‘Fate: The Winx Saga’ Season 2: Ending, Explained – What Happened To Rosalind, Bloom And The Blood Witches?


Back for a second season, “Fate: The Winx Saga” introduces new villains and a mysterious dark realm. Alfea has gone through significant changes. Rosalind is the new headmistress, and she has her eyes and ears all over the college premise. Weak fairies are suspended by her at random, and the girls cannot get over the loss of Dowling. The mysterious disappearance of their beloved professor has left Bloom and her friends searching for answers. Saul Silva was found guilty of the attempted murder of Andreas and was to be exiled. Bloom did not trust Rosalind; she believed that letting her go was a terrible mistake she had made. Rosalind was not the only threat; there was someone else lurking around, hoping to seek revenge from the fairies.

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Who Was Sebastian? What Was His Intention?

Bloom, Aisha, Musa, and Terra managed to free Silva from the Solarian guards. He decided to stay in hiding at his friend Sebastian’s store in Blackbridge. He had previously helped Dowling and Silva take down Rosalind. Now that Rosalind was back and taking control of Alfea, Silva knew Sebastian would help them. Rosalind would visit the East Wing of the college, which consisted of ancient texts on magic. Bloom decided to uncover what Rosalind was up to, especially now that students from the college had started to disappear.

The series builds suspense around who might be behind the disappearance of the students. Initially, all the evidence pointed to Rosalind. A student who had disappeared had escaped and asked for Rosalind to return his power. She was studying old texts, particularly those about summoning creatures with spells. Flora and Aisha had found one of the creatures in the underground chamber as well. With all the evidence, they accused Rosalind of working against their interests to gain more power. Rosalind then explained what she had been working on. She studied the texts to understand the ancient creature called Scraper, found originally in the realm of darkness, that was being used to attack fairies in the realm of Solaria. The creature fed on magic, and that was why students had been disappearing from Alfea. After studying the minds of the victims, Rosalind concluded that the scrapers were summoned by a Blood Witch. The Blood Witches and fairies have been at war since ancient times, and this was their attempt to take all the power of the fairies and cease their existence. Only Bloom, with the power of the Dragon Flame, could destroy the enemy in question. Also, considering how hungry the Blood Witch was for power, they wanted to possess the Dragon Flame. Therefore, the confrontation between Bloom and the villain was inevitable. And thus began the hunt for the blood witch.

As it turned out, the Blood Witch was none other than Sebastian. Since blood witch magic did not work on fairies, he sucked on the fairy powers and had become nearly undefeatable. He possessed every magical power now, though he lacked the power of Dragon Flame. He tried to take control of her by discussing how he knew about her birth parents, but her friends came to her rescue. Sebastian wanted to seek revenge for the Aster Dell massacre. He lost his parents during it. He gathered the remaining witches to destroy the fairies. His father was the one who found Bloom and brought her to the village, knowing the ancient magic she possessed. The war between the fairies and the blood witches could only be won with the dragon flame.

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Why Did Bloom Murder Rosalind?

Bloom did not agree to give up her right to learn about her birth parents. Therefore, to escalate the situation, Sebastian used his knowledge to turn Bloom against Rosalind. He disclosed that Rosalind had murdered Dowling to become the headmistress of Alfea. Bloom had recently started to trust Rosalind, but after learning what she had done, she could not support her any longer. She went back to the Otherworld and confronted Rosalind about Dowling’s death. When Rosalind admitted to the crime, Bloom could not control her temper. Rosalind tortured her mentally, stating how she had planned to control the world with Bloom by her side, but now that she was turning against her, she had to make changes. She froze Bloom and suspended her, claiming that she could take the Dragon flame from her against her will. But Rosalind had underestimated the power Bloom possessed. She broke free from Rosalind’s spell, and she lost control of her rage. At that moment, she wanted nothing more than for Rosalind to die in front of her eyes. She transformed and burned Rosalind to death.

Bloom was tried in a court of law and was found guilty. She was to remain in stasis and would be reevaluated after twenty years. Bloom was powerless in stasis, but unexpectedly, the woman who always protected her, stood right in front of her. Dowling had died, but before leaving the world, she drew on all the magic she could and asked the natural world to preserve her spirit. It was her desperate attempt to bid Bloom and her friends a final goodbye. She helped Bloom escape stasis and taught the group of friends how they could all transform if they focused on both the good and bad emotions. Finding the balance between emotions was the key to transformation, and once they achieved it, they would be able to reach the maximum potential of the magic they possessed.

