‘For All Mankind’ Season 4 Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Was Margot In Trouble?


In the previous episode, Aleida and Kelly teamed together to make Kelly’s project a success. The two ex-NASA employees approached the private sector for funding in season 4, episode 3 of For All Mankind. They had high hopes from Helios Aerospace, but the board decided not to support the project. Kelly and Aleida did not give up and approached other companies, but none were willing to fund them. Meanwhile, Miles realized that he had to find a second source of income. The only person who made extra money in Happy Valley was Ilya. From providing the base crew with liquor, magazines, and essentials, Ilya was perhaps the richest man in the basement. The situation in the Soviet Union aggravated, and Margot got herself in trouble. She was shifted to a prison cell, and she had no idea what was going on.

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Did Project Seeker receive funding?

Both Aleida and Kelly were reminded of the one person who believed in innovation—Dev Ayesa. After being voted out as the CEO of his own company, Dev chose a life of seclusion. He owned a significant share of Helios Aerospace and lived a lavish life. When Aleida and Kelly proposed that he invest in their project, all Dev had in mind was the return he would make from the investment. There was no guarantee that the project would be a success, and he was not willing to risk his wealth in the hopes of making an important discovery. Dev was no longer the passionate man he once was. He was a lot more calculative, and he believed it was Karen Baldwin who taught him to be this way.

At the end of Season 4, episode 3 of For All Mankind, Dev decides to take a chance. Maybe it was Kelly and Aleida’s faith in him that made him believe in himself once again. Dev did not wish to become like his father, who gave up on his dreams because of the people who stabbed him in the back. But it was not his money that he planned on investing in the Seeker project. Both he and Kelly owned a significant amount of stock in Helios, and if they could convince a majority of stockholders to join him, they could overthrow the new management and take over Helios. Dev, the dreamer, was back, and Aleida and Kelly decided to give his plan a go. After getting all the signatures from the majority of stakeholders, Dev, Aleida, and Kelly disrupted a Helios board meeting. Dev declared that he was named the CEO of Helios effective immediately, and while not everyone was happy about it, the reputation of the company was at stake. He did not hesitate to remove people he did not see fit for the future he envisioned for Helios. With the support of Dev Ayesa, Aleida and Kelly were a little closer to their dream.

What trouble did Miles land Ilya in?

Ilya agreed to appoint Miles as his helping hand after he found out that Miles had access to every corner of the basement, including the restricted areas. Miles gradually discovered how Ilya managed to bring goods from Earth into Happy Valley, and he also learned a few secrets of the trade from the Soviet businessman. Miles started to make good money from his side hustle, and he finally experienced a sense of contentment. In an attempt to impress Ilya, Miles replaced the compressor in his alcohol production machine, but unfortunately, it resulted in complete damage to the thermostat. Ilya was mad about it, and Miles had to find a way to replace the thermostat. From the data available online, Miles found out that there was only one similar thermostat in Happy Valley, and it belonged to the North Koreans.

The area assigned to the North Koreans was off-limits for everyone else, and it was next to impossible to enter and convince them to hand over their thermostat. Miles needed to save his job, and if it required him to walk into the North Korean area, he was ready to do so. By faking a leakage, Miles created panic in the North Korean base. He convinced them to leave the area while he checked the air quality levels. Miles pulled out the thermostat from the refrigerator, and just when he thought he had solved the problem, the head of the Korean team stared at him with suspicion. He repeatedly asked Miles to show what he was hiding in the case, and Miles ultimately confessed that he had taken the thermostat. He explained that he worked at Ilya’s bar, and he needed it for alcohol production. Unexpectedly, the North Korean knew about the secret bar, and instead of threatening to destroy Miles, the man allowed him to leave with the thermostat. But, in exchange, he wanted Miles to help him. Season 4, episode 3, ends with the North Korean man entering the secret bar. Ilya was happy to open his doors to a new customer, but he could have never anticipated the request that the man would make. In exchange for his silence, the North Korean man wanted Ilya to find a way to bring his wife to Happy Valley.

Why was Margot in trouble?

The Soviet Union was in disarray following a coup headed by longtime nationalist Fyodor Korzhenko. Korzhenko was not in favor of Western-friendly policies and aimed to restore traditional Marxist-Leninist principles. He had the support of the hardliners within the Soviet Communist Party, and they managed to take control of the Soviet government. When Margot was arrested, she had no idea about the present situation. The Soviet Defense Ministry got hold of people who opposed the power transfer, and Margot became a victim of the situation. The woman who offered to help Margot in Episode 1 had handed her a phone number, and that became a reason for suspicion. The prefix indicated that the number had some connection to the Third Chief Directorate of the KGB, which was in opposition to the constitutional transfer of government power to Korzhenko. Margot was assumed to be a sympathizer of the Gorbachev regime, and she was said to face tremendous consequences if they found out that she was living under false pretenses.

Gorbachev’s army took over the prison, and Colonel Vidor Kolikoff entered the room where Margot was handcuffed. While the Colonel initially showed sympathy to Margot, assuming she was in favor of restoring the Gorbachev regime, when he found out about the number, he showed hesitation. Even though the prefix belonged to the third Chief Directorate, it was a trap line that redirected the call to the second Directorate, the one with the ultimate power in KGB. They worked as counterintelligence and were in complete support of Korzhenko. The Colonel tortured Margot to find the truth about the woman who offered to help, and she did not have the answer he was searching for. The Colonel was interrupted, and Margot was transferred to a different location. Her head was covered, and perhaps Margot assumed the worst would happen to her. But when she got out of the vehicle, and the hood was removed, the woman she met before stood in front of her.

At the end of For All Mankind season 4, episode 3, we find out that the woman in question was Irina Vasilievna Morozova. She apologized to Margot for the torture she had to endure, and she expressed her interest in working with her. Margot was surprised to find herself standing in front of Star City. She was informed that Korzhenko was declared president after Gorbachev and the army accepted the terms, and Irina was named the head of Roscosmos. Irina had been keeping a close watch on Margot (perhaps the man who always waited outside Margot’s apartment building worked for Irina), and she deduced that she wanted her to be on her team. Margot Madison will finally get to be in her element, but we are yet to find out whether Korzhenko’s principles will affect the Soviet Union’s relationship with the United States. What changes Irina will bring and how it will affect those in Happy Valley is also something that we are yet to find out.

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