‘Forecasting Love And Weather’ Episode 5 & 6: Recap And Ending – Why Does Ha Kyung Want To Reconsider Her Relationship?


As we witnessed, in the previous episodes of “Forecasting Love and Weather,” Ha Kyung and Si Woo had started dating secretly under the condition that they would break up if their colleagues found out about it. There are already rumors about Si Woo dating someone, and there are also rumors about Ha Kyung and Senior Forecaster Um not getting along. In the latest episodes, Ha Kyung and Si Woo try to maintain their professional and personal lives as they delve into a secret office romance. Let’s explore all that happened in “Forecasting Love and Weather,” Episodes 5 and 6. 

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Why Doesn’t Ha Kyung Get Along With Her Team?

In episode 5 of “Forecasting Love and Weather,” Si Woo and Ha Kyung leave for the office together from Ha Kyung’s apartment. They don’t know yet that their colleague Shin Seok Ho lives in the same building as her, nor does Shin know about it. Shin lives alone and loves his privacy more than anything. He likes to stay aloof and doesn’t interact with anyone, which is the opposite of his personality at work. Shin runs into Ha Kyung and Si Woo at the traffic signal, and he isn’t surprised at all, unlike Ha Kyung and Si Woo, who try to explain it to Shin later in the office. Ha Kyung is afraid that their secret will be exposed, but Shin has no interest in them.

It suddenly starts raining outside just when Ha Kyung is talking to Shin in the elevator. There has been sudden heavy rain in different parts of the country, and no weather warning was issued by the weather department. This calls for an emergency situation at KMA. When the general director asks Ha Kyung about her opinion, Si Woo presents his counter-opinion on the weather as well. He gets it right, but for some reason, it upsets Ha Kyung. She orders her subordinates to work, but everyone opposes it, saying it is unnecessary. Ha Kyung feels that everyone is collectively opposing her because they do not see her as a deserving candidate.

Another weather anomaly occurs, and forecasters miss it again. Ha Kyung’s junior tries to blame it on work assigned by her, that is, indirectly blaming Ha Kyung for the mishap. The argument stops when the general director calls for Ha Kyung and senior forecaster Um. Ha Kyung and her teammates have a lot of miscommunication and misunderstandings, leading to discoordination among the team. The news of Ha Kyung’s bad leadership spreads quickly in other departments as well and becomes a topic of gossip. Ha Kyung’s behavior is rooted in her insecurity about herself. She has already faced a shameful breakup with Han Ki Jun, and she feels as if everyone is judging her because of that. She hesitates to order people because she herself doesn’t feel deserving of the position. She carries the burden of the position, and it shows in her under-confidence as a leader.

Who is Si Woo’s Secret Caller?

When Ha Kyung comes back to get her pen-drive, she sees Si Woo shouting at someone over the phone. Si Woo avoids talking about that call to her. Yu Jin has been receiving calls from the same person as well. She meets Si Woo at the office to talk about the call and something else as well. Yu Jin had gotten into a fight with Ki Jun because she hid the truth about Si Woo and her past relationship. She tells Si Woo to act like he doesn’t know her because it is uncomfortable for Ki Jun to see them together. Si Woo and Yu Jin weren’t in a relationship as long as Ki Jun and Ha Kyung were. They do not have much attachment or resentment towards each other, but it is not the same for Ki Jun and Ha Kyung. Ki Jun always tries to show off how happy he is, in front of Ha Kyung and now, in front of Si Woo as well.

After the big argument in KMA, Ha Kyung and senior forecaster Um visit the site of the calamity because it is their moral responsibility to do so. Two workers have washed away. After the workers are found alive, Ha Kyung and Mr. Um go out for dinner and resolve the conflict between them. However, Mr. Um is drunk and has no place to go. He left his home after a fight with his wife. Ha Kyung takes him to a nearby motel and surprisingly finds Si Woo leaving the motel. Both are suspicious of each other and refuse to answer the questions. Ha Kyung wants to believe Si Woo, but he has been acting secretive the past few days. She has already been cheated on by her ex-boyfriend and does not trust Si Woo. Si Woo is annoyed by the constant mistrust Ha Kyung shows in him and asks her why she brought Mr. Um to the motel instead of sending him home. They both know they are innocent but don’t know how to understand each other.

Si Woo is being secretive because he doesn’t want to know about a shameful and embarrassing part of his life. His father is addicted to gambling and has wasted his entire fortune on it. Even after he has lost everything, he still asks Si Woo for money. He also calls Yu Jin and asks her for money. Si Woo has spent all of his savings on his father, and he doesn’t have enough money for himself to rent a house. His father is always moving places, and Si Woo went to meet him in that motel where he encountered Ha Kyung. He was running away from his father after finding out that he still hadn’t stopped gambling, and Ha Kyung came in all of a sudden. His father had seen both of them talking, and now he is going after Ha Kyung to ask for money. Ha Kyung has discovered Si Woo’s secret.

‘Forecasting Love And Weather’ Episode 6: Ending – Trust and Reconciliation

Ha Kyung is a workaholic, and ever since her promotion, she hasn’t taken a break from work. She is a perfectionist and self-critic. She criticizes herself a little too much. She always wants to show off her perfect work to her colleagues, but that barely works out for her. Mistakes are bound to happen, and she can only take responsibility for them. People bond better in difficult times than during easy times. That comes true for Chief Team Two when their director is stuck choosing between her work and her family.

Ha Kyung’s mother has been hospitalized, but she is indecisive about whether to leave work or not. Ideally, she should go to her mother, but her workaholic self says otherwise. At such times, her colleagues reassure her that they will handle the situation at the office and that she should go and visit her mom. She trusts them and leaves work. Ha Kyung likes to be in control of everything so that mistakes won’t happen. While doing so, she created a sense of distrust among her subordinates. She lets go of her prejudices, which helps her make her subordinates trust her and obey her orders more.

After everything that happened at the motel, Ha Kyung has been rethinking her decision to date Si Woo. She is not over her past yet. She cannot trust Si Woo, and she does not want to get hurt or hurt Si Woo either. Trust is important to keep a relationship running, and hence, when Ha Kyung mentions breaking up, Si Woo tells her what kind of person his father is and how difficult his life has been because of him. Ha Kyung also tells us about her father and how he left them alone when things got difficult. Ha Kyung and Si Woo’s relationship is still shaking but has not sunk yet. Just how Ha Kyung trusted and reconciled her relationship with her colleagues, she chooses to trust Si Woo as well. Knowing he has nowhere to go, she asks him to move in with her.

Ha Kyung’s personality outside of work is very erratic and random compared to her calculated demeanor at work. First, she got into a secret office relationship right after she ended one, and now she has asked Si Woo to live with her. She is always worried about getting caught, and moving in with Si Woo just raised her chances of getting caught. In the upcoming episodes of “Forecasting Love and Weather,” Si Woo might move in with Ha Kyung without either of them knowing that their colleague Shin leaves right upstairs to Ha Kyung. This hot and cold relationship between Ha Kyung and Si Woo is moving unpredictably. Let’s see how far it sails.

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“Forecasting Love and Weather” Episodes 5 & 6 are streaming on Netflix.

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