‘For All Mankind’ Season 4 Episode 9 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Sergei Dead?


The ninth episode of For All Mankind season 4 titled, “Brazil,” largely covers the asteroid war. In the previous episode, Dev Ayesa gathered a team of trusted workers with the help of Ed Baldwin to execute his plan of bringing the asteroid into Mars orbit. Ayesa desperately wanted Helios to be on top of the space race, or else he would lose money and have more competition if the asteroid reached Earth orbit. In an underground room, Dev, Ed, and the rest of the crew waited for Sam to replace the discriminator with the copy her team had created. It had been a month since Sam had been on Ranger, but she struggled to find the right opportunity to make the swap.

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What triggered the North Korean suspicion?

Sam only had 48 hours remaining to pull off the task, and she finally managed to mess up the current discriminator and swap it with the one her team had built. Dev’s team had control over Ranger, and they were finally close to their plan. Ed and Miles decided to approach North Korean commander Lee to get access to their surveillance system. Lee was desperate to get his wife to Happy Valley, and he was made to believe that he could have his family on Mars once the asteroid was brought into Mars orbit. Since staying in North Korea was not a safe option, Lee hoped to bring his family to Mars. With Lee’s support, Ayesa and Baldwin’s team could have their eyes on every corner of the base, particularly Ops-Com. They were aware of every movement NASA made, making it easier for them to execute their plan. But there was a problem at hand—North Korean commander Cho. 

There was a disturbance on the surveillance monitor, and Cho tried to find out the reason behind it. As he looked around, he came across a device used to intercept their surveillance monitor that generated on-screen static. Lee pretended to be innocent, and Cho decided to confront Danielle Poole about it. The accusation surprised Danielle, and she demanded a visit to the North Korean camp to investigate the matter. But of course, the commander was not on board with the idea, and he accused NASA of being deceptive. Poole showed concern when she noticed that the device used belonged to NASA, suggesting that there was large-scale theft going on and there might be an even bigger reason behind it. She decided to track down the serial number to find out who had access to the device. The commander mentioned Miles Dave in passing, and Poole took note of it.

Why did the CIA and KGB question Miles Dave?

Danielle Poole informed Eli Hobson about the situation at Happy Valley. Poole noticed that someone had changed the content of the box. After conducting a thorough inventory check, Poole realized that large-scale thefts were taking place, and it was concerning that the stolen items were mostly communication devices and computer gear. Poole could not help but wonder the motive behind stealing such items, and she was confident that the truth would leave them startled. Eli decided to conduct a meeting with Irina Morozova and Will Tyler. The CIA made a list of all the stolen items, and they deduced that the ones stealing them intended to communicate with a spacecraft. It became evident that the thieves were planning to sabotage the asteroid mission, and it was immediately decided to activate the CIA and KGB undercover agents present on board to gather intelligence. Finding the team working against them was of utmost interest, and KGB agent Timur Avilov and CIA agent Mike Bishop were briefed by Danielle Poole to investigate Miles Dave. Even after repeatedly questioning him about the items, Miles did not speak the truth. He continued to act innocent, and the agents ultimately decided to use the third degree to gather information.

How did General Cho find out about Ayesa and his team?

Commander Cho followed Miles Dave’s movement using the surveillance cameras. He noticed that Miles had a case in hand and was waiting for the elevator to be completely vacant. Cho knew he had cracked the case when he found out that Miles had not gotten off on any of the floors where the security cameras were located. It suggested that Miles was operating on underground level 4, and he decided to investigate the case. Commander Cho searched the elevator, and he felt confident when his doubt turned out to be legitimate. He did not hesitate to enter the prohibited area, and he heard voices that led him to the room where Dev’s team operated. Cho was about to confront the team when Lee attacked him from behind. Lee, too, had a vested interest in wanting the team to successfully bring the asteroid into Mars orbit, and he had no choice but to stop Commander Cho from destroying the plan. Lee and Cho broke into a fight, and Ayesa’s team came to Lee’s rescue. At the end of For All Mankind episode 9, Lee choked Commander Cho. Dev Ayesa, Ed Baldwin, and their team will now have to take care of the body of a North Korean commander. Surely, his sudden absence will lead to more trouble for the team.

What happened to Sergei?

In episode 9 of For All Mankind, we find out that Margo and Sergei had been in constant touch with one another through Aleida. Margo depended on Sergei to help with the calculations because she believed his understanding of translunar trajectories was unmatched. Aleida was tired of being the one exchanging notes, and she decided to invite both Margo and Sergei to her house to discuss the calculations. Margo was initially hesitant, but she realized that she would finally get some time alone with the people she loved, and she could not reject Aleida’s invitation. Considering how closely the KGB was looking over Margo, the decision was quite risky, but Sergei confirmed that he was extra careful and had arrived at Aleida’s place two hours before Margo did.

While discussing the asteroid capture mission, Sergei remarked that the scientific discoveries on Mars will be limited once the asteroid is brought into Earth’s orbit. No one would be willing to shed money on Mars, and he strongly believed that the Soviet Union would eventually withdraw from Mars and that NASA would too. Aleida and Victor left the room to allow Sergei and Margo to spend some time together. Sergei was hopeful that one day, he and Margo would be able to leave the United States together. Margo believed they would not have any future if they lived as fugitives. But she was unaware that Sergei had already made arrangements. He had a friend at the Brazilian Space Program, and Sergei believed if they reached out to him, Brazil would be more than willing to shelter them and allow them to work on their space program. To spend the rest of their lives together was a comforting dream, but Margo wanted to deal with the mission first and then give thought to their escape plan. Sergei was hopeful, and it seemed Margo was too.

After Sergei walked home that night, he placed the burger from the brown bag on his plate. Margo and Sergei’s shared love for burgers was a constant as the two decided to enjoy their favorite meal in their respective rooms. Episode 9 of For All Mankind season 4 ends on a tragic note, with Sergei being shot by an assassin sneakily waiting in his apartment. Sergei’s dream of spending his life with Margo remained unfulfilled. It is evident that KGB got a whiff of what the two former lovers were up to, and they could not afford to lose Margo. Shooting Sergei was their way of blackmailing Margo to stay within the line and not plan anything outrageous. This incident will leave Margo devastated, and she will realize that Sergei had been right about Irina all along. Margo will have to find an escape route, but it is not going to be an easy one.

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