‘Fatal Attraction’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Did Dan And Mike Find Out About Elijah?


The first five episodes of Fatal Attraction made us realize that Alex Forrest was suffering from some kind of mental disorder where she lost her temper and wasn’t in control of her emotions. She did things that were very unlike her, and the person on the other side always got startled because they didn’t expect her to react so erratically.

Spoilers Alert

Fatal Attraction Episode 6 gives us a bit more insight into what was actually happening with Alex and how she was before she started working for victim services and met Dan. We believe that Dan had not murdered Alex, and she had gone way too far with it, and framed him because she wanted to teach him a lesson. Dan might have had a lot of friends back in the day when he was doing well professionally, but when he was down and out, there was only Mike who came to his rescue. Dan also valued Mike more than anyone else in his life. He knew that if Mike hadn’t been there, he wouldn’t have been able to rehabilitate after he came out of prison. 

Mike made sure that Dan didn’t lose hope. He made sure that whenever Dan felt like surrendering and giving up, he said or did something that boosted his morale and gave him enough energy to come back to the battlefield and fight to prove that he was innocent. Beth, more than being angry, was disappointed in Dan, as she had never believed that her husband was capable of breaking her trust and hurting her in such a manner. But still, that didn’t mean that she had accepted that he would have killed Alex. Beth was very sure that Dan was innocent, and she even fought with her father to provide him monetary assistance so that he could hire a lawyer and keep him on retainer. Beth knew that Dan had made mistakes, but he couldn’t go to the extent of killing somebody. It was a very difficult situation for Beth to be in, as on one hand, she didn’t want to see his face after he told her about his extramarital affair with Alex, but still, she wasn’t heartless enough to see him take the fall for a crime that he hadn’t committed. In Fatal Attraction Episode 6 recap, we will try to find out what exactly was happening with Alex and if Dan was able to get closer to proving his innocence.

Were Biff Smith And Clay Bishop The Same People?

Apart from Olena and Elijah, the fingerprints of a guy named Biff Smith were also found in Alex’s apartment. Dan had told Mike to meet his arch nemesis, Ruth Gurian, from the legal aid, as he speculated that the guy worked there, but Mike and Ruth were not the best of friends. Ruth didn’t give him any information about Biff Smith, but later in Fatal Attraction Episode 6, Mike got to know that the real name of Biff Smith was Clay Bishop, and he was in a relationship with Alex when she had just come to work in victim services. Clay’s family members suffered from mental health issues, and as soon as he saw Alex, he knew that she was also suffering from something similar. Clay recognized those behavioral patterns, and he understood that she was angry about being scared all the time. 

Alex feared that everybody who came into her life would eventually abandon her, and that is why, even before anything happened, she started assuming the worst. Alex was also scared of being judged, and we saw how she reacted in Fatal Attraction episode 6 when she was having a conversation with Clay. He had just casually asked her if she had dropped out of law school because earlier, she had only told him that she had completed her graduation. Alex got all defensive, and she replied in the rudest possible manner. Clay realized then that something was wrong with her, and he handled the situation with a great deal of maturity.

After Mike found out about Clay Bishop, he and Dan met him, hoping that he would testify in their favor. Clay had actually heard the entire proceedings firsthand and made sure that he was there when Dan’s trial was going on. Clay was very sensitive to the issue, as he had seen from his childhood how helpless anyone suffering from a mental disorder was. He didn’t like the way Dan branded Alex as an evil person, and he really despised him for that. When he met him, he told him to his face that he was not going to help his cause because he believed he was not a worthy human being and was insensitive toward the plight of people.

What Did Dan And Mike Find Out About Elijah?

Dan and Mike were trying their best to find some hidden clue that would lead them to the truth and bring it to light. Dan had gone through a lot after the authorities found out that Alex had been murdered. Till the 6th episode, Earl Broker hadn’t found the body of Alex, and he threatened Dan that as soon as he did, he would put him behind bars. Dan realized how two-faced the people were around him. They were good to him because they knew they couldn’t mess with such an influential lawyer. The moment they realized that Dan was in a helpless and vulnerable situation where he no longer possessed the powers and influence he once had, they punched him down. Neither Marcella nor Earl showed my kind of sympathy towards him, and more than anything, Dan was hurt by their behavior. Dan’s father-in-law had refused to give him money for hiring a lawyer, but Arthur and his wife, Julia, came as a blessing in disguise and decided to pay for the legal services.

Mike and Dan had gone to meet Elijah, who now worked at a cannabis store, and he got quite agitated when they told him that his fingerprints had been found at a crime scene. Elijah had murdered his father in the most horrifying manner, and his case became the talk of the town. Mike didn’t believe in coincidences, and so when Elijah told him that he was a delivery man back in the day and that he would have gone to Alex’s house in that capacity only, he knew that he was hiding something. At the end of Fatal Attraction episode 6, Mike tells Earl about this development to make him understand that things were not as black and white as he believed them to be.

Dan still had a long way to go, and though he was meeting a lot of people who were related to Alex and was getting to know details that proved that she was actually suffering from a mental illness, he still didn’t have any solid evidence that could prove his innocence. In the upcoming episodes, we will get to know what exactly went through Alex’s mind when she hatched the plan to make Dan suffer for his entire life and if Dan is able to get closer to the truth.

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