‘Foundation’ Season 1 Episode 7: Recap/Ending, Explained

‘Foundation’ Episode 7 followed three concurrent storylines and focused on three prime characters. Gaal Dornick was trapped in a spaceship routed to Hari Seldon’s home planet, Helicon. Anacreon’s Grand Huntress, Phara Keaen, took Salvor Hardin hostage to capture a warship named Invictus. While on Moon Maiden, Cleon XIII, faced a reality that may have ruin his beloved Cleon Dynasty, let’s follow it further.

‘Foundation’ Episode 7: Recap

Phara and her fellow Anacreon bandits brought Salvor and other Terminus engineers to the Anthor Belt. In outer space, Salvor saw the ghost ship, Invictus, floating near the Anthor Belt. Invictus was the crown jewel of Emperor Taurelian’s fleet. It was the most potent weapon platform the Empire ever built and could demolish worlds. Seven hundred years ago, Invictus vanished without a trace, and people throughout the galaxy reported its sightings. The mystery surrounding it was that it never hailed at the same place twice, earning its name, The Ghost Ship.

Anacreon wanted Invictus to destroy Trantor and the Empire, just like they ruined their home plant. While boarding the hull, Salvor lost Hugo, who floated to infinite space.

On Moon Maiden, Zephyr Halima refused to bow down to the Imperial Dynasty run by the Clones of a man who perished years ago. Zephyr concluded that these clones were reverberations of a dead man’s ego that lacked a human soul. She demanded Cleon XIII to end the Genetic Dynasty to save the galaxy from destruction. Cleon XIII tried to argue, but Zephyr shut him off by explaining that Hari Seldon made similar observations. In Episode 1, Hari requested Cleon XII to end the imperial cloning to slow down the Empire’s Fall.

Inside a spaceship routed to Helicon, Gaal Dornick encountered Hari Seldon’s Quantum consciousness protocol that was stuck in a loop. Before dying, Hari digitized his consciousness with the help of a data unit implanted in his brain. The unit was synced to a port hidden inside Raych’s knife, and when Gaal opened the ship with the knife, it uploaded Hari’s consciousness to the ship. Hari revealed to Gaal why he ordered Raych to kill him.

The Imperfect Cleon

Cleon XIV considered himself the imperfect copy of the Imperial Clone Dynasty. For some reason, Cleon XIV started observing the minute differences in himself compared to his brother because the clones weren’t meant to be different.

Cleon XIV feared that if his brothers found out how different he was, they would destroy him. He would be replaced by another clone who was kept for replacement inside the kingdom. In an emotional state, Cleon XIV explained to his love, Azura, the gardener, that his reason for existence was to become a perfect copy. And in the Imperial Clone Dynasty, being different was considered a mistake.

Azura convinced Cleon XIV to run away from the kingdom and live a normal life, somewhere else, where his differences would be celebrated. Though Cleon XIV knew that it was impossible to run away from the Empire, the love for Azure ignited hope in his heart.

Symbolically, Zephyr Halima pointed to the same flaws in the Imperial Clone Dynasty. These clones feared changes and thus were stuck in a loop. As Hari said, they were new vessels that offered nothing new. Hence, the known universe was waking up to end the Clone Dynasty, and for good.

'Foundation' Episode 7: Recap/Ending, Explained

The Random Space Jumps

Inside Invictus, foundation director Lewis Pirenne discovered that the warship randomly initiated space jump protocols. Salvor surmised that maybe the crew lost control of Invictus, and the ship started jumping from one random location to another. And that was why people sighted the ship at different places in the galaxy and considered it a ghost ship.

According to Lewis, the ship would make a space jump again in 4 hours, and thus they had a limited time to take control of the ship. If they fail, the ship might end up in a dark corner of the galaxy, and they will die inside it.

However, using the opportunity, Salvor and other foundation engineers attack Phara and her men. Phara overpowered Salvor and was about to kill her when her chief stopped Phara. The Anacreon needed the warden to override safety protocols. Phara made it clear to Salvor that she would take control of the Invictus and destroy Trantor. She will get revenge on her fallen planet and bring the Empire to its knees at all costs.

‘Foundation’ Episode 7: Ending

In Moon Maiden, Cleon XIII made a grand appearance in front of the people. He told the crowd that Zephyr Halima called the Empire soulless, but Cleon XIII would prove her wrong. He would appeal to the Triple Goddesses of the Moon Maiden and walk the Great Spiral.

Inside the unknown ship, Hari digitized consciousness, fixed the error in its protocol, and took control of the ship. Hari told Gaal that he orchestrated his death to galvanize the foundation. His murder turned him into a deity that made people’s belief in foundation stronger. In the end, Hari told Gaal that he was diagnosed with Lethe Syndrome (psychic counterpart of Alzheimer’s disease). If people had seen him in such a state, they would have considered him a lunatic and had lost faith in his predictions. Thus, he commanded Raych to kill him.

Hari believed that he had perfectly planned everything, but then Gaal saw Raych stabbing Hari. To save Gaal, Raych sent her to the ship in an escape pod that was meant for him. Hari furiously explained that Gaal was supposed to be in the swimming pool. Then why did she come to his cabin?

After a deep thought, Gaal concluded that when she was in the water, she felt something in the air. As if she could predict something terrible was going to happen. Gaal revisited the memories and collected instances where she predicted doom before it happened. Like she asked Hari to look at the sky, moments before Star Bridge exploded. As if she could feel the future. Hari’s consciousness was stunned by Gaal’s revelations about her power.

‘Foundation’ Episode 8 will explore the fate of these storylines further.

Foundation is a 2021 space science fiction series created for Apple TV+.


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