Floor 1 Guy In ‘The 8 Show’ Explained: Is He Dead Or Alive?


In The 8 Show, we saw that the lower-Floor guys and girls suffered the most because they weren’t given the kind of resources and money that the upper-Floor guys had. Floor 1 was the unluckiest of the lot, but he kept his hope alive till the very end as he knew that he could turn the odds in his favor. [Spoiler Alert] So, let’s find out what happened to him, what he had to endure, and what led to his death.

Why did Floor 1 hurt Floors 6 and 4? 

After going through all the torture, the guys on the lower Floor decided that they would have to do something about the tier situation. The first-Floor guy told them that, firstly, the upper-Floor guys were cheating in the game of kings, and then he told them that they would orchestrate a coup and get the better of them. The 7th Floor guy decided that he would help the lower Floor participants, as he was a prudent man and knew that whatever was happening with them was not right. The lower-Floor participants needed the support of a man who was on the upper Floors so that they could learn about the plans that they were making. Floors 3, 2, and 1 wanted to be in the latter’s room, and as soon as the 6th and 8th Floors entered there, they attacked them with full force. Floor 7 was able to defend himself quite well, but he had no clue that one of his team members had tricked him. Floor 7 had removed the batteries from the taser, and so when Floor 6 pulled the trigger, it didn’t do anything. All three lower-Floor participants pounced on him.

Floors 6, 8, and 4 were made captives, and the lower Floor players finally took charge of things. Now, there came a point when Floor 2 came to the realization that she had had enough, and she asked everybody if they should let the time end and finish the game. She had gone through so much torture that she didn’t find being in the game worth the effort. But Floor 1 wanted to continue, and he told them that he wanted to have 1 billion won before he called it quits. The other players told him that they would share their winning amount with him and make sure that they had the desired amount in his account. But Floor 1 had other plans, and he, without telling anybody, went and assaulted both Floors 6 and 4. The time increased, and nobody knew how it had happened. Floor 1 hid that fact from everybody till the very end. Floors 6 and 8 were able to defy the odds and once again take charge of things. It was decided that the CCTV footage of the room would be bought, and the identity of the perpetrator who had assaulted them would come to light. Floor 1’s misdeeds came to light, and nobody was able to understand why there was a need to do something like that.

What led to Floor 1’s death? 

Floor 1 still didn’t lose hope, and he knew that the moment he was able to earn a billion dollars, he would be able to turn the tide in his favor. Actually, Floor 1 had gotten to know that the participants could change their rooms for a billion won, and that’s what his plan was. At that juncture in The 8 Show, Floor 8 was in charge, and she made sure that all the participants went through hell. She used techniques like sleep deprivation to torture everybody, and she got a lot of sadistic pleasure out of it. Floor 1 told the 4th Floor about his plan, and everybody decided to help him and remove Floor 8 from the position of authority. Floor 1 spent his money on changing his room, and that’s when he realized he had been tricked. For a billion won, the game developers only gave him the procedure for changing the room. Floor 1 felt distraught, and after that, things were never the same again for him.

At the end of The 8 Show, after he lost all hope, Floor 1 gave the last performance of his life and then fell into the fire and succumbed to his injuries. Floor 1 had a daughter and a wife whom he had to support, and he knew how important that money was for him. He just wanted to escape from the facility after a point in time, but things never worked out for him. Other players were sad that things had to end in that manner, but nobody could do anything about it. Floor 3 kept a funeral for Floor 1 when the game ended, and they all went out. Only if Floor 1 had kept his calm till the end, he wouldn’t have met such a tragic end. But that’s easier said than done, and just like it happens in real life, in the game too, the oppressed, the underprivileged, and the ones who had the least amount of resources suffered the most. 

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Sushrut Gopesh
Sushrut Gopesh
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