‘Fatal Attraction’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Dan Tell Beth About His Extramarital Affair?


Dan Gallagher had a hard time getting accustomed to normal life, and though there was a prisoner rehabilitation program in place that was helping him to socially integrate, he knew that things would never be what they were before. In the previous episodes of “Fatal Attraction,” we saw that Mike Gerard had taken Dan to his place and was also helping him solve the curious case of Alex Forrest. They had a big breakthrough when their fingerprint report came, and they found that a guy named Paul Halliwell used to visit Alex quite often. Due to his dubious activities, they believed that he could be the one who killed Alex and then pinned the blame on Dan. Mike believed his friend, and he knew that he hadn’t killed Alex.

Mike became a blessing in disguise for Dan, and he couldn’t understand what he had done to deserve such warm hospitality from his end. Dan wanted a job, but the problem was that he knew nobody would want to have an ex-convict amidst them. Still, he decided to take his chance and approach law firms for the post of a paralegal. Dan was obviously overqualified for the post, but he knew that nobody would make him a partner in the firm, and he needed something to keep himself busy and earn money. Dan went to Gagan Ollen Bibb and Associates, and he met one of his colleagues named Jorge Perez. Jorge had a lot of respect for Dan, and because he was the partner in the firm, he immediately took Dan on board. Dan was not actually fond of Jorge, but he had given him his shot by making him the lead counsel in a very important matter. From that day on, Jorge had felt indebted to him, and now that he had a chance to repay it, he was not going to let the opportunity go. So, in the recap of “Fatal Attraction” Episode 4, we would try to ascertain if Alex Forrest was suffering from some kind of disorder and whether Dan, in his guilt, told his wife about his affair.

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What Did Paul Helliwell Say About Alex Forrest?

Earl Brooker was totally against Dan, though Mike tried his best to make him realize that they should give Dan the benefit of the doubt since they had a longstanding relationship with him, and they knew that he was not somebody who could kill in cold blood. But still, Earl didn’t agree, and according to him, Dan was the culprit. Mike took Dan to meet Paul Halliwell in prison, and the kind of things Paul told them were shocking beyond measure. Paul said that he felt Alex was suffering from some kind of disorder, and that he couldn’t really explain what he had gone through when he was in a relationship with her. He noticed that Alex, in a very strange way, had started imitating him over a period of time. It was like she wanted to have the same likes and dislikes as her partner, and it really messed up Paul when he found out that she had also started writing with her left hand after she found out that Paul was left-handed. Paul said that she had started laughing and talking like him, and when he confronted her about why she was doing so, she got mad and made Paul feel like he was being delusional in thinking so. Paul said that Alex always wanted to be around him, and she got angry when he made plans with other friends of his.

Paul kept on repeating the fact that it might sound a bit stupid, but it really scared him when he witnessed all that firsthand. That was the reason he started ignoring her, though Alex tried her best to come back with him. In “Fatal Attraction” Episode 4, Dan went to meet Conchita Lewis, the head of the victim services department, who had been good friends with Dan back in the day. Conchita told Dan that before Alex died, there had been an unofficial complaint about her from a colleague. The man had told Conchita, off the record, that he had indulged with Alex, but after a point in time, he wanted to cut all ties with her. Alex made it very ugly and probably threatened him to be with her, and she was not ready to let him go.

Alex’s obsession had made that employee quite scared, and he reported the matter not because he wanted to sue Alex but because he wanted to make the bosses aware of what kind of woman she was. When Dan got to know about it in “Fatal Attraction” Episode 4, he got really frustrated, as the information could have helped his case when he was facing a trial, and he wouldn’t have had to plead guilty. But the damage had already been done, and he asked Conchita if he could get that man’s address so that he could personally talk to him and get some corroborating evidence. Maybe in the upcoming episodes, this man’s testimony will play a key role in Dan’s quest to find out what exactly happened with Alex.

Did Dan Tell Beth About His Extramarital Affair?

In “Fatal Attraction” Episode 4, we once again revisit the instances that we had seen in the previous episodes, but this time, from the point of view of Beth Gallagher. Beth was suspicious that her husband was seeing somebody. She had this hunch, but she didn’t want to see the reality. Beth was scared about what would happen if what she was thinking came true. She knew that her entire life would turn upside down if she found out that her husband was having an extramarital affair. Beth ignored the hints and clues that she was getting along the way. She had found earrings in her house, and more than once, she had seen Dan’s phone ring off the hook, but we felt that she was ignoring everything on purpose. One day, Beth went shopping with her father and left her mother in charge of her house.

When Beth came back, she found her mother in the swimming pool, and she quickly jumped inside and rescued her. Her mother was probably so drunk that she was not able to come out of the pool. Even Beth’s dog went out, though she had repeatedly told her mother not to leave the back door open. The neighbor had rescued her dog and brought it back home. Though Beth didn’t suspect anything, Dan had a feeling that it was all Alex’s doing. Dan had told Mike about what had happened between him and Alex, and he was very angry at Dan for being so irresponsible. Alex had put acid on Dan’s car, and that incident made him realize how erratic and insane Alex could be. Mike told Dan time and again to be conscious of the implications his actions could have on his life, but the damage had already been done. Toward the end of “Fatal Attraction,” Episode 4, Dan tells Beth that he wants to confess something important. Beth had an intuition that he was going to tell her about his affair, and she just wanted to escape the situation and not hear what he wanted to say.

In the upcoming episodes of “Fatal Attraction,” we will probably see Dan telling Beth what he has done, and though Beth is not ready to face reality, she will inevitably have to deal with it. Dan was feeling guilty, and he cursed himself for acting so negligently, but now he didn’t have an option as he feared that Alex would hurt his family. We would also come to know in time if Dan and Mike were able to find any evidence that could prove that Dan didn’t kill Alex. Dan had lost everything, and he knew that he would always be guilty in the eyes of the law, but he wanted to show his daughter and his wife that he had been framed and had nothing to do with Alex’s death.

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