‘Fatal Seduction’ Volume 2 Ending, Explained: Did Vuyo Kill Brenda? Can There Be A Season 2?


Fatal Seduction, volume one, came to an abrupt end, leaving us with far too many questions unanswered. It all started with the murder of Nandi’s best friend, Brenda, and by the end of volume one, we had a handful of suspects. Brenda’s death uncovered unsettling truths that altered Nandi and Leonard’s relationship permanently. The guilt of sleeping with her student was a lot to bear, and the fact that Jacob could have been involved in Brenda’s death made matters worse for Nandi. One of the most important revelations in Fatal Seduction volume one was that Jacob was the son of Benjamin Jiba, a case that continued to haunt Leonard and his brother, Vuyo. Benjamin Jiba was accused of raping and murdering a child, and Leonard was the prosecutor in the case. Brenda was the victim’s school teacher, and Leonard coaxed her to become an eyewitness. Even though she did not witness the crime, she blindly trusted Leonard and did what she was told. Leonard convinced Brenda that Jiba, the mechanic who worked at the school, was responsible. But when Benjamin Jiba shot himself in prison, Brenda realized that he had been telling the truth all along—he was innocent.

We also found out that the minister, whose daughter was the victim, wanted to wrap up the case and instructed Leonard to blame it all on Jiba. Apparently, the victim’s driver was also a possible suspect, but the minister was hesitant about involving him in the case and vouched for his innocence. The minister definitely had hidden intentions; otherwise, why would someone want to falsely frame an innocent man for murdering their daughter? In Fatal Seduction volume two, the minister plays an important role, and we will find out how.

Spoilers Alert

Is Jacob Innocent?

Jacob had revenge on his mind when he met Nandi. Even though he had planned every step, his emotions got in the way. His plan was to destroy Leonard and his family, but he got far too involved with Nandi. He was desperate for her attention and love. He believed that if Nandi left Leonard for him, it would finally teach the judge a lesson about losing someone they love. He watched his father die right before his eyes simply because a bunch of powerful people framed him. Jacob wanted to somehow wreak havoc in their lives, so he planned the affair. He not only targeted Nandi but also her daughter, Zinhle. He created a fake profile, PokebOi, and fooled around with her online. Later, Zinhle followed the location of PokebOi (her friends hacked and found his location) and entered a car shop. She met Jacob there, but she did not know that Jacob was PokebOi. She eventually fell in love with him, and he intended to get back at Nandi using Zinhle. Meanwhile, Voyu found surveillance footage that proved Jacob was the last man to see Brenda at her villa. Voyu got hold of Jacob and tortured him to find out the truth.

Vuyo interrogated Jacob for hours, but his answer remained the same. He repeatedly said that he was innocent and was in no way involved in Brenda’s death. Nandi was almost convinced that Jacob had murdered her best friend for revenge, but in volume two of Fatal Seduction, Vuyo vouched for Jacob’s innocence. Even though Jacob had not murdered Brenda, he had wicked intentions. His love for Nandi had turned into an obsession. Vuyo advised Nandi to stay away from Jacob, but things would only get complicated from then on.

Jacob won Zinhle’s trust, and his intention was to harm her, but he could not do it. Nandi assumed that Jacob kidnapped her daughter, and she involved the police to find her. She confessed to having an affair with Jacob to Leonard. Leonard was furious, and he instructed Nandi not to reveal her secret to the police. He wanted to protect his reputation at all costs, and for that, the truth needed to stay buried. Zinhle was soon found, and she was alive and well. Later, Zinhle found out about Jacob and Nandi’s affair, and she was traumatized. She fell in love with Jacob, only to realize that he was toying with her emotions to get closer to her mother. Zinhle was disgusted by Nandi, and she gradually started to lose trust in her parents. Jacob begged Nandi to accept him, but Nandi ultimately pushed him away.

Why Did Vuyo Poison Leonard?

Vuyo was devastated upon finding out that his brother was responsible for leaving him handicapped for life. Vuyo was the lead police inspector in the Jiba case, and he was not in agreement with Leonard. Leonard tried convincing Vuyo that Benjamin Jiba was the man they were after, but Vuyo did not believe they had concrete evidence to arrest the man. He wanted to dig more, but Leonard could not let that happen. We find out that Leonard was blackmailed by the minister and a woman named “Precious”. He lied to protect his family, and he had no other choice but to injure Vuyo to keep him out of the case. He later confided in Vuyo that he never intended on leaving a permanent scar, but the shooting did not go as he had planned. While Leonard planned the shooting, it was Charlie Chace who pulled the trigger. Charlie Chace acted according to Leonard’s instructions to get promoted.

