‘Forecasting Love And Weather’ Episodes 13 & 14: Recap And Ending – Can Ki Jun Save His Marriage?


Last week on “Forecasting Love And Weather,” Si Woo and Ha Kyung got into a big fight because of his father, and Si Woo decided to end the relationship from his side. Yu Jin had left Ki Jun and had gone back to her mom. Ki Jun followed Yu Jin to her hometown to persuade her to come back to their home with him. Will Ki Jun be successful in getting his wife back, and will Ha Kyung and Si Woo end their relationship for good? Keep reading to find out.

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Is Mr. Shin Dating Ha Kyung’s Sister?

Si Woo has made his decision to break up with Ha Kyung, but she asks him for some time to make her decision. One typhoon has passed, and another one is approaching the coasts of Korea, which makes it impossible for Ha Kyung to leave Jeju island. She has been ordered by the chief general to work with the typhoon team. Ki Jun has traveled to Jeju to make up with his wife. He follows Yu Jin to her home after she refuses to talk with him. He has been trying to communicate with her, hoping he can take her back to Seoul with him and live like a married couple again.

Shin Seok Ho had met Ha Kyung’s sister, Tae Kyung, for the first time when she delivered Ha Kyung’s package to him while Ha Kyung was not home. They crossed paths again through her book. Tae Kyung writes graphic storybooks for children that involve animals. Shin is fond of animals and becomes her advisor for her next book about penguins, and they start getting closer. Shin accidentally uploads the penguin pictures that Tae Kyung had sent him, instead of an important report. Shin has always been a responsible employee, but he has made a mistake for the first time because of Tae Kyung. He is upset about it and tells Tae Kyung it is because his priorities have changed and that Tae Kyung has become a priority over his work. Tae Kyung also confesses that she has started to like him.

Ha Kyung had brought Si Woo’s father to Jeju to mend their relationship, but her mistake cost her own relationship. Si Woo has already stated that he wants to break up and is waiting for Ha Kyung’s decision. However, he still follows her to do difficult fieldwork in the ocean. Though he wants to break up with her, he hasn’t stopped caring about her. After completing the difficult assignment, Ha Kyung comes to the conclusion that she is comfortable working as a colleague with Si Woo and asks Si Woo if he would be comfortable too. Ha Kyung agrees to break up when Si Woo seems comfortable with it too.

Who Exposes Ha Kyung & Si Woo’s Relationship?

Um’s wife has sent him divorce papers, and he has been disturbed because of it. When Ha Kyung finds out, she advises Um to try different solutions like they do while making a forecast. Following Ha Kyung’s advice, Um asks his wife to give him three months to prove himself. His wife initially disagrees but gives in to his perseverance and allows him to stay with them for two months. Um has started making efforts for his family, and even though he still lacks in many ways, his family is happy to be back together. Bo Mi has been taking more interest in her dad’s life as she doesn’t know much about him. Her mom had never seen her take an interest in anything before, and she was elated to see her daughter happy.

Shin Seok Ho had caught Ha Kyung and Si Woo red-handed one too many times to not understand that they were dating. Their other teammates also find out eventually, because their behavior in the office is too obvious. Um is the only one who didn’t notice anything, even though he lived with them. When Si Woo comes back from Jeju, Um excitedly congratulates him in the cafeteria on his relationship. He talks too loudly, and the news spreads like wildfire in KMA. Ha Kyung and Si Woo played it safe to not expose themselves, but got exposed right after they broke up.

While the news spreads in the office, Ha Kyung is cleaning her bathroom floor. Si Woo barges into her home to inform her. Before they could discuss what to do next, Ha Kyung’s mom came out of Ha Kyung’s bedroom, where she had been hiding. She has caught her daughter red-handed and won’t believe her when she says that they have broken up. Ha Kyung tells Si Woo to ignore people and not reply to them, but she has not seen the ground situation yet. When Ki Jun finds out, he talks with Si Woo seriously for the first time. He asks Si Woo to reconsider their breakup, and if he still wants to do it, he should do it in a way Ha Kyung will hurt less. Ki Jun speaks from his experience that a woman is more often blamed and gossiped about than a man. Ha Kyung has already been through it once, and both Ki Jun and Si Woo do not want her to become a laughing stock again.

‘Forecasting Love And Weather’ Episode 14: Ending – All Relationships Are Complex

Ki Jun has become successful in persuading Yu Jin, and she has come back home to Seoul with him. They had a conversation back in Jeju, and Ki Jun agreed to focus more on their married life than on what other people have to say about it. Ki Jun and Yu Jin both loved each other, but they saw each other’s true personalities after their marriage. Ki Jun is more immature than he looks, and Yu Jin is more mature than she shows. Just when Ki Jun has started to act maturely, Yu Jin has news for him that shocks him. Yu Jin is pregnant with his child, but both of them are not ready for it yet. They have loans to pay off, and Yu Jin is worried she might lose her career after giving birth. Ki Jun prepares a surprise for Yu Jin on Ha Kyung’s advice, but Yu Jin suggests to Ki Jun that they should reconsider if they want to keep the baby or not.

Ha Kyung’s father left his family behind in a difficult time because of which Ha Kyung and her family suffered for many years, and her mom had a hard time raising two kids by herself. Si Woo’s mother died a few days after she gave birth to him, and his father has been blaming him all these years for it. He calls Si Woo an unwanted child who should never have been born. Um was a bad father in his daughter’s eyes for many years because she could never connect with him. However, when Um realized his mistake, he made sure to correct it before it was too late. He asked his wife to give him some time to prove himself worthy of being their family member, and he has been making efforts for it. Um and his family have got a second chance at having a happy and complete family.

At work, Si Woo and Ha Kyung have been ignoring the gossip about their relationship. Si Woo is more worried about people finding out about their breakup than Ha Kyung. She has gone through it before, and she doesn’t care anymore. However, Si Woo does not want Ha Kyung to suffer. It may seem like Ha Kyung can endure it again, but it will be painful all the same for her. When some colleagues teased Ha Kyung in her face, she was about to tell the truth, but Si Woo stopped her from doing so. They come to an agreement that they will just let the days pass, because then, people will stop gossiping about them eventually. Ha Kyung has been feeling insecure about herself because of two continuously failed relationships. She has started thinking that she will never be good enough for anyone. On the other hand, Si Woo still seems to care about Ha Kyung and is protective of her. Will Ha Kyung and Si Woo reunite? Let’s find out in the final episodes of “Forecasting Love and Weather.”

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