‘Flora & Ulysses’ Review – A Portrait Of Holy Unanticipated Occurrences

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‘Flora & Ulysses’ film, directed by Lena Khan, is an adaption of a children’s novel by Kate DiCamillo. The lead star cast of this American family superhero comedy is Matilda Lawler, Alyson Hannigan, and Ben Schwartz.

Flora, a cynical 10-year-old girl, is a fan of superheroes but started feeling disconnected from them after her parents got separated. In fact, the first scene of the film starts with Flora selling all her comic books when she realizes that superheroes don’t exist in the real world. Her father, George, is a failed comic book writer and now works in an office supply store. Her mother, Phyllis, is a romantic book writer but has not been able to write anything since her separation from George. 

Fortunately, one day Flora meets a squirrel who gets stuck in an automatic vacuum cleaner. She saves it by giving mouth-to-squirrel-mouth resuscitation and names it Ulysses. Soon she realizes that Ulysses may have superhero powers when he understands everything she says and also leaves her bits of poetry he writes on her mother’s typewriter. This reignites her hope in superheroes again.

Flora, along with her father and her friend William who is hysterically blind, set out to find the purpose for Ulysses because every superhero has a purpose in this world. But superhero movies are incomplete without a villain! Here the villain is Miller, an animal control expert who is on the hunt of tracking down Ulysses and capturing him. Will Ulysses ever find his purpose before Miller catches him?

Flora & Ulysses (2021 Film) Review - Holy Unanticipated Occurrences
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Matilda Lawler, as Flora, looks adorable and fit for the part. She successfully makes the audience believe in her world of superheroes through her impeccable acting skills. Ben Schwartz, as George, has also given a commendable performance and instantly tunes with Flora. Danny Pudi, like Miller, looks humorous and  Alyson Hannigan, like Phyllis, gave a beautiful performance. 

‘Flora & Ulysses’ has many comic moments throughout the film. The action sequences will surely make you laugh while the adorable family moments will fill your heart with warmth. There are many references to our favorite superhero movies, put there as a treat to all the superhero fans out there, when flora replies to her father, “I love you 3000”.

The film has also given an important message that no matter how much things can go wrong we should always hope that everything will get better, just like a superhero!

Flora & Ulysses (film) is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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