‘Foundation’ Season 2 Episode 1 Recap: What News Did Demerzel Bring For The Empire?


It had been 173 years since the Foundation was exiled to Terminus, and things had drastically changed since then. We had seen in Season 1 that Hari Seldon had asked Raych Foss to kill him because, according to his psycho-historical calculations, he needed to die in order for his predictions to come true. Gaal met a digitized Hari Seldon on the spaceship at the end of Season 1, but both of them couldn’t come to an agreement, and the former went into cryosleep once again and made her way to her home planet, Synnax. Terminus had flourished for the last 138 years while Gaal was traveling through space, but now they stood on the brink of another war, and the people living there started realizing that probably the time had come when they united their forces and waged a war against the Empire. On the other hand, the Empire was totally oblivious to the developments being made on the Outer Rims. So, let’s find out what was happening in Trantor and what Gaal and Salvor decided to do when they finally came face to face on Synnax.

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What Did Gaal And Salvor Plan On Doing?

Gaal was stunned when she learned that Salvor was her daughter. Salvor told Gaal that she had donated her embryo, which was then carried by Mari Hadin, and as much as she was the daughter of Mari, she was also a descendent of Gaal and Raych. Salvor realized why she had been getting the visions of Gaal’s past, and though their reunion wasn’t like she had expected it to be, she was satisfied that she got to meet Gaal at least. Both the girls were stuck on Synnax, and they realized that there was no point making the journey as there was nothing left there. It wasn’t the home that Gaal had once lived in, and almost the entire place was submerged in water. But now the biggest problem was that they didn’t have any ship on which they could escape from there, and they also knew that nobody was going to come looking for them. The water was constantly rising, and according to Gaal’s speculations, the little bit of land that was above water would also be submerged sooner than they had imagined. Salvor knew that Hugo’s ship, Beggar, was lying on the bed of the water body, and she told Gaal that if they were somehow able to start its engine, they would probably be able to escape from Synnax alive. Gaal was not sure at first because the ship had been lying inside the water for quite some time, but Salvor assured her that Beggar was a sturdy ship and that they could depend on it. The two girls went inside the water body in Foundation Season 2 Episode 1, and after giving it all that they had, they were able to make a miraculous escape from death. The ship started, and they came to the surface and got ready to go out there and make a difference.

Why Was Gaal Not Using The Prime Radiant?

Salvor didn’t understand why Gaal was so reluctant to use the prime radiant. In the first episode of Foundation Season 2, Gaal reveals that she trapped Hari Seldon inside the prime radiant. Gaal tapped the prime radiant and showed Salvor how it projected the entire universe and how it made its psycho-historical speculations and calculations. The prime radiant predicted that the world had gone off course after the first crisis, and if they didn’t correct it in due time, then the age of darkness would inevitably increase.

Salvor didn’t understand how Hari Seldon was trapped inside the radiant because when she left Terminus, he was still there in the vault. That’s when Gaal realized that the shrewd man had probably made two copies of his consciousness, and that is how he was able to be present in two places at the same time. Meanwhile, we see the digitized version of Seldon trapped inside the prime radiant, figuring out where he is and how he could get out of there. He saw his wife Yanna and then Kalle, the great mathematician, and he was totally confused about what was happening to him. Both Yanna and Kalle guided Hari Seldon and made him remember things that had happened in his childhood. We saw that Hari’s father was abusive in nature and he didn’t appreciate the talent of his own child. Kalle and Yanna, both asked him not to become a victim of his own petulance and to navigate his way out of the radiant.

Seldon was able to free himself eventually, and he appeared on the Beggar and told Gaal that he was there to take revenge on her. In the next episode of Foundation, we will learn what Hari Seldon has in mind and if he helps the girls bring the world back on track and fight the second crisis or becomes an obstacle in Gaal’s way.

What News Did Demerzel Bring For The Empire?

Bother Day was having a physical relationship with Demerzel, and his brothers were not happy with that fact. Brother Day (Cleon XVII) always said in his defense that he was not the first ruler to have done so and that there were precedents available that strengthened his claims and validated his actions. Brother Day was sharing an intimate moment with Demerzel when a few masked men arrived out of nowhere inside the bedroom and attacked them. Brother Day was able to kill all the attackers but suffered grave injuries. Demerzel damaged a big part of her skull, but she managed to take Brother Day to the medical facility to be treated. Brother Day was healed, and he called in the shadow master to ask if he knew about the mastermind who had orchestrated the attack. Brother Day and Dawn got to know that the men were blind agents, and since their memories were encrypted, no information could be taken out from their corpses. Brother Day asked the shadow master how they had entered the bedroom in the first place and told him that it was either a case of gross negligence or there was someone on the inside who had given them access intentionally.

Before the shadow master could even utter a word, Brother Day killed him. It came to be known in Foundation season 2 episode 1 that Cleon XVII didn’t even trust his brothers, and he asked Brother Dawn and Dusk to go through a neural diagnosis so that their real intentions came to light. Brother Dawn was a bit taken aback by that order, as he hadn’t expected that he would also be on the list of suspects. We came to know that Brother Day had made up his mind to marry Queen Sareth, though Brother Dawn told him that having children did not guarantee that he would be immortal. But Brother Day had stopped listening to anyone of late. Queen Sareth arrived with her entourage, and while the formal introductions and the gift exchange rituals were still taking place, Demerzel arrived and told Brother Day that there was an important development that he needed to attend immediately. Demerzel told the Empire that a body with imperial nanites had been recovered, and it was speculated that it had been drifting through space for more than a century. That body belonged to commander Kray Dorwin, whom we had seen in the first season when he had gone to the Terminus to help Salvor and her people against the Anacreons.

Demerzel told the Empire that during the reign of Cleon XII, Dorwin was sent to investigate some anomalies that were taking place near the Terminus. But it was around the same time that the Empire got to know that the genetic dynasty had been corrupted, and things that should have been dealt with as the first priority were forgotten by the Empire. Dorwin had been able to record a neural message before he was brutally massacred by Grand Huntress, Phara Keaen. The Empire came to know that the Foundation was never destroyed but had instead flourished over a period of time. The observers on the periphery heard rumors of an alliance being formed against the Empire, and Demerzel told the brothers that she personally believed that there was a possibility that whatever they were saying was true. Brother Dusk wanted to carry out an attack straight away, but Demerzel was against it and she advised them to first investigate the matter, see for themselves what kind of damage had been done, and then come to a conclusion as to what needed to be done to stop it. In the upcoming episodes, we will get to know what Hari Seldon plans on doing, considering he is out of the prime radiant and if the Galactic Empire is able to crush the rebellion, or the people of Terminus are able to get the better of them. 

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