‘Forecasting Love And Weather’ Episode 11 & 12: Ending And Recap – Will Ha Kyung & Si Woo Breakup?


It was revealed in episode 10 of “Forecasting Love And Weather” that Si Woo did not believe in marriage and Ha Kyung always thought of getting married. This has shaken the relationship between Ha Kyung and Si Woo. Ha Kyung asks Si Woo to go to Jeju Department for a few days for typhoon disaster prevention, but Si Woo interprets it as Ha Kyung wanting to spend some time away from him. Ki Jun comes home to find Yu Jin leaving with luggage. Are their relationships falling apart? Read below to find out what happened in the recent episodes of “Forecasting Love And Weather.”

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Is Yu Jin Divorcing Ki Jun?

A disastrous typhoon is approaching the Korean peninsula through Jeju island, and someone from the headquarters has to go to Jeju to monitor the situation. The chief general orders Ha Kyung to make the decision. As a director, she sees Si Woo as the best fit for the job and asks him if he can go. Si Woo loves fieldwork more than office work, and Ha KyungSi Woo knows that. Still, Si Woo doesn’t look happy when asked to do it.

Si Woo and Ha Kyung have lately started to realize that their thoughts differ a lot. After the marriage talks, the issues only increased between them. Si Woo is growing tired of the secret relationship. He does not want to pretend anymore. He has been acting cranky since Ha Kyung asked him to go to Jeju. Ha Kyung made a professional decision, but Si Woo has taken it personally. He feels that Ha Kyung is not giving her all for their relationship and keeps comparing him to her ex-lover. Ha Kyung has become cautious after her tragic past relationship, and she tells Si Woo that she can’t help but be a moderate lover. She is afraid of vulnerability. She is afraid to open up completely to Si Woo right now, but Si Woo is not in the right frame of mind to handle that.

Yu Jin and Ki Jun have been facing problems in their marriage. Even after Yu Jin tells Ki Jun what the problem is, Ki Jun seems to turn a blind eye to it. Yu Jin only wants Ki Jun’s love and time, but he is too busy trying to expose Ha Kyung and Si Woo. Yu Jin gets fed up with Ki Jun’s behavior and leaves home. Ki Jun tries to warn Yu Jin that the situation might become complicated if she leaves. Yu Jin needs some time alone, and she thinks it might help Ki Jun to get back to his senses as well. She leaves home without telling Ki Jun where she is going. She has taken leave from the office and hasn’t been picking up Ki Jun’s calls. If the misunderstanding and miscommunication between Ki Jun and Yu Jin are not resolved, their marriage might be damaged beyond repair.

Will Si Woo Lose His Eyesight?

Si Woo reports to the Jeju Regional Meteorological Department and starts working right away. The winds have been increasing, hence Si Woo goes on the fieldwork right after the meeting ends. On his way, he encounters Yu Jin, her mom, and her brother. Yu Jin has gone back to her mom for a vacation and to get a break from her disturbed life. Her mother has remarried and has a son from her second husband. Her son is way younger than Yu Jin. When the little kid sees Si Woo’s weather van, he urges them to let him come with them. To fulfill his wish, Yu Jin takes him along with them. The little kid is observing their activity from afar, and as Si Woo is filling the hydrogen balloon, it suddenly explodes and hurts Si Woo. He is unable to open his eyes.

Yu Jin takes him to a hospital in her car and calls his teammates back in Seoul to inform them about the accident. Ha Kyung gets worried as a girlfriend, but she has to act like Si Woo’s superior as well. Si Woo’s father barges into the headquarters and starts creating a scene. He creates a ruckus and starts asking for compensation for his son’s injury. He has not called Si Woo or even tried to visit him. He came to ask for compensation right after he found out about his son’s injury. All he wants is his money. His son’s health is his last concern. When he starts making irrational demands, Ha Kyung makes him go to Jeju with her.

Ha Kyung’s real reason for taking Si Wo’s father to Jeju was to make Si Woo feel better. Ki Jun accompanies them because he wants to meet Yu Jin. When Si Woo’s father sees him, he starts asking him about his injuries and tells Ha Kyung to compensate for every injury. Si Woo has seriously injured his left cornea and is at the risk of losing his eyes. When Ha Kyung came in, he felt comforted. He was scared because of the accident. But, when his father came inside, Si Woo lost his mind. He not only tells his father to get lost but also leaves the hospital himself untreated. Yu Jin tells Ha Kyung that Si Woo’s father is nothing but a leech and that Si Woo can’t get out of his life. Ha Kyung realizes that she has made a big mistake.

‘Forecasting Love And Weather’ Episode 12: Ending – The Complicated Love

Senior Forecaster Um has been happy these past few days because his daughter, Bo Mi, has visited the KMA headquarters for her field project and she is going to visit again. He couldn’t see his daughter growing up, and now he wants to spend time with her to fill that void. The same goes with Bo Mi. She wants to know more about her father and if her father cannot come home, she can go to his workplace where he always is. When Bo Mi comes to KMA this time, Um gives her a tour himself and later treats her to a meal like every father does. Bo Mi and her father get to spend quality time together, and Bo Mi learns a lot about her father. She is impressed by the fact that her father is the best forecaster in Korea and is a highly respected personality in the KMA.

After a while, Bo Mi starts feeling uneasy and collapses in the restroom. It turns out she is allergic to ham, which her father had fed her with love. Um had forgotten about the allergy, but Bo Mi ate the ham because it was her father treating her for the first time. Um feels guilty and waits all night at the hospital for Bo Mi to get better. However, Bo Mi’s mother doesn’t let him drive them home. Instead, she comes to KMA the next day and hands him divorce papers. Um is shocked by this, and when he asks his wife for the reason, she asks him if he is having an affair with Ha Kyung. She had seen Um going to Ha Kyung’s apartment with her. Um and his wife lived apart for 14 years, but now, one misunderstanding may break their family apart. Just when Bo Mi must have thought that her family could live together again, her mom is preparing to end it forever.

Both Ha Kyung and Ki Jun have not been able to have a steady new relationship. After Si Woo’s accident, Ha Kyung and Ki Jun talk about how they were with each other in the past. It helps them understand their mistakes. However, it is no use if they don’t try to improve themselves. Ki Jun lacked communication. He was too scared to talk about his problems with Ha Kyung and ended up cheating on her. He has been repeating the same mistake with Yu Jin. He had traveled from Seoul to Jeju to meet Yu Jin and clear up their misunderstanding, but he couldn’t tell her. Yu Jin believed that Ki Jun came as a spokesperson for KMA and not her husband. Had he told the truth, the misunderstanding wouldn’t have increased.

Ha Kyung wants to make her relationship with Si Woo work, but she is not ready to change herself. She is reserved and likes to keep her emotions to herself. She is not the one to show a lot of affection. Si Woo is the opposite of her. He is very free-spirited and likes public displays of affection. As things get tense between them, they decide to give each other time to choose what they want to do with their relationship. After Si Woo leaves the hospital in a rage, Ha Kyung follows him. Ha Kyung had asked Si Woo to think about their relationship while he was in Jeju, and he had made the decision. He tells Ha Kyung that he wants to break up with her and that he cannot bear to be in a relationship where he cannot express his love to the fullest. Will Ha Kyung agree to the breakup or will she try to change? The story will further unravel in the upcoming episode of “Forecasting Love And Weather” and will surely decide the fate of our beloved characters.

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