‘Fatal Attraction’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Dan Kill Alex? Is Alex Dead?


One thing that had come out quite clearly in the previous episodes of Fatal Attraction was that Alex Forrest wanted attention, and she could never live knowing that she was being ignored. She wanted the people to acknowledge her presence, and she could go to any extent to make them do that. She had thrown acid on Dan’s car and even reached his house in order to threaten him and make him realize that she wanted him back. In Fatal Attraction Episode 4, we saw that Dan suspected that Alex had come to his home and killed his mother-in-law. Dan was right in speculating that Alex came to his house, but she never intended to hurt anybody. Maybe she just wanted to snoop around, see the place that Dan called home, and see why she could ever be a part of it. When Alex started talking to Beth’s mother, weirdly, she started to realize that maybe she would never be able to have that aspirational lifestyle where she had a family and someone to come home to. The conversation triggered something inside her, and she put on the swimming pool cover while Beth’s mother was still in the pool. Then she impulsively let the dog out of the house and quietly escaped from there. It was the beginning of the madness, and Alex was not going to stop there. 

Dan never knew that Alex could react like that and kept telling Mike about whatever was happening. Mike told him blatantly that it was his doing, and he shouldn’t have ever indulged her in the first place. After the death of his mother-in-law, Dan knew that he could no longer hide the fact that he was sleeping with another woman, as he feared that Alex might do something to hurt his family. Dan was feeling guilty about what he had done, and moreover, he had never loved Alex Forrest or fallen for her. Alex was a means for him to tread the path of self-destruction. Dan had not been made the judge, and though he acted like he was in control of his emotions, the untoward circumstance had caused a lot of damage emotionally. Probably he had stopped feeling that he was worthy of anything, and that is why his conscience never stopped him from crossing moral boundaries. So let’s find out what bizarre developments happened in Fatal Attraction Episode 5 and the impact they had on Dan’s life.

Spoilers Alert

Why Did Dan Tell Beth About His Affair?

Dan told Beth that he had been having an affair with Alex. Beth knew that there was something going on between Alex and Dan when she first met Alex during the open house. Beth was devastated, and she asked Dan why he had told her that he had an affair when she was dealing with the loss of her mother. In the span of a couple of days, Beth’s life had turned upside down. She told Dan that their relationship was over and that she didn’t want any kind of justification from his side. Dan knew that he couldn’t do anything about the situation now, and the damage had already been done. He was solely responsible for ruining his life, and he couldn’t do anything but just sit and keep mulling over the fact that something had crept inside his mind that made him act in such an irrational manner.

Dan told Beth that he felt that Alex might have been behind the death of her mother. Alex had found out about the guy, Gabriel Ibarra, about whom Conchita had told him and who had filed an informal complaint against Alex, and he realized that he knew him from before. Gabriel told Dan straight up that he was not going to get involved in his mess. Gabriel said that there was a reason why he had made an informal complaint and not gone on record. Dan tried to convince him to be a witness from his side, as he spent 15 years in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. But Gabriel had already made up his mind, and he was not ready to expose his identity in front of the court. Benny, who also knew Dan from his old days, overheard the conversation he had with Gabriel. Benny told Dan that apart from Gabriel, his sources told him that Alex also had an affair with a guy named Biff Smith, and he had similar issues with her. Dan goes and tells everything to Mike, who informs him that apart from Dr. Paul Halliwell, Biff, and Gabriel, the fingerprints of two more people were found at Alex’s house, namely, Olena Kuzma and Elijah Acosta. The mystery was becoming more convoluted with every passing day, and Dan didn’t know if he would ever be able to prove his innocence.

Who Made A Complaint Against Dan?

Marcella Levya, Dan’s boss, had received an anonymous letter in which the person had accused Dan of a lot of things. The charges were serious, and Marcella was scared that the issue might blow out of proportion and defame her department. She asked Dan to take a few days off until the inquiry was underway, as she didn’t want any conflicts of interest to arise, and she didn’t want people to blame her in the future for an unfair investigation. Dan felt obliterated and tried to convince Marcella to have some faith in him, and though she liked Dan, she couldn’t take a risk in such a sensitive matter. Alex Forrest was called by the investigating committee and asked how she perceived Dan, as they had often been seen together hanging out in the cafe. Surprisingly, Alex didn’t say a word against Dan, and in fact, she told the investigator how good he was professionally and how she looked up to him. Later, in Fatal Attraction Episode 5, Dan was acquitted of all the charges, and the claims made in the letter were found to be baseless. Dan was also told to be thankful to Alex, as it was her testimony that had saved his job. Dan had an intuition that Alex was the one who had made the complaint and then portrayed to be the savior who vouched for him. 

Is Alex Dead Or Alive?

In the fifth episode of Fatal Attraction, all hell broke loose, and Alex unleashed her most scary side. She set the property that Beth and Arthur were handling on fire. Beth barely escaped, and she got severely injured in the process. Dan lost his cool when he found out that his daughter, Ellen, hadn’t reached home from school, and he had an intuition that Alex might be behind it. Though Ellen was eventually found by Mike, and she didn’t say anything about Alex, Dan decided to confront Alex and end it once and for all. He went over to Alex’s place and threw her on the floor. In a fit of rage, he told her that he was going to ruin her life, even if he got defamed in the process. Alex was not scared, but her gleaming eyes shone as if she had found some opportunity to do what she had been wanting to do for quite some time.

At the end of Fatal Attraction Episode 5, we saw that there was blood on the floor of her apartment, and Alex was nowhere to be seen. It might be possible that she would have killed herself and planted the evidence in such a manner that Dan got framed. Or it could also be possible that someone else killed her, and the blame had been pinned on Dan. There was something brewing in Alex’s mind, and that was visible in the expression she had when Dan pushed her in a fit of rage. Whatever she had planned, she did it at that very moment. She was well aware of the consequences her actions were going to have, but she wanted to do them, nonetheless. She wanted to make Dan repent for not giving her the attention she craved. Alex knew that there was no coming back from there, but still, her unstable mind got the better of her. Alex was suffering from some kind of disorder, and she was obsessed with Dan at that point in time. She had been in the same phase with others as well, but somehow with Dan, things went extreme, and she just couldn’t accept the fact that he no longer wanted her in his life.

Dan is still searching for the truth, and though he knows that the 15 years of his life that he spent in jail will never come back, he wants to do it to prove to his daughter and his wife that he didn’t commit the crime. In the next episodes, we will find out if Dan is able to unravel the truth and find out what exactly happened with Alex and if his daughter, Ellen, is ever able to accept him in her life and feel the same way about him as she used to in her childhood.

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