The people Vuyo trusted were the ones who plotted against him. One revelation led to another, and Vuyo found out that Leonard and Brenda were having an affair during the Jiba case, which continued for nearly ten years. Vuyo realized that the affair was the reason Brenda chose to lie during the Jiba trial. He was determined to find out the truth behind the rape and murder cases, and he was still persistent in getting to the bottom of Brenda’s murder. He blackmailed Chace into handing over all the information he had on the Brenda case. We can assume that it was Vuyo who murdered Chace when he was about to hand over the case file. He did it to officially reopen the Brenda case and connect Leonard to the murder. In the meantime, he went through the surveillance footage once again and was shocked to see Leonard enter Brenda’s villa late at night. It was obvious that Brenda and Leonard were still together, and it had a grave impact on Vuyo. He was in love with Brenda, and to find out that she was also sleeping with his brother must have been a tough blow. Vuyo tried to convince Nandi that Leonard was involved in Brenda’s murder. Meanwhile, someone started blackmailing Leonard and accusing him of framing Jiba. Leonard suffered a heart attack, fearing the worst, and was admitted to the hospital. The blackmailer was Vuyo. Nandi was not ready to believe that Leonard was capable of murdering Brenda, and that was when Vuyo revealed that Leonard and Brenda were in a decade-long affair. Nandi lost her faith in Leonard. 

Precious, the woman who worked for the minister, warned Leonard to get rid of the blackmailer if he wanted to see his family alive. She injected a substance into Leonard’s body that resulted in a seizure. Precious was not the only one who poisoned Leonard, it was later revealed that Vuyo did the same. Vuyo had lost all his love and respect for his brother, and when he saw Leonard regaining his strength, he injected a good dose of sodium to blur his memory. Vuyo decided to frame Leonard for Brenda’s murder from the moment he figured out that his brother had destroyed his life. He was tired of the games Leonard played, and for once, he wanted to be in control. Vuyo hired a hitman to attack Roxanne, the police inspector working on Brenda’s case. When the hitman was caught, he stated that he worked for Leonard. From the lapses in the Jiba case to the surveillance footage and the hitman, all the evidence led to Leonard and the police finally arrested him for the murder of Brenda. When Leonard was in a dazed state, Vuyo made him sign the power of attorney, giving him complete access to Leonard’s wealth. While he pretended to be on Leonard’s side, he conspired against him.

Why Did Vuyo Frame Nandi?

Vuyo wanted to bring justice, and he believed Jacob, too, deserved some compensation after the police framed his father. He advised Jacob to move out of the city for good, and he would be paid 5 million for all the trouble. Not only that, Vuyo also offered to pay for the treatment of Jacob’s mother for the rest of her life. His only condition was that Jacob had to hand over all his gadgets to Vuyo, suggesting that Vuyo would use the information on his devices. Jacob was hesitant at first, but he eventually agreed to the offer. Nandi no longer cared for him, and his mother did not remember him; he had no reason to stay back.

After making Leonard sign a power of attorney, Vuyo torched a car in the hospital basement, which generated panic all across the facility. In that moment of chaos, Vuyo tried to sneak Leonard out of the hospital, but a policeman spotted them. When he tried to stop Leonard, Vuyo shot the policeman. He did not wish for Leonard to die without facing any consequence. He promised Leonard that he would help him leave the country, but in the meantime, he had to stay hidden. Leonard was now a fugitive, and the police were desperately searching for him. Vuyo had knowingly made the situation worse for Leonard, and upon finding an unexpected truth, he chose to become completely ruthless.

Leonard revealed that Zinhle was Vuyo’s daughter and not his. He had found out about it some seventeen years ago but kept the truth to himself. Nandi did not know that she was carrying Vuyo’s child when she was pregnant, and it was only later that she found out the truth. Leonard was not ready to let go of Zinhle, and he believed his brother was not capable of looking after a child. Nandi wanted to confess the truth to Vuyo, but Leonard stopped her. Vuyo lost respect for Leonard. Even if we consider that Vuyo perhaps did not intend to destroy Leonard completely, after the secret came out, he decided he had had enough.

Leonard sneaked into his house to take Nandi along with him. Vuyo had arranged the tickets and fake passports for him to escape and start all over again. Vuyo was staying at Leonard’s house that night, and when Leonard entered, Vuyo called the police and informed them about a forced entry. Vuyo wanted Leonard to get caught red-handed by the police for attempting to escape with his wife, but it did not go as he had planned. Zinhle stabbed Leonard with her katana, and he was hospitalized once again. She did not know that the hooded man threatening her mother at gunpoint was her father.

