‘Foundation’ Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Did Gaal See In Her Vision?


In the second episode of Foundation, we saw that Gaal Dornick somewhere blamed herself for what was happening in the galactic world, and she felt extremely guilty because of it. She knew that had she not gone out of the swimming pool and interrupted Raych and Hari Seldon, everything would have probably been in accordance with the calculations made by Seldon. Gaal wanted to rectify her mistakes, but obviously, it was not going to be an easy task. Meanwhile, Brother Day was all set to have a biological baby with Queen Sareth, though we do have our doubts about the intentions and motives of the queen of the Dominion. So, let’s find out what happened in the second episode and what plan do Gaal and Hari Seldon come up with to make the events of the world come back on track. 

Spoilers Alert

What Happened Between Brother Day And Sareth?

Brother Day, in the second episode of Foundation, got to know from Demerzel that their brothers had not conspired against him. Demerzel had conducted a neural diagnosis on brothers Dawn and Dusk, and she had found nothing that pointed towards their involvement in the attack carried out by the blind angels. But Demerzel also told Brother Day that there was a loophole in the diagnostic process, that if someone didn’t remember something after doing it, then the test would show that they hadn’t committed the act. Demerzel assured Brother Day that she would find a way to fix the problem and come up with assured results. Demerzel also had a candidate in mind who could lead the forces of the empire in the battle against the Foundation.

Bel Rios was an experienced general, and Demerzel found him best suited for the job, but Brother Day almost instantly rejected his candidature. Brother Day had a lot of problems with Bel Rios, and he mentioned a time when the general refused to carry out the orders of the Empire and did what he deemed fit in the situation. Demerzel’s point was that what he did in that situation was right, even when it was against orders because he wanted to save the lives of his fellow soldiers. But Brother Day was adamant, and it did seem like apart from not following the orders, there was some other thing that bothered him. Probably Brother Day was scared of the growing popularity of the man, and felt threatened by his presence.

Queen Sareth came to have a meal with the brothers, and she told them how she was never prepared to take on the mantle and rule her kingdom. She told the brothers that her siblings were the ones who had been given the training, but an accident changed the course of the narrative. Queen Sareth was quite intrigued by the entire concept of genetic dynasties, and that is why Brother Day decided to take her to the Principium Tower so that she could witness firsthand how the technology functioned. Brother Day showed her how his memories were being transferred in real-time to his incubated clone. Brother Day said that they edited the memory only so that the clone, who takes their position in case of their death, didn’t remember anything about it. Queen Sareth knew that the genetic material had been adulterated by the rebels some years ago, and the empire was scared that their entire system would collapse eventually.

What Did Gaal See In Her Vision Of The Future?

Hari Seldon was extremely angry once he appeared inside the spaceship. He gave a piece of his mind to Gaal, taking out all his frustration on her and telling her how she had ruined everything. He said that she was responsible for all the despair and destruction that was about to follow. He said that he knew that Terminus stood on the brink of war, but they couldn’t intervene in it if they wanted the world to come back to the correct course. Salvor didn’t understand how not helping the people of the Terminus would help their cause, but she had no option but to believe what her other two travel companions were saying.

According to psychohistory calculations, Gaal figured out that maybe in 100 or 150 years, another turning point will occur that will probably bring the world back on the right course. Gaal came up with a speculative theory; she said that if Salvor could see Gaal’s past, then it could be possible that what Gaal is seeing is also the past of her future self. Gaal went to the future and saw a warlord who went by the name of The Mule had caused widespread destruction. He asked her the location of the second Foundation and tried his level best to search for an answer inside her mind using his powers.

Gaal came back and told both Salvor and Hari that the Mule also had telepathic powers, and he asked for a man named Hober Mallow. The Mule believed that the second Foundation was the only thing standing in his way as he had almost destroyed the entire galaxy. Gaal recalled that the Mule was going to a planet named Ignis, and the trio also decided to go there at the end of Foundation episode 2. The most devastating thing that Gaal had seen in her vision was that Salvor was lying just next to her, and she had succumbed to her injuries. Gaal was scared that her vision might come true and Salvor would end up losing her life.

What Did Poly See When The Vault Opened?

Poly, the child who was present when the vault opened for the first time, had now become a religious leader for the church of the galactic spirit and, together with Brother Constant, was doing missionary work in the Outer Reach. We saw in Foundation episode 2 that one of his colleagues was murdered as the people of that planet where they were trying to spread the religion prayed to a local deity, and for them, it was blasphemy to consider Hari Seldon as the one true prophet. We are quite sure that the Foundation must have resorted to dishonest means in order to convert people, which is why people had become hostile towards them.

During the magic show, Poly and Brother Constant got to know that the vault was on the verge of opening a second time after a span of 138 years, and so they immediately went back to the Terminus as Poly was eager to see the prophet for a second time. When they reached Terminus, people welcomed them warmly, but Poly was told by Warden Yager that he would not be allowed to go near the vault as they didn’t trust him that much. Poly might have had a reputation among the masses, but the people in the administration knew the reality. Most of the time, Poly was in an inebriated state, and the administration didn’t want anything to go wrong when the vault opened.

Warden Yager went in front of the vault, but as soon as it opened, to everybody’s surprise, Warden was reduced to ashes in front of the residents of Terminus. The name of Hober Mallow appeared on the vault, and Poly and everybody else didn’t have any clue what it meant. Gaal had also heard the same name when she had gone in the future, and hopefully in the next few episodes of Foundation, we would get to know more about it. It is quite possible that Hober Mallow would play a significant role in bringing the events that were happening in the world on the right course, and in the upcoming episodes, we will get to know how exactly he would help the cause or become an obstacle who needed to be removed.

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