, and in turning him down, she also keeps a condescending attitude towards him. The fact that Roy is not appointed by the government but is elected by his community to be a sheriff is almost a joke for Lorraine, for she naturally does not consider him a real lawman. When Roy uses his property analogy and claims Wayne is a thief because he stole his property, i.e. his wife, Lorraine refutes the claim by stating that anybody missing for seven years, or more is legally considered dead. Therefore, Dot is now Wayne’s property, according to Lorraine, and there is no need for the Lyons to help Roy. Neither side considers Dot a human being with her own wishes, though, as she is seen as private property by both sides. But it should also be noted that although Lorraine and Roy have not come to any agreement yet, this might still be possible in the future, as Roy has some influence over the banker, Vivian Dugger, with whom Lorraine is interested in doing business.

This inability to strike up a deal with Lorraine Lyon irks Roy Tillman, and he orders a slight change in plans. While he and his men had been hunting down Dot for so long, Roy instructed his men to go for Wayne Lyon instead and kidnap the man from the hospital. This leads to more trouble for Dot, who is still at the hospital, trying to escape the place, when she sees Gator’s men enter and look for Wayne’s room. The protagonist again uses the old trick of changing the names of the patients, putting Wayne’s title card on the door of a different patient. She also sneaks into Wayne’s room and instructs him to stay locked inside the toilet until she returns and tells him to come out. Wayne’s condition, for the man does not even know what money is, helps the situation as he follows his wife’s orders without any questions. Thus, when Gator and his men finally take away a hostage, they kidnap the other patient, named Jordan Seymore, believing him to be Dot’s husband, while Wayne remains safe in his hospital ward.

How does Indira Olmstead help out Dot?

In the final moments at the hospital, Gator spots Dot but is unable to do anything to her because of the presence of a third, different side at the place. The new FBI agents, Joaquin and Meyer, had started their search for Dot as part of their investigation into Roy Tillman, and they reached the hospital at this exact moment, for they had been informed of the woman’s admission at the place. Just before Gator and his men can get hold of Dot, the FBI agents approach her and promise to keep her safe in return for information. Dot knows very well that she will be trapped even with these agents, and so she makes an escape through the toilet. By the time Joaquin and Meyer learn that Dot has assaulted two hospital workers and is on the run, and they go in to check on the woman, Dot is nowhere in the hospital premises. She now bravely makes her way to Lorraine’s house and manages to pick up Scotty from the place, for she is aware of Lorraine’s intentions to take her daughter away from her.

On the other side, Scandia police deputy Indira Olmstead had come to Lorraine’s house as part of her investigation, but she had a very different kind of conversation with the billionaire. By this time, Lorraine had done some research on the deputy’s life and had found out about the money she owed. Indira’s husband, Lars, is an aspiring golfer who refuses to believe that he does not have the skills for the sport. The policewoman has had to borrow money at different stages of life, starting with her education and then also for Lars’ health and the overall expenses for his passion for golf. It is clear that Lorraine pressures Indira to take the investigation against the Lyons lightly, or else she will have to bear the consequences of the increasing debt right away.

It is perhaps for this reason that Indira Olmstead decides to give Dot a chance to talk to her when the deputy finds the fugitive woman and her daughter at her home that evening. Dot wants to leave Scotty at the deputy’s house for a few days, for she does not trust anyone else to keep the girl safe. It is at this stage that Dot reveals how she had been given over to Roy and his community at the age of fifteen and had married the man at seventeen, not knowing what she was stepping into. It is evident that the experiences and memories from that time more than ten years ago are still extremely traumatizing and hurtful for Dot, and she does not wish to recount them. After her conversation with Lorraine, Indira perhaps realizes how Dot has to deal with the cold and cruel mother-in-law as well, and she finally decides to help the protagonist out. Indira agrees to keep Scotty at her house and then lets Dot drive away, as the woman will now probably head towards some other source of help or work towards some plan of escape that she already must have made.

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