‘Forecasting Love and Weather’ Episode 3 & 4: Recap And Ending – Are Ha Kyung & Si Woo Secretly Dating?


In the previous episodes of “Forecasting Love and Weather,” Ha Kyung and Si Woo accidentally got involved in each other’s lives. A drunken mistake made them sleep together when they barely knew each other. After her hurtful breakup with Ki Jun, Ha Kyung has promised to never date a colleague again, but things have escalated fast between Si Woo and her. She couldn’t have forecast this unpredictable weather. In episodes 3 and 4 of “Forecasting Love and Weather,” Ha Kyung tries to analyze her feelings towards Si Woo to make a clear prediction about their relationship going forward.

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Why Is Ha Kyung Putting Up Walls?

In episode 3 of “Forecasting Love and Weather,” Ha Kyung returns home early in the morning after spending the night with Si Woo. She has left the apartment she shared with Ki Jun and has put it up for sale. She has come back to live with her mom and sister. Her mom, who was worried about Ha Kyung not being home all night, believes that she spent the entire night working in the office. Ha Kyung’s sister sneaks on her and misunderstands that Ha Kyung is crying because of Ki Jun, but she is just resenting that she slept with a colleague. She has no time to regret it anymore as she is late for work, but she finds out that she forgot the keys at the hotel last night.

Everyone in the office is waiting for Ha Kyung to start the meeting, but Ha Kyung is looking for her car keys, which the hotel says, are not in the room. Ha Kyung has no choice but to take a bus. She texts her junior to ask senior forecaster Um to take over the meeting, but Mr. Um ignores her message. Ha Kyung arrives and starts the meeting late. She is a perfectionist, but she is unprepared this time and has no answers. As a director, she is answerable to many people and has to act in accordance with her position. Si Woo tries to get cheeky with her at work and also interferes when the conversation between Ha Kyung and Ki Jun gets heated up. Ha Kyung does not appreciate it and only wants to maintain a professional relationship with Si Woo.

After a long day at work, Ha Kyung still has to take care of her personal responsibilities. She has to go back to her old apartment because a buyer is coming to get the air purifier that she has put up for sale. Ha Kyung is disappointed to find Si Woo at her door. She cancels the deal right away because she does not want to have any relationship with Si Woo other than as a colleague. She is going to the extreme and acting irrationally as she tries to get hold of her confusing emotions.

Nevertheless, Si Woo, being the helpful person he is, helps her to sell her items online. To repay his help, Ha Kyung treats him to chimaek (chicken and beer). Their colleagues arrive at the same restaurant as them, and Ha Kyung notices them first. She hides away, and Si Woo helps her run out of the restaurant by distracting their colleagues.

Ha Kyung and Si Woo have only slept together once, and she has clearly mentioned to Si Woo that she would not like to engage in a romantic relationship with him. Yet, she is the one who has been behaving like they are in a relationship and doesn’t want their colleagues to know. Si Woo confronts her about the same and confesses that he would like to date her, and now it’s up to her whether she feels the same.

Is Han Ki Jun Regretting His Marriage?

There has been a big accident on the expressway due to the severe fogging weather. Hence, it is a state of emergency at the weather department. They have to monitor the weather conditions consistently and report them. While Ha Kyung is busy at work, her mother is busy finding a groom for her. She has enrolled Ha Kyung’s name in a matchmaking bureau without asking her. Ha Kyung’s marriage has broken off, and her older sister is divorced. Her mother has her reasons, but her daughters can not understand her.

Han Ki Jun’s honeymoon phase of the marriage is over. Day by day, he has been getting tired of waking up first, cooking breakfast, leaving for work, and then coming back home to see the place all shabby and unclean. He has been doing all the household chores with no help from Yu Jin at all. Instead, she has been pestering Ki Jun to get his share of the apartment from Ha Kyung and complaining that their current rent is too expensive. Ki Jun is already stressed because he has not been performing well at work, and it reminds him of the time when Ha Kyung would help him when he was in a slump. However, he does not notice what he is doing wrong. When things weren’t working out between him and Ha Kyung, he chose to remain silent about it and cheated on Ha Kyung instead of talking about it. He is repeating the same mistake with Yu Jin, that is, not talking.

Han Ki Jun finds Yu Jin and Si Woo’s pictures in her book and finds out that she had lied. Si Woo crashed their wedding, and Yu Jin acted like she didn’t even know him. She still hasn’t told Ki Jun about her past relationship. Yu Jin is not the only one hiding the truth here. Ki Jun still hasn’t told her that he could not get a share in the apartment because he has very little financial investment in it, and now that Ha Kyung has found out about his financial scams, there is no chance he will get a single penny from the house.

On the other hand, Yu Jin interviews Ha Kyung and publishes distorted facts in the newspaper, which tarnishes the reputation of the weather department. While Ha Kyung gets support from her seniors because they are aware of such malicious reporters, Ki Jun gets told off by his seniors as he doesn’t know what his wife is up to. Ki Jun and Yu Jin fought and let out everything that was bottled up inside. They look like they’re contemplating their decision to get married. Yu Jin married for money, and Ki Jun married for compassion, but both seem to not get what they want.

‘Forecasting Love and Weather’ Episode 4: Ending- Are Rumors About Si Woo True?

Ha Kyung is the youngest director in the history of the Korea Meteorological Administration. She is talented and a perfectionist, but she is uncomfortable in her position because she has to order her seniors for work. It makes her doubt her own abilities sometimes. Senior forecaster Um was a leading candidate to become the next director, but he refused that position. Other employees are not aware of this and judge Mr. Um’s behavior as his bitterness towards Ha Kyung. When Ha Kyung asks Mr. Um why he didn’t fill her in when she was late, he tells her that she should have given him a proper order instead of telling someone else to do it. If she is the leader, she shouldn’t be afraid to order her subordinates when needed, irrespective of their background. Ha Kyung learns a lesson that will guide her for a long time in her career.

When Ha Kyung ran away from the restaurant to avoid her colleagues, one of them had spotted her running away but had not seen her face. This started the rumor that Si Woo is dating someone. When his colleagues push him, he admits to having been dating and that they met through work, which further spreads the rumors that he is dating a colleague. Ha Kyung has been hearing everything and cuts him off and orders everyone to get back to their work. She loads Si Woo with plenty of work, which makes it look like she is punishing Si Woo for something. By acting this way, Ha Kyung is making whatever relationship they have more noticeable.

Ha Kyung has been writing a weather report all night and calling Si Woo whenever she gets stuck. Si Woo has lost his sleep anyway, so he shows up at Ha Kyung’s apartment with a box of pizza. They are behaving more casually and are friendly. He helps her all night, and they wake up to a beautiful sunrise. They have indeed started dating each other. Si Woo has already admitted his desire to date Ha Kyung, and now Ha Kyung has also come clean with her feelings. However, this relationship has terms and conditions. Their relationship is over once their colleagues find out about it. They are not showing signs of a rebound relationship so far, but only upcoming episodes of “Forecasting Love and Weather” will reveal what is in store for their secret office romance.

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‘Forecasting Love and Weather’ Episodes 3 & 4 are streaming on Netflix.

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