‘Foundation’ Season 2 Episode 6 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Tellem Kill Hari Seldon?


Things were at a very critical stage and a lot was at stake for Hari Seldon, as he knew that one wrong move and they would never be able to bring the world back on track. After meeting Tellem Bond and her Mentallics on the planet Ignis, Hari had realized that it was not going to be an easy task to convince them to do anything. So, let’s find out if Hari Seldon is able to negotiate terms with the Mentallics in Foundation Episode 6 and what exactly was going on in Tellem’s mind.

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What Happened With Poly And Brother Constant?

Poly and Brother Constant reached the eye of the Empire, and before starting work, Poly wanted to have fun and relax, as he knew that moving forward, he wouldn’t get that privilege. Poly didn’t know how the Empire was going to respond to their offer, though he had told Brother Constant to expect nothing but the worst. Poly indulged in one of his favorite vices: getting drunk and then later, he became very philosophical about everything and poured his heart out in front of brother Constant. He said that Brother Constant’s faith was far purer as compared to his. Poly said that he had seen Hari Seldon with his own eyes and so to believe in something that he had seen was a pretty easy thing to do, but here was Brother Constant, who had just heard about the man and still stayed dedicated to the cause. 

After a realization of sorts, Poly decided to take charge of things, be a better man, get rid of his vices, and try to lead by setting an example. Poly would have just slept after that, but soldiers of the Empire arrived unannounced and took him and brother Constant into custody. Poly was proved right as the Empire was suspicious about these red-cloaked messengers of God, and probably they just wanted to assess what they were up to and why, all of a sudden, they had come to the Trantor. Bel Rios and his entire team had already been sent to search for these barbaric tribes living in the outer reach, and in such a time, if one came to Trantor, they couldn’t expect the Empire to not be hostile to them.

Hober Mallow was also carrying on with his journey in Foundation episode 6 when his spaceship suddenly got jammed, and he didn’t understand what was happening. Hober Mallow was caught by spacers who got suspicious after seeing a spaceship that didn’t belong to the Empire.

What Did Tellem Offer Gaal?

Salvor was walking on the beach when a little boy caught her attention and got her talking. Salvor came to know in Foundation Episode 6 that the “sighted” had a special power to hear the thoughts of a person without speaking them out loud. The little boy held Salvor’s hand and showed her what had happened to him in the past and how he had managed to escape his doom. The boy was going to be murdered when Tellem Bond came and saved him. Each and every one of the sighted was rescued by Tellem, and had she not arrived at the right time, they wouldn’t have survived. 

Tellem told Hari, Gaal, and Salvor that she didn’t want anything to do with the Empire as she had to look out for her own children. She said that normal people either started treating the sighted as God or they started loathing them because they were not like others and she didn’t want to be a part of any of the situations. Hari told her that she could choose to hide from the world, but the war would come to her eventually and destroy her paradise. Hari Seldon told Tellem about Gaal’s vision and said that approximately a hundred years from then, one of the Mentallics named The Mule would rise to power and wreak havoc on the entire world. To show that he was not speaking lies, Salvor and Hari asked Tellem to touch Gaal’s hand and see for herself what the future looked like. 

Tellem was devastated when she used her psychic abilities to see Gaal’s vision. She asked Gaal if Salvor knew that she was going to die, and Gaal told her that she had told both Hari and Salvor as it was becoming too much for her to handle. That’s when Tellem made an offer to Gaal in private and told her that she could make things right if she made the right choice. Tellem told Gaal that she had a lot of trust in her abilities and that she wanted Gaal to take the mantle from her and become the leader of the sighted. Tellem said that she would train her to be even stronger and use her vision and psychic abilities to her advantage. Tellem also tried to allure her by saying that she could change the future that she had seen only by acting in a certain way, as sitting idly and not doing anything wouldn’t help her cause. 

The only condition that Tellem had was that Gaal would have to send Hari Seldon away, and he couldn’t be a part of the scheme of things. She tried to incite Gaal and tell her that no matter how brilliant she was, Hari Seldon would never treat her equally, but on the other hand, she could become a leader if she accepted her offer. Gaal wasn’t attracted to power, but the fact that she could probably change the future and save Salvor Hardin from dying really hooked her. She went to Hari and Salvor and told them that she had accepted the offer that Tellem had made. Hari Seldon got really angry, and he urged Gaal to see the reality and not get fooled by Tellem’s hollow promises. He said that the sole motive of Tellem was to destroy the Prime Radiant, and because she had been unable to find it up until then, she was resorting to all sorts of malicious tactics. But it seemed like Gaal had already made up her mind, as nothing else mattered to her other than wanting to save Salvor Hardin from meeting the kind of end she had seen in her psychic visions at the hands of The Mule.

Is Hari Seldon Dead Or Alive?

Hari had gotten up and left when Gaal had told him about her plans, and later he realized that it was Tellem who had sort of hypnotized him and made him act in such a manner. Tellem could enter people’s minds and coerce them into doing things. Tellem was manipulating everybody, and through her psychic powers, she showed Salvor and Gaal that Hari had left the planet in the spaceship while he was still pretty much present there. Tellem had done that so that she could hide the spaceship and search for the prime radiant without fearing that Salvor or Gaal would walk in on her. 

Hari Seldon was chained and made to stand in the water, and it was just a matter of time before the level of the water rose, and he died a painful death. Hari Seldon’s subconscious mind took him back to the time when he had met his wife, Dr. Yanna Kine, for the very first time. We got to know that Hari’s theories were not taken very well by the Empire, as he predicted that the Empire would fall in the future. A colleague by the name of Dr. Tadj was giving all the information to the Empire about Hari Seldon’s work, and she had also told him that if he didn’t stop with his research and didn’t reveal everything to the Empire, then his funding would be stopped and his work would be seized. 

The Empire had offered Seldon a good position at Steerling University, but he didn’t want to go there as he knew that the Empire’s sole motive behind calling him there was to keep him close so that they could keep an eye on him. Hari was adamant, and the Empire was not going to let him carry on with his work. In a tragic turn of events, Dr. Tadj took Yanna to a secret location where she forced her to give the prototype, but the latter didn’t have it on her. But things got heated up, and Dr. Tadj ended up killing Yanna. Hari Seldon got to know about it as he wore a locket through which he could feel the pulse of Yanna and their unborn baby. 

Dr. Tadj came back and didn’t tell Hair anything about Yana’s death, believing that he wouldn’t come to know about it. She asked him to come with her so that she could take him to Yanna, but Hari wasn’t going to be fooled, and he changed the coordinates of the vehicle at the very last moment and took Dr. Tadj to the field where he used to go as a child, where the moon shrikes used to come. Dr. Tadj got trampled by the moon shrikes, and Hari seldom stood there unharmed because his pattern, which he had figured out at a tender age, was perfect. Rationally speaking we did feel like Hari Seldon drowned in the water and died at the end of Foundation Episode 6 but then again the man had shown us how he had miraculously resurrected himself in the past and it could be possible that he achieves a similar feat this time around too. It is to be noticed that there was another Hari Seldon present inside the vault, and it could be possible that he would now become useful to bring the real one back. We have to agree that a lot of things happening at this moment are beyond our comprehension and we would have to wait for the upcoming episodes to know what exactly happens in the future. 

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