‘Foundation’ Season 2 Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Did Hari Meet On Ignis?


Queen Sareth, since the previous episode of Foundation made it very clear why she was in Trantor and Brother Day didn’t not have a clue about what she intended to achieve. There was a growing animosity between the brothers, and Brother Dawn and Dusk had started feeling that Brother Day had become way too dictatorial in his approach. In the fifth episode, Hari Seldon, Gaal, and Salvor finally reached Ignis, and they had no clue what they were in for. Ignis was not devoid of human habitation, and there were a few who were taking refuge there. So, let’s see what Hari Seldon finds on Ignis and if Queen Sareth is able to achieve what she set out for.

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What Did Sareth And Rue Come To Know?

Since the previous episode, Sareth has been trying to find out how Brother Day survived after being attacked by the blind angels. She was told by her informant, Markley, that he could not access the footage of whatever had happened inside the bedroom as it was off-limits. Sareth decided that she would disguise her intentions and lure Brother Day in and find a way to go to his bedroom to get some evidence that would lead her to the truth. Brother Day was a little bit surprised by the upfront offer made by Sareth, as he hadn’t expected her to make that kind of move so early, and he confided in Demerzel as always and told her about the proposal.

Demerzel assured him that he would do just fine and that he didn’t need to be nervous, as it had become quite evident by Sareth’s proposal that she wanted to get intimate. But things didn’t turn out the way Sareth would have wanted them to, and she ended up having a very heated argument with Brother Day. She accused him in Foundation episode 5 of murdering her entire family, and obviously, Brother Day didn’t take it very nicely. She also told him that he never understood the perspective that others had and was somehow blinded by his own beliefs and opinions. She told him that different people could have different opinions, and that was one thing that the entire genetic dynasty did not understand. She stomped out of the room as she realized that she had done enough damage because of not being in control of her emotions.

Meanwhile, Rue spent some time with Brother Dusk, and she realized that even if Markley could not get his hands on the footage of that day when Brother Day was attacked, there was another way to find out what happened there.  Brother Dusk told her that the Empire had memory audits, and everything was stored in a place called Memoriam. Brother Dusk didn’t know what the consequences of the words could be and Rue told Sareth about it. 

Markley met Keeper Yartell, who instantly gave him what he asked for, as Markley told him that the Empire had asked for it. Queen Sareth and Rue are shocked when they see the recording from that day and find out that Demerzel is a robot. But this was not all of it, as they realized that Brother Day spent a lot of time with Demerzel alone and that she was more than just an assistant to him. Things are going to get complicated from here on, and many secrets of the Empire will come out in the open. The relationship that Brother Day was having with Demerzel could not only tamper with his image but also be detrimental to the Empire and Trantor in general.

Why Did Dusk Have A Problem With Brother Day? 

On one end, Rue and Sareth were trying to do their own investigation, and on the other Brother Dawn and Brother Dusk realized that Brother Day now had an unprecedented amount of power. Dawn and Dusk were made to feel that Brother Day was the sole emperor, and all of them were beneath him. They had gotten to know in Foundation episode 5, through Demerzel, that Brother Day had taken away the power to edit memories from them. They didn’t like how authoritarian Brother Day had become in this approach and how he had ceased to ask for their opinions. They went to access the interface, which allowed them to have a conversation with the memory of Cleon I and directly ask him whatever questions they had. But much to their surprise, the memory of Cleon 1 shunned them and told them they were one person, and to judge or become envious of one another was like getting suspicious about one’s own activities.

Cleon 1 told them that everything that happened was accounted for and that he was aware about it. Disappointed and unsatisfied by what they were told, Dusk and Dawn went to Keeper Yartell in the Memorium and asked him to give them the data from the memory hoard. Dusk became suspicious when he found that the total cataphylls of Cleon 1 were exceptionally large as compared to all of them. He knew that something was not right, and his intuition told him that his brother Day had tampered with it.

With time Brother Dusk had started feeling insecure, and he thought a lot about what kind of legacy he was going to leave behind. He told Dawn that in his reign, there were no noteworthy conflicts, and whatever little issues were there, they were all handled by Demerzel. He felt scared that history would not remember him, but Brother Dawn consoled him by saying that he still had a lot of time on his hands to achieve whatever he wanted to and leave his mark on the sands of time.

Who Did Hari Seldon Meet On Planet Ignis?

Hari, time and again in Foundation episode 5, told Gaal that she was letting her vision have an impact on her actions. Hari knew that Gaal was shaken when she saw Salvor lying dead next to her in her vision, but he told her that she had to come out of it as they did not have the privilege to make any wrong moves now. While they were making a descent, Salvor saw someone looking at them. After the spaceship landed, Salvor went alone to check who was there in the woods and to her surprise, she found Hugo Crast, her partner, at Terminus, present there, and she couldn’t believe that he was still alive. Salvor was finally smiling, and it was evident what kind of fulfillment she had been feeling at this point in time. Since she had left Terminus, she had only seen death and devastation, and she felt that she would no longer be happy in her life. But this moment was like a fresh breeze, and with it came a lot of hope. Hari Seldon saw them coming, and immediately realized that the man with her was an imposter and that he was not the real Hugo Crast. He asked Hugo for all kinds of identification proof, and after that, he was even more convinced that there was some foul play happening. Salvor felt agitated, and she asked Hari to open the door of the spaceship, but Hari wasn’t ready to do so. He asked Gaal to hide the prime radiant somewhere without telling him, and Gaal didn’t understand why he was doing so.

Hari’s speculations turned out to be true, as it was Tellem Bond’s men who had come to capture them. Tellem, who was hailed as the leader of the Mentallics, didn’t like the word mental, so she referred to her people as sighted. These people had the special power to look inside a person’s mind and establish a telepathic connection even if the other person did not allow them to. Tellem told Hari that her clan consisted of people who had escaped their own fate, left their miserable lives behind, and come to Ignis to take refuge. Tallem concealed her real intentions from Hari Salvor and Gaal, and she tried hard to look inside their minds to find out what they were thinking. Tellem wanted to find the prime radiant and destroy it, and Hari probably knew about it, which is why he asked Gaal to hide it without telling him. Tellem got to know that there would be a second Foundation when she entered Hari’s mind, disguising herself as Raych at the beginning of the episode. Tellem didn’t want a second Foundation to be formed, and that is why she wanted to destroy the prime radiant. Hari probably knew that he would have an encounter with the Mentallics, and they would want to get their hands on the radiant.

As for the Empire, they thought that the danger lay on the outside, whereas currently, Queen Sareth posed a greater threat than anyone. We will get to know her plan of action, as now she has divulged a lot of secrets and has a clearer picture as compared to before, though even she knew that she was walking on thin ice, and if brother Day got a hint that she was trying to snoop around, he would not take it well. In the upcoming episodes, we will get to know if Tellem Bond is able to get what she wants or if Hari Seldon gets the better of her and makes her understand that destroying the prime radiant could be the worst thing to do.

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