In a dazed state, Leonard expressed to Nandi that he wanted to run away with her, but she declined his offer. He had been lying to her and cheating on her with her best friend, and most importantly, she believed that they no longer loved each other. Leonard had shamed her after her miscarriage, and he never truly cared about her. All Nandi wanted was a divorce, but Leonard was not ready to let her go. He pointed his gun at Nandi, and that was when Zinhle attacked. Nandi took the blame on herself, and she was arrested for attempting to murder her husband. Vuyo visited Nandi at the station after her arrest and asked her to confess any secret that she had been keeping from him, but Nandi promised there was nothing else. That was when Vuyo decided to incriminate Nandi.

According to the police narrative, Nandi attempted to murder Leonard to inherit his wealth and spend the rest of her life with Jacob. During the trial, the fake passports and tickets were used by the prosecutor to accuse Nandi of planning to escape with Jacob after killing her husband. The police linked Jacob’s absence from the city with the escape plan. Clearly, Vuyo helped the police build the case against Nandi. Vuyo wanted to spend the rest of his life with his daughter, and he ultimately managed to make things go according to his wish.

Did Vuyo Kill Brenda?

After the endless series of revelations in the second volume, we finally get to know what happened to Brenda. During the ending of Fatal Seduction Volume 2, Vuyo admits the truth when he meets Nandi in prison. He confessed to poisoning Leonard and framing her to keep her in prison. His explanation was that he was tired of the rich always having the upper hand. He was exhausted watching them frame innocent people to cover their sins. Vuyo wanted to bring justice, and while his method was flawed, according to him, that was the only option he had. Even though Zinhle confessed the truth to the police, they assumed that she was lying to protect her mother. Her statement was not taken seriously, and Nandi’s only hope was lost. The police found receipts for the sodium chloride (planted by Vuyo) that was used to poison Leonard. Nandi’s internet history revealed that she had been researching sodium chloride poisoning, and the police held it against her. The police had enough and more evidence to incriminate her. Nandi was not just accused of attempting to murder Leonard but also of being involved in Brenda’s death. The media stated that Leonard was the suspect in Brenda’s murder, and Nandi was also being investigated. Nandi realized that she was being framed, and Vuyo’s confession helped her understand the whole truth, but she had yet to find out what had happened to Brenda.

Vuyo stated that Brenda was not murdered; she had committed suicide. Brenda left him a voicemail that suggested she was suffering mentally. The guilt of being indirectly responsible for Benjamin Jiba’s death and the hopelessness of her and Leonard’s relationship consumed her. She admitted that she loved Leonard more than she could ever love Vuyo. But Leonard was a married man who had no intentions of separating from his wife. She realized that the emptiness that she felt every time he left would always be there. With Leonard planning a grand anniversary for Nandi, Brenda completely lost hope in her relationship, which was why she committed suicide. Vuyo discovered the voicemail much later, and by then, he knew all about Jacob and assumed that he had murdered Brenda. Only after interrogating Jacob did he realize that Jiba’s son was innocent and that Brenda had committed suicide. But by then, he had reasons to seek revenge on Leonard, and that is why he chose to keep the investigation open. In the end, Jacob realized that he was now a wanted man accused of conspiring with Nandi in the attempted murder of Judge Leonard Mahlati. He had the money, but he always had to be on the run. Vuyo played him as well.

Can We Expect Season 2?

Even though Nandi told Zinhle the entire truth, she chose to believe her uncle over her deceiving parents. Zinhle and Vuyo traveled far away to live their lives in peace, but their happy days were soon interrupted. Vuyo received a call from Precious stating that he had made the mistake of uncovering secrets. She offered him two choices: either he could comply and ask the police not to investigate the Jiba case, or he could choose not to act, and in that case, he would lose his daughter. We catch a glimpse of the minister’s face at the end of Fatal Seduction, volume 2. 

In Fatal Seduction season 2, the minister will definitely play an important role. The minister clearly had a vested interest in stopping the police from investigating his daughter’s murder. It is possible that the driver (who was also a suspect) knew the minister’s dirty secrets, and maybe someone of influence was also involved in the case. The truth behind the rape and murder will surely be unsettling and revolting. Hopefully, Jacob will make a possible return next season. He knows that Nandi is innocent, but he will have a tough time proving it to the police. Fatal Seduction season two is definitely a possibility, and it will be all about the Jiba case.

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