‘Fate: The Winx Saga’ Season 2: Ending Explained – How Did The Fairies Tackle The Blood Witches?

Since Beatrix belonged to Team Rosalind, she was not trusted by Bloom and her friends. But sadly enough, even Rosalind did not think she was competent enough to perform difficult tasks. She had expected Rosalind to share all about her birth parents, but instead, she became her personal assistant. When Sebastian abducted her and took away her power, she felt all the more useless. She did not wish to fade away, so she chose to trade with the dark side. She agreed to help Sebastian, and in return, she was rewarded with her power and information about her past. With her help, Sebastian entered Alfea and unleashed the scrapers on the fairies. Flora formulated a potion that she injected into her body. She was using her body as bait for the scrapers to allow the other fairies to escape and use their powers. Meanwhile, Beatrix disclosed an important secret to Stella. She explained that it was not just revenge that Sebastian was after. He wanted the Dragon Flame to open the realm of darkness that consisted of an entity named Shadow who could raise the dead. Sebastian planned to use his power to bring back all the blood witches who lost their lives in Aster Dell. If Bloom ever traded her power with Sebastian, it would end the Otherworld.

Sebastian held Sky hostage; he would let him go only if Bloom transferred her power to him. He asked Bloom to live the life of a regular teenager, and she could only do so if she gave away her power. Bloom’s mother had the dragon flame within her. After giving birth to Bloom, and knowing the power she possessed, she kept her in stasis for a thousand years. Therefore, Bloom belonged to ancient times and was born during the ancient war. Her mother had won the war with the power of the Dragon Flame, but after losing control of her power, she burned thousands to death. Knowing how dangerous the power was, she kept Bloom in stasis and went to the Realm of Darkness to protect others from herself. While Sebastian did speak the truth about Bloom’s past, he lied about her living a carefree life once she submitted her power to him. He had ill intentions that could ruin everyone around Bloom, but she was overwhelmed by the revelation. She decided to transfer her power to save Sky and live a normal life. But Beatrix came to her rescue. She used her power to untie Sky, and Bloom rushed to check on him. Sebastian was angered by the sudden interference and murdered Beatrix.

Stella, Aisha, and Terra joined Bloom in the room with Sebastian. They joined forces and transformed to fight Sebastian. They destroyed him and saved Alfea from the terror. The Winx Club managed to tackle another villain together. In “Fate: The Winx Saga” Season 2, Musa gave up her power. She could not bear the consequences of having psychic power. She could sense every emotion around her, and it had become chaotic for her. She instead chose to learn combat and become a specialist. Bloom studied the realm of darkness and Shadow. She decided to leave her friends and lover and travel to the realm of darkness. When Sky confronted her, she explained that Sebastian had managed to open the realm of the darkness with the magic he gathered from other fairies. She concluded that Sebastian wanted the Dragon Flame so that no one else could close it apart from him. But now that he was gone, Bloom decided to close the conduit, but for that, she had to leave the Otherworld forever. As long as the Realm of Darkness remained open there, it would mean danger for the Otherworld. Bloom was convinced that the power she possessed did not belong to the Otherworld, and she could risk the lives of the people she loved. Sky and Bloom kissed goodbye; he could not stop her, knowing that she was sacrificing herself for a greater purpose.

“Fate: The Winx Saga” Season 2 continues to be a disappointment. Even though a lot happens over the seven episodes, the characters lack depth and purpose, and the Otherworld remains unexplored.

What To Expect From ‘Fate: The Winx Saga’ Season 3?

While Netflix has yet to confirm whether or not there will be another season of “Fate: The Winx Saga,” we can speculate on the possibilities. In Season 3, we can expect a romantic relationship between Riven and Musa. The couple was popular for their turbulent romance in the Winx Club show, and we can expect the same, knowing how different they are from each other. After coming out to her friends, Terra is visibly fascinated by a specialist. Even though Aisha was heartbroken by her blood witch lover, Grey, she might forgive him after he helped save Sky’s life. Bloom has entered the unknown territory of the realm of darkness. In an old castle, she finds her mother cooking something in a large pot, and Bloom calls out to her. Since Bloom has been transported to the realm of darkness, a monster has entered the Otherworld. It seems that it entered when the portal was left open. We can only assume that the monster is the antagonist Darkar from the Winx Club. Just like the dragon represents life and light, Darkar represents evil and darkness. Darkar has the power to transform fairies into dark fairies. Therefore, chances are that we might come across a dark Bloom.

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