‘Forecasting Love And Weather’ Ending Explained: Do Ha Kyung & Si Woo Reconcile?


Previously, in “Forecasting Love And Weather,” Ha Kyung and Si Woo broke up because of a fight over Si Woo’s father. Just after their breakup, rumors of their dating started spreading in their office. To not make the matter bigger, they just pretended that they were still dating. Ki Jun has found out about Yu Jin’s pregnancy, and both of them feel that they are not ready to have a baby yet. What will these two couples decide for their future? Let’s find out.

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Why Does Ha Kyung Want Si Woo To Meet His Father?

Ha Kyung gets a call from the hospital, Si Woo’s father has been in an accident. However, during his checkup, doctors have detected tumors in his lungs. Ha Kyung explains the situation to Si Woo’s father after he wakes up, but he thinks the hospital is trying to scam them for money. Ha Kyung convinces him to get the tests done, but he requests Ha Kyung to not tell Si Woo about it.

She agrees as she wants him to get the biopsy done, but she cannot hide the truth from Si Woo for long. Si Woo hates his father, and he becomes the reason for his breakup with Ha Kyung. Ha Kyung knows that she cannot bring up the topic directly, so she indirectly hints at him. She asks him if he has been in touch with his father, and if not, he should. When Si Woo shows absolute disinterest, Ha Kyung takes him to the hospital herself and shows his father’s condition.

Ki Jun was surprised by the pregnancy news, but he had been curious, so he joined online parenting communities to talk with other parents. He spends his lunchtime finding out different financial aspects related to baby care. Although Yu Jin thinks it might not be a good decision to have a baby in their current condition, Ki Jun is still contemplating it. They have booked an appointment with the doctor with abortion in mind. Ki Jun wants Yu Jin to think over it once again because Ki Jun feels that they are ready to take the responsibility of a baby. Yu Jin also seems indecisive because she doesn’t want to sacrifice her career for the baby.

Tae Kyung and Seok Ho have been caught red-handed by Tae Kyung’s mother. She starts interviewing Seok Ho about his profession, family, and finances. She is clearly indicating her purpose of getting them married. While Seok Ho is comfortable with the questions, Tae Kyung gets irritated with her mother. Her mother asks them if they want to get married or not. Seok Ho says yes, but Tae Kyung says no. This starts a big argument between both of them, in which they rely on their intimate life as well. Tae Kyung’s mom had to leave Seok Ho’s home out of embarrassment. Both of her daughters’ love lives are disappointing.

Will Ki Jun & Yu Jin Keep Their Baby?

Si Woo’s father runs away from the hospital before finishing his medical tests. He doesn’t pick up his calls, and Si Woo has searched for him in all the possible places but hasn’t found him. At the end of the day, when Si Woo sat at the bus stop disappointed, his father called him. His father agrees that he hasn’t been a good father, but before he dies, he wants to give one good piece of advice to his son. He tells Si Woo to not break up with Ha Kyung. He thinks that she is a really good person and will always keep Si Woo happy. Si Woo reminds him that he still has time to be a good father and leave some good memories behind for his son. He is touched by his son’s words and returns to the hospital to get further treatment. He is diagnosed with cancer, but he decides to live his remaining life being a good father to his son.

Ki Jun and Yu Jin reach the hospital, and it is now time for them to make a decision. While doing the sonography, Ki Jun and Yu Jin get to hear the heartbeats of their unborn baby. This immediately makes them drop the thought of abortion. The baby starts healing its parents’ relationships even before it is born. Ki Jun has come up with a sense of responsibility as a father and head of the family. The immature and childish Ki Jun is trying his best to become a good father and husband. He takes care of Yu Jin’s diet and takes suggestions from other mothers online on how to take care of his pregnant wife. He has started to manage his finances according to the baby’s expected arrival. He has no time to think about anything else but just his own family, exactly how Yu Jin wanted.

Ha Kyung’s mother still doesn’t believe that Ha Kyung and Si Woo have broken up, so she decides to meet Si Woo. She asks him all the personal questions, and Si Woo answers them truthfully. Lastly, he tells her that they broke up because he doesn’t want her father to be a burden to Ha Kyung. Her mom is disappointed and tells Si Woo that she would have been convinced if they had broken up because they fell out of love. Breaking up out of consideration for your partner is like breaking up because you love someone so much that you cannot see them getting hurt. Ha Kyung didn’t want to break up, but she had to. After hearing the words from Ha Kyung’s mother and his father’s advice, Si Woo realizes his mistake and asks out Ha Kyung again on the day of the first snow of the year.

‘Forecasting Love And Weather’ Ending Explained: Love & Weather Are Always Unpredictable

Weather can only be forecasted, and it can change at any time. Any small change in a small factor changes the course of the weather. Weather can never be predicted accurately. A similar one applies to human relations. When you fall in love with someone, you cannot know what factor can change the course of your relationship. Ha Kyung and Ki Jun would not have known that they would fall out of love after ten years of being together. Neither would they have known that they would find their life partner right after that.

Even when Ha Kyung and Ki Jun found their life partners, there were still bad weather days in their relationships. Tae Kyung had gotten divorced because she was too boring for her ex-partner, but she met Seok Ho, a very picky person, and he accepted her for who she was. Mr. Um’s family life was already stuck in a storm, but with time, understanding, and love, the storm calmed down. The weather has to be forecast because you cannot control its course, but your life doesn’t need a forecast. You can monitor real-time events and adjust the affecting factors to create favorable weather for yourself.

“Forecasting Love And Weather” is focused on problems in the weather and in people’s love lives. The long, informative process of a weather forecast takes a good amount of screen-time. It is good to see how the process goes on behind a forecast, but as the show goes on, the technical part keeps on increasing, which might not be appealing to most people who don’t understand the concepts. There is barely any chemistry between Ha Kyung and Si Woo. However, Ki Jun and Yu Jin’s characters show impressive chemistry. The characters of Ha Kyung and Si Woo don’t do justice to the actors’ caliber. You can try watching it if you are tired of energetic and fast-paced dramas or want to watch an evolved drama.

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