‘Fear Street Part 1: 1994’ Summary, Review & Ending Explained


Fear Street Part 1: 1994, is a teenage horror/thriller film directed by Leigh Janiak and adapted from the novels written by R.L Stine. The franchise is divided into three installments that are set to release on Netflix. Part 1 sets the tone of the premise and raises some questions. It leaves us baffled and harrowed and yearning for an answer.

Plot Summary

Though Sunnyvale and Shadyside were bordering towns, there was a stark difference. Often a lot of horrible incidents happen in Shadyside that lead the town dwellers to believe that the town is cursed. There was folklore that gained a lot of credibilities though still considered as a myth by many. It was said that a woman named Sarah Fier was hanged in Shadyside for practicing witchcraft. People believed that it was her curse that led Shadyside to become this land of forsaken hope. The youngsters, too, had accepted that they have no future in the town. On the other hand, the dwellers of Sunnyvale believed themselves to be far more superior and looked down upon the Shadyside.

But Deena allowed this discrimination to get to her and never believed in Sarah Fier’s stories. However, her brother was a geek who made his conspiracy theories with his online friends having pretentious pseudonyms.

On a frightful night, a girl gets brutally murdered in a mall by her coworker. People from both towns gather for a night vigil when a fight breaks out between the people from the two towns. Deena’s closeted ex-girlfriend Samantha and her snooty boyfriend Peter meet in an accident while chasing Deena and her friends in a car. That’s when Sam sees Sarah Fier in a hallucinatory vision. A dubious character saves and threatens Deena and her gang, and they suspect Peter to be behind it. But when Peter himself is killed, then their theories become void. That’s when Deena’s brother Josh comes up with some information that blows their mind.

‘Fear Street Part 1: 1994’ Ending Explained

When these multiple killers stranded Deena and her friends, they realized that they were only after Sam as she had seen Sarah Fier in her vision. They have no other option and almost end up deciding that it’s best for everyone that she is left to fend for herself. But that’s when Josh makes a breakthrough.

Josh had always been a teenager who liked to create these conspiracy theories as a hobby. But this time, the dots connected. He had kept track of all the killings that had taken place in Shadyside through the newspaper clips and the information he got online.

There was only one person who had escaped it. A woman named C. Berman. They call her, but she doesn’t pick up. Through the clippings, they realize that C. Bermann had died but then somehow resurrected, and that’s how she had escaped these supernatural killers. Deena pushes Sam’s head inside a water container until her heart almost stops beating. The killers vanish, and then she gives her a cardiac thump to bring her back to life. But in this ordeal, her friends Simon and Kate lose their life and are killed brutally.

The Twist

Deena, Sam, and Josh make their way home. The police interrogate all of them, and the story that comes out is that Simon and Kate were responsible for it, as nobody would believe that a dead woman was orchestrating it. Back home, Deena gets a call, and she is shocked to hear the voice of C. Berman. In an eerie tone, she tells Deena that it’s never really over, and that’s when Sam stabs Deena from behind. What they thought to be the end was the emergence of a grim chapter that had the potential of bringing their world upside down.

Deena and her brother will look for an answer in Fear Street Part 2 and try to reach the woman who holds the key to this mystery, i.e. C. Berman! Do give it a watch.

‘Fear Street Part 1: 1994’ is a 2021 Teen Slasher film directed by Leigh Janiak. The trilogy is streaming on Netflix.

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