‘Foundation’ Season 2 Episode 10 Finale Preview, Release Date, And Where To Watch


The final episode of Foundation Season 2, titled “Creation of Myths,” will disclose a lot of things and tell where the Genetic Dynasty is headed from hereon. From the unknown motives to the secret plans, we would get to know what was going on in Hari Seldon’s and Demerzel’s minds. We take those two names because, in the last couple of episodes, they have emerged as the key players who are pulling the reins and determining the future of the galactic empire. The fact that it was Demerzel who was running the show came as a shock, and it would be interesting to see what happens between her and Seldon in the future. So let’s find out what all we can expect from Foundation season 2 finale and if Hari, Gaal, and Salvor are able to do the course correction that they have been wanting to do since the very beginning.

Spoiler Alert

What will be Queen Sareth’s plan of action ?

Queen Sareth once again met Brother Dawn after Brother Day had left with Demerzel. Though Sareth had started talking to Dawn so that she could get some information about what kind of involvement Brother Day had in murdering her family, her intuition told her that her brother Day was the one who had ordered the hit, and finally, it was revealed to her by Demerzel that she was the one who had killed her family. Sareth kept meeting Day, as she knew that in the future, she would need someone on her side if she wanted to take revenge on Demerzel and her Brother Day. She knew that though Dawn was meeting her secretly, his allegiance still lay with the Genetic Dynasty, and he would do anything that put his brother in jeopardy. But Sareth knew that she could influence the man to go against his brother.

Around Foundation Episode 9, Enjoiner Rue had a conversation with Sareth about how she was risking everything by indulging with Dawn and that sooner or later, someone would come to know about her affair. It was then that we realized that probably Sareth had also developed feelings for Dawn, and it could be possible that she would be somewhere hoping to have a future with him. We had seen how she had made it explicitly clear that she wanted his genes in her baby, as she believed that he was a bit different from his brothers. Now that Brother Day and Demerzel will be returning to Trantor, we will get to witness what Sareth and Dawn do in Foundation Season 2 grand finale. Maybe they would leave the Trantor and try to make an escape, as they knew that Brother Day wouldn’t let them be if he found out what they were plotting behind his back.

Will Demerzel go against Brother Day?

In the ninth episode, Demerzel realized that Brother Day had become someone whose presence was not conducive to the genetic dynasty. We had come to know from the very beginning that it was Demerzel who was running the entire show. She was the one true heir of Cleon 1, and she was one who made sure that she not only managed the memories of the clowns of Cleon but also made sure that they didn’t ever take a step that was against the empire. Now, Demerzel had told Brother Day that she had become intimate with him only so that she could rectify his thought process and prevent him from going astray, but she had been unable to do that. Also, she kind of acknowledged what Hari Seldon told her and her Brother Day inside the vault and seemed to agree with his point of view.

Demerzle was returning to Trantor, leaving another day behind, and in episode 10, we would surely see her trying to course-correct everything and bring the genetic dynasty in line with what Cleon 1 wanted. We believe Demerzel would now remove anyone who came in her way, and she would try to stabilize things in Trantor. A lot has happened over the past few months, and the future of the genetic dynasty looks bleak. Foundation Season 2 finale would reveal many more aspects of Demerzel about which we are totally unaware, and we wouldn’t be surprised if she turns out to be the mastermind who was running the entire show from the beginning.

Will Bel Rios take revenge on Brother Day?

Belrios, in the previous episode of Foundation, had killed his own love with his own hands. Glawen made him realize he needed to look at the bigger picture and bring Invictus down on the Terminus because, at that time, he couldn’t do anything. Belrios stood on his spaceship and saw the entire Terminus erupt, with the love of life standing at the center of it all. Bel and Glawen both understood the power dynamics and right now, they didn’t have the means to stand against Brother Day. We believe Belrios wouldn’t let the sacrifice of his lover go in vain. We had heard from Brother Day himself about the kind of popularity the man had among the men clad in uniform, and there was a time when Brother Day had become a bit insecure seeing the kind of support the man enjoyed. Everybody knew that Belrios was an exceptional fighter, and when the time came, we would see him putting his skills to use. He will endure; he will live through the pain, and when he sees that the time is ripe, he will strike a blow from which the empire won’t ever be able to recover.

What would be Harry Seldon’s plan of action?

Harry Seldon had been alive, and in the previous episode, we saw how he had been able to keep Tellem in the dark all this time and get the better of her. Maybe it was Hari Seldon’s plan all along to let the Terminus be destroyed, and it was he who had led Brother Day all along to that position where he made the choice of bringing down Invictus to the planet. Hari was there on the Terminus inside the vault, and considering the amount of power he had, we cannot believe that he wouldn’t have known what Brother Day was about to do. He had sent Poly and his brother Constant on a mission, and he knew that the empire was not going to accept their peace treaty. That’s why he had also sent Hober Mallow to make an agreement with the spacer, though we had seen that he was unable to do so. The point is that Hari Seldon always kept scope for inflictions, and in Foundation Season 2, Episode 10, we would get to know what his game plan had been all along.

We had come to know that Gaal and Hari were connected in more than one way, and now that they had survived, they would once again try to course-correct the events so that everything happening in the world aligns with the psychohistory calculations made by Seldon.

Where to watch

Foundation Season 2, Episode 10 will premiere on Apple TV+ this Friday, i.e., September 15th. As of now, there hasn’t been any official announcement if there will be a third season of the show or not, but considering the positive reviews the show has gotten, we might see the franchise getting the green light from the producers very soon. As of now, there hasn’t been any sort of information regarding what the cast would be for season 3, though we believe that there would be a lot of recurring characters, as they still have a role to play in the scheme of things.

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