‘Fatal Attraction’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending, Explained: Was Beth Hiding Something From Dan?


It was about time we witnessed what happened in Alex’s childhood that had such a deep impact on her personality. The 7th episode of Fatal Attraction makes us privy to the kind of relationship Alex shared with her parents and how it wrecked her from within without her even realizing it. Dan, on the other hand, felt confident about the evidence he had been able to collect with the help of Mike, and he firmly believed that the judge would open the case once again. It was quite clear that the investigation that had happened after Alex’s death was botched up, and there were a lot of anomalies that didn’t make any sense whatsoever. Maybe Dan hadn’t been able to prove his innocence completely back then, but the evidence was also not enough to establish his guilt. In this recap, we will try to decipher the kind of problems Alex was encountering on an emotional level and if Dan was able to convince the court to accept his motion for a new trial.

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How Was Alex’s Relationship With Her Father?

Fatal Attraction episode 7 took us back to Alex’s childhood, and we came to know that Stanley Forrest, Alex’s father, did not have an ideal relationship with his wife. We cannot deny that we expected something of that sort to have happened in Alex’s past life, as the kind of mental health problems she was facing in her adulthood would have emerged as a result of some event or trauma. Stanley used to frequently go out with other girls and tell his wife all sorts of lies. But an even worse thing than indulging in an extramarital affair was that he used his daughter to hide the truth. He used to take Alex with him, and she was told to lie to her mother and pretend as if whatever her father was saying was absolutely right. Stanley was gaslighting his wife to the point that she had started becoming irritated and losing her temper. She felt like she would go mad, as whenever she confronted him, he completely denied that anything of that sort had happened. Additionally, her own daughter did not utter a single word even after seeing her plight.

A solution is reached only when someone recognizes the problem, but in this case, Stanley completely denied its existence, considering he knew that his wife didn’t have any solid evidence to corroborate her claims. Alex’s mother knew that she couldn’t do anything about it, as they would just call her delusional and insecure, and she would make a fool out of herself by trying to win what she had already lost a long time ago. Stanley’s actions had a deep impact on young Alex, and she felt a sense of inclusivity when her father told her everything that her mother didn’t know. Alex felt that maybe it was how people expressed their love, but her mother had told her that her husband was a selfish man and he didn’t love anybody other than himself. It was all like a game for Alex, and she religiously followed her father’s instructions as a true devotee. There was an element of cruelty so deeply rooted inside her that she smirked when her mother was confronting her and was almost in tears.

Children are attached to their parents, and to see a young Alex develop these sorts of crooked sensibilities and twisted ideologies made it obvious that she was not going to be mentally stable when she grew up. Also, her father didn’t treat her like an adult would, but he behaved with Alex like she was his peer. Parents always teach their kids to be morally upright in life, but Stanley got annoyed with her when she didn’t take his side, even if he was making her do something that was not ethically right. Stanley had gotten quite angry with her when Alex told him that she was not going to complete her graduation as she had found her interest in victim services. No matter how toxic her father was, Alex just couldn’t stop herself from meeting him. He had become an inevitable part of her life, and when she decided to move out of the city, she somewhere started looking for her father in every guy she dated. Alex, from the very beginning, was extremely temperamental, obsessive, and erratic in her behavior, because of which even her colleagues at law school didn’t want to entertain her. She showed signs of mental health issues from a very early age, and only if she had had somebody to guide her and give her the best advice wouldn’t she have reached that stage of no return.

What Happened During Dan’s Trial?

Rolando Cabral tried his level best to grill the witnesses presented by the prosecution, but even before the verdict was given in Fatal Attraction episode 7, he realized that the scales were tipping in the prosecution’s favor. Everything was going right before Stanley Forrest came to the witness stand and showed the judge and the jury a picture that Alex had shared with him, in which she and Dan were seen spending time at the beach. Dan hadn’t admitted that he had an extramarital affair with Alex, and those pictures nullified his claims, and the jury instantly lost trust in him. The evidence against him wasn’t that strong and was quite circumstantial in nature, but still, the jury held him guilty of killing Alex Forest.

More than the outcome of the trial, what surprised us was how Dan threw his own friend, Mike, under the bus to save himself. When Mike was on the witness stand, he asked his lawyer to ask Mike if he had gone to Alex’s house on the day she was murdered so that it might create doubts in the minds of the jury and prove that he was not the only person to visit her on that fateful day. But by doing so, he had tried to suggest that Mike could also be on the list of suspects. Mike was shocked, and so were we, as we didn’t expect Dan to be that treacherous in nature. Mike was the only person who was standing with him throughout, and he didn’t hesitate even for a moment before trying to betray him. In the present timeline, the court rejected Dan’s motion for a new trial, and he was disheartened, as he had actually thought that after what had been found by him and Mike, the judge would consider their plea.

Was Beth Hiding Something From Dan?

The ending of Fatal Attraction Episode 7 created a lot of doubt in our minds as we witnessed something that we hadn’t expected. Sometime after Dan had told Beth about his extramarital affair, Beth had secretly met Alex for some unknown reason. Now this opens a myriad of possibilities, as it could have been possible that whatever Alex had decided to do, Beth might have had a role to play in it. Maybe Beth wanted to teach Dan a lesson, or maybe she had something else on her mind. Alex was also surprised that Beth had called her to meet in person because it just didn’t make sense why she would want to meet with the women with whom her husband was sleeping unless she had an offer that she knew the other party would be interested in. Beth looked too invested in Dan, and she didn’t seem like the kind of woman who could go behind her husband’s back and hatch a plan to take revenge on him. Beth was very genuine and honest in her approach, but you can never tell what goes on inside the mind of a human being. We would have to wait for the upcoming episodes to find out what Beth was up to and whether she had any role to play in framing Dan for the murder of Alex Forrest.

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