‘Fiasco’ Ending Explained: Why Did Ingrid Leave The Project?


Directed by Igor Gotesman, Fiasco is a lighthearted take on the journey of a man who wanted to make a film but encountered all sorts of problems, to the point where he felt that he would have to give up on his dream. The mockumentary satirizes the absurdities of life, how tiring the entire filmmaking process could get, and how people put everything at stake to produce a film. So, let’s find out what happened in Fiasco miniseries and if our protagonist was able to make his first film. 

Spoiler Alert

Who leaked Raph’s video? 

It was Raph’s first film, and he was very excited about it. He had his childhood crush play the character that was inspired by the life of his grandmother, Huguette Valande. The film was titled Woman of Resistance, and Raph wanted to do justice to the legacy of her grandmother. Raph was told that during World War 2, his grandmother saved the lives of many Jews, and she risked her own life and hid them in her basement. Granny never showed anyone that secret room where she hid the Jews, and Raph had to satisfy his curiosity by just hearing the stories. Raph’s family, surprisingly, had a very condescending outlook on him, and they never really supported his dream of becoming a filmmaker. He brought his grandmother and relatives on the film set once, and they scorned him by saying that it was a waste of money when he could have done something good with the millions of euros that were being spent on the production. But that didn’t deter Raph’s spirit, and he went about his business with the same zeal and passion.

The entire cast and crew have encountered a lot of problems since day one. Sometimes, the production ran out of money, sometimes the actors acted very stubbornly, and sometimes, Ludivine’s bad breath became a problem for everyone. As if things were not already tough, somebody leaked Raph’s video online, where he said and did controversial things, and because of that he got a lot of hate from the people, and his reputation really went for a toss. Apart from direction, Raph also acted in the film, and Jean-Marc, the producer, didn’t know if his name should be affiliated in any manner. Raph wanted to make it right, so he asked a well-known journalist named Claire Chazal to interview him so that he could justify his stand and tell the people that it was a genuine mistake from his end. But that interview also ended in a debacle, as moments before the livestream started, Raph, Jean-Marc, and even Ingrid ate something that made them fall ill. Raph suspected that these were not mere coincidences, and there was a mole amidst them who didn’t want the film to be completed. 

How did Tom become a part of the film? 

Tom was an aspiring actor and a long-time friend of Raph. Tom wanted to play a part in the film, but Raph just couldn’t imagine him in any role, and he also knew that Tom was not such a great actor. But there came a time when Jean-Marc and his ex-wife, Nora, had a fallout, and the latter decided to stop funding the project. Jean-Marc knew that Nora brought in almost 70 percent of the funding, and without her, he wouldn’t be able to pull off the project at such a large scale. Raph just wanted to keep shooting, so he told Tom to pretend to be a high-end investor and meet Jean-Marc. Tom took it very seriously, and he really went out of his way to become his investor, whom he named Bartabe. Tom told Jena-Marc that he was ready to invest 8 million euros in the production, and the latter was ecstatic when he got to know about it. Tom and Jena-Marc also had a brief affair during that time, though Tom never accepted the fact until the very end of Fiasco that he had actually developed feelings for the man. Tom always treated it as a fling, but for Jean-Marc, it was much more than that. Tom was also playing a character in the film, and he was elated when he got his first acting pay check. Tom had been wanting to act for a very long time, but nobody gave him a chance. Now that the opportunity had somehow fallen into his lap, he knew he was going to make the most of it. 

Why did Ingrid leave the project? 

Ingrid was playing Raph’s grandmother, but after a shocking revelation in Fiasco season 1, she decided that she wouldn’t play the part. The entire movie was based on the heroics of Huguette, but the reality was in stark contrast to what she portrayed over the years. Raph’s grandmother was a staunch follower of Adolf Hitler, and in her secret room, she still had precious Nazi artifacts. Raph was shattered when it finally dawned on him that his grandmother, the inspiration for his first film, was a Nazi sympathizer, but he still wanted to carry on with the project. He told Ingrid that he was going to give a disclaimer that the makers had taken certain creative liberties, and the claim that’s shown in the film was not true, but still, Ingrid’s conscience didn’t allow her to be a part of the entire production. Ingrid had another problem with Raph; she didn’t like the fact that he never told the truth, and he always tried to manipulate things and put out a less controversial picture for the world to see. It was as if the man always ran away from facing his own true self, as somewhere he was not ready to accept who he was, and moreover, he needed constant validation because of his lack of self-confidence. Raph literally kept Tom locked inside the trunk of his car for more than 48 hours, though they both had a reconciliation of sorts at the end. Tom became the bigger person, and he realized that though they might have had their conflict, Raph was not a bad person, and at the end of the day, they were friends. Raph’s film was coming apart at the seams in front of his eyes, and even after trying so much, he was not able to find the mole. His set broke down, the entire crew got stranded in the middle of nowhere when someone stole the spark plug of the car, and probably till the end, Raph made peace with the fact that he wouldn’t be able to make the kind of film he wanted. 

Was Raph able to find the mole? 

Raph’s entire journey was being documented by Slice, and till the day of the premiere, nobody came to know what he was up to. Nobody ever suspected Slice’s intention, but at the end of Fiasco, it was revealed that he was the one who was leaking all the information. He was behind every mishap that had happened on the set and in Raph’s life. Raph confronted him, and that’s when he said that he wanted to make the documentary interesting, and he knew that whatever he did was for publicity. The revelation changed Raph from within, and he decided to face his deepest and darkest fears. He stood on the stage, and in front of everybody, he accepted who he really was in real life. Raph was just tired of living a pretentious life, and for once, he didn’t care about the consequences but just did what his heart told him. Slice took out his camera again, as he didn’t want to miss out on whatever drama was happening. Raph and Ingrid reconciled, and the latter finally expressed her love for the former. It felt as if the chaos would end, but while trying to record the footage in the best possible manner, Slice fell from the roof and, in all certainty, succumbed to his injuries. Fiasco left us on a cliffhanger but I do hope that Raph becomes the man he always wanted to be and finds love and affection on his journey, something which he was deprived of since the longest time.

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