‘Forever Out Of My League’ Ending, Explained: Does Marta Survive The Transplant?


“Forever Out Of My League” is the third installment, following “Out Of My League” and “Still Out Of My League.” Marta suffers from a rare genetic disease, Mucoviscidosis, that makes her lungs dysfunctional, so she survives on oxygen pipes and is eagerly waiting for a lung transplant. After her marriage with Arturo ends in divorce, Marta meets Gabriele and plans to spark a new romance, but things get complicated between them when Gabriele moves to Paris for work. Despite so many complications, a life-changing event brings them together, and that also becomes a test of their romance.

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‘Forever Out Of My League’ Plot Summary: Marta Gets A Lung Transplant

Marta is getting a lung transplant, and as soon as Gabriele learns about it from Marta’s best friend, Japoco, he makes it to the hospital after crossing many hurdles. Gabriel and Marta had broken up because of a misunderstanding, and Gabriele thought he would lose Marta before he could apologize to her. Gabriele reached the hospital when Marta was already in the operation room with little chance of her survival.

The lung transplant has been successful, with no complexities during the operation. Marta has written Gabriele’s name as a family member who can meet her daily. She trusted that Gabriele would come for her, and he did. Gabriele quits his job in France to look after Marta. He spends three weeks in the hospital until Marta is discharged. Marta has shown recovery, and she can now breathe freely without the need for oxygen pipes. However, she still needs to be careful.

Jacopo has been accompanying Marta to her check-ups with doctor Dario. He has developed a crush on him and wants to ask him out, but doesn’t know how to approach him. Marta helps him to get the doctor’s contact from the doctor himself. Jacopo had gone on many dates before, none of which worked out. With Dario, he has been going out for a month, and he thinks that this time it might work out. On their first month anniversary, Jacopo finds out that Dario is not serious about him and has been meeting other guys as well. Dario wants to be in an open relationship, but Jacopo is skeptical about it.

Meanwhile, Federica brought her boss to task for sexual assault in her company with the help of other female employees. She has been getting along with other employees but is getting tired of waking up early each day and working in front of a computer all day. After thinking for a while, she goes to the office one morning and returns after quitting. She doesn’t know what she is going to do next, but she is going to enjoy her unemployment period for now.

Gabriele has been spending more time with Marta since her discharge from the hospital. He asks her if they should move in together so seriously that Marta almost thought that he was going to propose to her for marriage. Marta also wants to live with him, and they start looking for an apartment for them. Marta had told Gabriele that she had no living family members, but he overheard Jacopo asking Marta about her grandmother. Marta does not have a good relationship with her grandmother and considers her dead. Will the revelation about Marta’s grandmother affect her relationship with Gabriele?

Major Spoilers Ahead

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‘Forever Out Of My League’ Ending Explained: Marta & Gabriele Move In Together

Marta opens up to Gabriele about her grandmother. Her grandmother never loved her, and she only raised her after her parents died because she was the only relative Marta had left. Marta and her grandmother fought on her 18th birthday. Marta moved out that day and never saw her grandmother again. Gabriele tries to console her by saying that she has a family in him and her friends, but Marta says that the void of the real family always remains no matter what.

Gabriele has got a job as an art history professor at a local high school. He has been wanting to do something for Marta about her grandmother. While he is going through Marta’s childhood belongings, he finds her school report card and reads the address on it. He lies to Marta about the school staff meeting and goes to find her grandmother. Her rude grandmother lets him into her house only after he shows up at her door for three consecutive days. She says that their relationship is broken beyond repair, and Marta repeats the same when Gabriele tells her the truth. However, she forgives him because his efforts were for good, and he did not mean to hurt her.

Marta has always been a positive person, and she lives her life optimistically. Getting a transplant was like a second birth for her; she almost touched death and came back. She has started going to work again, and everything seems to go back to normal as before. While on a walk in the park, Marta starts coughing and feels shortness of breath. She gets scared but doesn’t tell either Gabriele or her friends. Gabriele does not have time to notice as he is busy at work, and Marta doesn’t let her friends into her house because she doesn’t want them to find out. However, she gets a high fever, fortunately when Gabriele is home, and she faints as soon as she reaches the hospital.

Marta’s body has been failing to accept her new lungs, and she is under a sensitive inspection with no surety of her survival. Gabriele is worried that he might lose Marta again, and this time, forever. Still, in this situation, he wants Marta to be happy. He bangs on her grandmother’s door and asks her to visit her granddaughter, who is on her deathbed, if she has any shame left. Gabriele loses hope when she doesn’t even open the door, but she shows up at the hospital later. She confesses to Marta that she didn’t hate her, but herself. She always felt guilty and ashamed that she couldn’t be a good mother, and that’s why she thought that she didn’t deserve to be Marta’s grandmother either. Whether their relationship is fixed or not, Marta gets closure on something that hurt her for years. Miraculously, Marta’s lungs start adjusting to her body again, and she gets out of danger.

Final Words

“Forever Out Of My League” is supposed to be a story primarily focusing on Marta and her love life. After going through troubles in their relationship, Marta and Gabriele are now comfortable with each other. Though their romantic moments have been shown, half of the plot revolves around Marta’s friends and their lives. As it is the third part of the movie, there must not be much remaining to show about Marta’s life. Gabriele’s feelings and considerations for Marta have been explored on a deeper level, and his side of the story gets more spotlight than Marta’s. Her friends’ character development is prominent compared to the previous two parts.

The movie will take you through various emotions like fear of losing a loved one, understanding, forgiving, disappointment, possessiveness, and not being able to let go. Marta’s bubbly personality makes her story less sad. However, the movie seems like a compilation of her and her friends’ individual stories played at certain intervals like TV series episodes. “Forever Out Of My League” is worth a watch if you have watched the previous two parts and want to see Gabriele’s point of view this time, and also if you have time to spare.

‘Forever Out Of My League,’ is a 2022 Italian Romantic Drama directed by Claudio Norza.

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