‘Forecasting Love And Weather’ Episode 1 & 2: Recap & Ending – Why Does Ha-Kyung Call Off Her Wedding?


Office romances are not new to K-drama fans. We have seen Park Min Young before in “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?” and fans couldn’t get enough of her office romance and sizzling chemistry with Park Seo Jun. “Forecasting Love and Weather” has brought a new office romance where two colleagues get entangled in each other’s lives after being dumped by their respective exes, featuring Park Min Young and Song Kang, Netflix’s favorite K-boy.

‘Forecasting Love And Weather’ Characters Introduction

Jin Ha Kyung is a general weather forecaster at the Korea Weather Administration. She is particular and very cautious at work and outside of work. She is good at sensing signals, be they from weather or people. She has an older sister and a mother. Ha Kyung has been preparing for her wedding with her boyfriend of 10 years, Han Ki Jun, a spokesperson at the Korea Weather Administration. They have known each other since they were in college together. Her mother is not fond of Ki Jun and has a bad feeling about their wedding.

Lee Si Woo is a junior weather forecaster at a regional branch of the Korea Weather Administration. He takes a lot of interest in weather and geography. With the help of study and intuition, he can correctly predict a weather change. He is free-spirited and loves to explore nature. He has been in a relationship with Chae Yu Jin, who is a daily weather reporter at a news station. Si Woo is still young and figuring out his finances. He buys a second-hand car so he can travel with his girlfriend, but Yu Jin is less than interested in it.

Why Did Ha Kyung Ignore Signals?

It’s a busy day at the Korea Weather Administration. Weather signals are fluctuating, and employees have to report on every activity. Ha Kyung’s wedding day is only a month away, and she is busier than anyone. She is waiting for Ki Jun at a Hanbok store with her mom and sister, but Ki Jun does not show up, saying he is unwell. They both live together, and he looked good to Ha Kyung before she left. Anyway, she goes back to their place to check on him but finds him totally fine. While on her way back, she receives a call from her junior. He has been telling her the probability of hailing, but she doesn’t report it to the director because the probability isn’t noticeable enough.

However, the ignored signal turns out to be hazardous as it hails, causing damage to the crops. The director takes responsibility for the mistake, but suddenly gets a heart attack. Ha Kyung feels guilty, but the real reason she didn’t report it to the director was that she had noticed that he was feeling sick. Amidst her wedding preparations, she now has to take the place of an acting director. Her mind is already in disarray as a result of Ki Jun’s strange behavior, and she now bears even more responsibility. She has been getting calls and texts from her family and wedding organizers, but she ignores them to focus on work.

Finally, she finds time to check her phone and is surprised by what she sees. The wedding organizers have canceled all of their bookings because Ki Jun has not confirmed anything and didn’t pay the deposit. He hasn’t been picking up the calls either. Ha Kyung has been picking up signals, but she cannot ignore them anymore. She knows that this is not going to end well. She goes home to find Ki Jun making out with another woman in their bed. Her overly cautious self made her ignore all the signals that were spread in front of her. She had sensed something was wrong but waited until it was confirmed. Even though it was already broken, Ha Kyung officially calls off their wedding and Ki Jun accepts it with no hesitation or shame.

Do Ha Kyung & Si Woo Sleep Together?

The news of Ha Kyung and Ki Jun’s breakup has spread like a wildfire in their office. Ki Jun has already gotten married to the girl to the other woman. Ha Kyung is promoted to the position of director because the old director has retired to look after his health. Because of his previous successful forecasts, Lee Si Woo is now working for two weeks in Ha Kyung’s department as a special weather forecaster. When he finds out about Ha Kyung and Ki Jun, he takes a special interest in talking to her. The girl Ki Jun got married to is his ex-girlfriend, Chae Yu Jin. She broke up with him on the same night Ha Kyung found out about Ki Jun and her affair. Si Woo had been preparing for their trip the next day and was taken aback by this news.

To avoid personal conflicts at work, Ki Jun has been transferred to another department, but because of higher-up officials’ special request, his transfer is suddenly canceled. Ki Jun has a good relationship with media people, and they want to retain him as their spokesperson. Due to this, Ha Kyung’s senior offers her a referral to a special program in Switzerland that will benefit her career and will also help her get away from her current job if it’s uncomfortable. She is still contemplating the offer, but the rumors have already spread that she is leaving the job. Si Woo tells her about Yu Jin and asks her to not leave the job just because of Ki Jun, as she has done nothing wrong.

Ki Jun has come back from his honeymoon and has been pestering Ha Kyung about selling their house and dividing the shares equally. He has given the house to Ha Kyung as alimony, and now he is asking for his share. He has taken away all the electronic devices from the house, bothering Ha Kyung more. While dealing with all of it, Ha Kyung finds out that Ki Jun has financially scammed her and is still asking for money shamelessly. She gets back to her senses and cannot believe that she has been dating a fraudster. She exposes and fights with Ki Jun in front of everyone in the office after he sends a notice to her mom’s home. She declines the offer to go to Switzerland and decides to stay as the director.

Si Woo is impressed by what Ha Kyung did, and they go for drinks to discuss how their exes cheated on them. They are spitting out every bad thing they can about their ex-partners. Si Woo tells Ha Kyung how he crashed Yu Jin and Ki Jun’s wedding. He caught the bouquet that Yu Jin threw and ran away with it. Ha Kyung is happy that at least something was ruined in Ki Jun’s wedding. They get out of the restaurant, being drunk, and Si Woo asks if he can kiss her. He kisses her, she kisses him back, and they wake up in Si Woo’s bed the next morning. Ha Kyung apologizes to Si Woo, but he says it is okay because they both agreed to it and they are both adults. They decide to act maturely about it. Si Woo is cool about it but “always cautious.” Ha Kyung is shaken about how she could’ve made such a mistake.

Does ‘Forecasting Love And Weather’ Suggest An Upcoming Secret Office Romance?

When Ha Kyung’s mom took her to see a shaman, the shaman told Ha Kyung that living too carefully can make one’s life difficult. It is true in Ha Kyung’s case, who observes everything before taking any step. She had seen the director feeling uneasy and didn’t report it to him, thinking it would increase his stress. He ended up in the hospital anyway, and the farmers faced a loss as well. She could’ve just told him to go to the hospital when she saw him sick, but she didn’t want to make him worry. Similarly, in the case of Ki Jun, she had gotten a lot of signals that their relationship was not going to end well, but she waited and only prolonged her own pain. She waited until she had to see her partner with someone else.

 Si Woo is always lost in his own world. He loves what he does. He was surprised to see Yu Jin cheat on him, but he got his revenge by crashing her wedding and getting over it. He doesn’t live with regrets. He doesn’t regret or feel sorry about waking up next to Ha Kyung either, unlike Ha Kyung. He enjoyed it, and he is happy about it. Facing Si Woo would have been awkward for Ha Kyung, but she is not worried about getting involved with him again because his two-week period is ending soon. However, to her surprise, Si Woo informs her that he has been appointed as a full-time employee in her department.

After her breakup with Ki Jun, Ha Kyung had decided to never indulge in an office romance again. Not long has passed, and she has already slept with her colleague. Both of them have decided to act maturely about it, but will it be that easy for them? Can “overly cautious” Ha Kyung hide what they did? Si Woo couldn’t care less about being in any kind of romance, but seeing Ha Kyung’s cautious nature, we can expect to see a secret office romance developing between them in the upcoming episodes.

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“Forecasting Love and Weather” is a 2022 South Korean Romance Drama Series currently streaming on Netflix.

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