‘For All Mankind’ Season 3, Episode 7: Recap And Ending, Explained: Was The Russo-Helios Mission A Success?


Helios Aerospace and the Soviet Union are now working on a joint mission to extract water from Vallas Marineris, abandoning NASA from their venture. Being the first on Mars was significant, but finding water on the red planet was of primary importance. Especially for Dev Ayesa, whose dream was to colonize Mars, water could help bring his dream to life. “For all Mankind” Season 3, Episode 7 deals with the aftermath of the mission announcement. There was immense pressure on the President for the sudden turn of events. Larry Wilson had to face Congress to testify his innocence in influencing the outcome of the partnership between NASA and independent contractors as the First gentleman. Larry denied all charges, but he was caught off-guard when the Congressman mentioned his affair with an internal staff member of the White House. Therefore, Ellen not only had to manage the outcome of NASA’s failure to find water but also handle the accusations against her husband.

Margo Madison And Aleida Rosales

Margo was devastated when she was informed by Sergei that he was leaving for Moscow since the Soviets no longer required NASA’s corporation. She could not watch her lover leave one more time, knowing how he was mistreated in his country. She wanted to help him stay in the United States, but to make it possible, she needed more time. Sergei had to leave for Moscow the same day, leaving Margo with no other option except to say goodbye.

Even though Margo had warned Aleida to not get involved in the conspiracy theory that she suggested, she could not help but obsess over it. She knew her designs were stolen, and it would only be possible if someone from NASA did it, and she listed the people working there who could have done it. She could not pinpoint any particular individual since everyone on the list did not check some of the boxes. Aleida and her husband have separated, but they continue to be friends to take care of their son, Jose. He was the one who pointed out that she must also look into people on the administrative level. Aleida knocked on Margo’s door, confiding in her the name of the person she had her doubts about. She believed it was Emma, Margo’s secretary, who might have betrayed the trust of NASA. She assumed that since Emma was in debt, she might have cut a deal with the Soviets to get help financially. Margo laughed at her for doubting Emma. She added that Emma’s sister was suffering from breast cancer, and that was the reason why she was in debt. Moreover, Margo asked her to stop obsessing over finding the culprit. She advised Aleida to focus on her job. She even implied that if Aleida continued to pursue the case, she would be forced to make her take a break or send her on a sabbatical. Aleida felt dejected. She did not expect Margo to rubbish her claim, and no matter what, she could not simply forget about the fact that her designs were sent to the Russians. It was perhaps while thinking about Margo and her reason for dismissing the claim that she felt that the person responsible for it might have been Margo. Whether she forgives Margo or builds a case against her is what time will tell, but whichever path Aleida chooses, it will not be easy because Margo was her mentor.

Ellen Wilson And The Truth

Ellen was disappointed in Larry when she learned that Congress questioned him about his affair with Jeremy Zielke. She reminded him of the hard work they had put in to be in the position that they were in now, and his one mistake could take it all away from them. Luckily, Congress did not mention the name of the person Larry was having an affair with, though they both knew that it was only a matter of time. Larry ended his relationship with Jeremy by asking him to pretend that he was lying when he discussed his relationship with his friend. Since Larry had lied to Congress under oath, it could be used to charge him with a felony. It was during their altercation that Larry listed the names of people who had sacrificed for them, and he mentioned Pam in that list. Ellen was surprised to know that Pam did not leave Ellen to live with Elaisa, but she did so to help her with her career. She was stunned to know that the people around her decided for her instead of asking her what she wanted. She felt like she had been kept in the dark for years and wanted to clear the air. On her way to a charity event, she canceled the program and instead went to meet Pam.

With Democrats not supporting her on the jobs bill and NASA’s failure to find water, Ellen’s first term as President is anything but smooth. Along with it, the accusations against Larry and the fact that they were both indeed lying about their marriage made it difficult for Ellen to live her truth. Even if she did manage to deceive the world, she could not lie to herself.

Jimmy Steven’s New Friends

Jimmy Stevens, son of the legendary Tracy and Gordo Stevens, spends most of his day locked in his room. Unlike his brother, Jimmy chose to not be associated with NASA. He found a group of friends during the protest against NASA’s Mars mission. The group believed in the conspiracy theory that Gordo and Tracy Stevens did not die to save all those onboard, but instead, it was simply a diplomatic understanding between NASA and the Soviet Union to divide the moon into two halves. Amber, Danny’s wife, showed concern for Jimmy after noticing how he was going astray.

Jimmy also took a liking for Sunny, who introduced him to the group. She accompanied him to visit Johnson Space Center. Jimmy was a popular face there, which helped Sunny to figure out how the place worked. She even asked him to steal an ID of an astronaut since they had special access to rooms that the visitors could not enter. Even though Jimmy did not dare steal at first, he finally gave in to it. By night, he regretted stealing the ID, and he called Sunny, asking her to return to JSC. Sunny called back, and Charles responded, asking Jimmy to come out of his house. Jimmy went out and found that his friends were waiting outside with a truck. They had a gift for him. They stole Gordo and Tracy Stevens statues from JSC for Jimmy, and he was extremely happy to have them. They believed that erecting the statues there was nothing short of a mockery, and they felt that the statues belonged to Jimmy.

‘For All Mankind’ Season 3, Episode 7: Ending Explained: What Led To The Collapse Of The Drill Engine?

Danny had been popping pills from the moment he was advised to take painkillers for his hand injury. He was mostly distracted and struggled to concentrate. Ed had been noticing the change in Danny’s behavior, and when he smashed a toy brutally, Ed decided that he would not allow him on the grounds for the Russo-Helios mission. He instead chose Louisa to assist him. Danny was instructed to stay on the base and communicate with the ground. Danny replied rudely to Ed’s instruction, enraging Ed to provoke him. Ed established that if Danny made another mistake, he would be kept in Phoenix and would not be assigned any tasks.

It was finally time to drill out the water. A step that would be remembered by all of mankind is what Ed and Commander Kuznetsov believed. The drilling procedure began, and the Helios base was instructed to closely watch the drill housing pressure since they needed to be in the pressure window when they would penetrate the reservoir. Low pressure would boil off the water, and with high pressure, it would come off the shaft. The base had to boost the CO2 compressor to make sure that they were working in the pressure window. Danny consumed pills before working on the mission, and when Nick left him to handle the operation, he lost control of it. The housing pressure started to rise, and a pressure threshold alert was generated. Danny was asked to boost the compressor speed to a maximum, but he had fazed out by then. As panic started to pour in, asking the base to react fast, Danny could only think of how Ed had insulted him earlier, and he chose to switch off communication at the most crucial hour. The drill came apart due to extreme pressure, and Ed and Dr. Mayakovsky were injured. By the time Nick came in, it was too late.

Nick and Danny reached out to help those injured reach the base. As they were walking towards it, the land started to tremble as a result of cracks generated by the drill that ultimately led to the collapse of the valley. Danny’s career must be over after the destruction his behavior has brought. The mission is a failure at this point, and not only that, Helios lost their equipment in the process. Since both NASA and Roscosmos depend on Helios for their flights back home, we can only hope that the MSAM was not destroyed in the process. Also, Helios and Roscosmos might have to seek help from NASA, considering the aftermath of the mission. This could create scope for NASA to negotiate; it could also help the three parties realize how important it is to keep aside their differences to explore space.

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