‘Foundation’ Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Killed Queen Sareth’s Family?


Tellem had killed Hari Seldon in the previous episode of Foundation, and till now, neither Salvor nor Gaal had come to know about it. Salvor had seen Hari Seldon leaving in his spaceship, and no matter what Gaal told her, she was not capable of letting him go just like that and not doing anything about it. She didn’t trust Tellem like Gaal did, and she still refrained from blindly accepting anything that she said. Tellem knew that Salvor wanted answers, and she was trying her level best to influence her into believing that staying on Ignis with Gaal and becoming a part of their community was the best for her and everybody else. Meanwhile, Hober Mallow was stuck with the spacers, and Queen Sareth was trying to find out if Brother Day had gotten her family killed or not. So, let’s find out what happened in Foundation episode 7.

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What was Hober Mallow offering with the spacers?

Hober Mallow, after being caught by the spacers, made a lucrative offer, and though they didn’t agree to the proposal, it did make them experience an inner conflict. Hober knew that the spacers were not allowed to keep all their children with them, as they had to give 10 percent of their offspring to the empire. The spacers needed a micronutrient named Opelesk for survival, and the deal was that the empire would only provide them with it if they sent their children to serve. The empire had a monopoly on the production of Opelesk, and the spacers didn’t have an option but to agree to the oppressive terms and conditions of the empire. Hober told the spacers that the Foundation was able to produce Opelesk, and if they agreed to join forces and wage a war against the empire, then they would get their freedom and would no longer have to part with their children.

The spacer who was dealing with Hober Mallow thought for a while, as the idea of being free and never parting away from their children seemed way too alluring, but finally, she did not take that offer and took Hober Mallow on Bel Rios’ ship. Hober Mallow knew that he was in trouble, but somehow, the man always managed to get the better of his enemies, hook or by crook. Hober Mallow unleashed the beast, Beki, and distracted both Bel Rios and Glawen. He then took charge of a whisper ship and made the jump to save his life. When Poly and Constant went to meet Brother Day, he already knew what Hober Mallow had done, and so he had made up his mind to not enter into any kind of peace treaty with them.

Hari Seldon, the one who existed inside the vault, was inside Contant’s mind all this while, and his digitized version appeared in front of Brother Day and informed him about the consequences of not signing a peace treaty with the Foundation. He said that defeat for the empire was certain and that he should not make the mistake of considering them weak. But the threat had little or no impact on Brother Day, and he was confident that Hari Seldon’s psychohistory calculations would not hold true, so he asked Bel Rios to take his fleet to the outer reach, plunder Terminus, and take it into their control.

Glawen, in Foundation Episode 7, proposed to Bel Rios that it was the opportune time to rebel against the tyrannical ways and means of the empire and conduct a coup. But Belrios told him that he was scared, and that is why he was keen on following Brother Day’s orders this time. Bel Rios informed Brother Day of the deal that Hober Mallow was trying to make and how he was trying to bring about a mutiny. It might be possible that Bel Rios might muster the courage to go against the empire but right now he wanted to be loyal and not have any hassle in his life. 

Who Killed Queen Sareth’s Family?

Queen Sareth finally got the information she was trying to seek from the very beginning. She got to know that Demerzel was the one who had killed her family on the orders of Brother Day. Demerzel had come to take Queen Sareth to the physician, who was going to conduct some tests on her and make sure that her womb was safe to carry Brother Day’s offspring. Sareth had a misguided sense of the power dynamics, and Demerzel felt it was her duty to not only bring her in line but to make her realize that she amounted to nothing. Sareth had told the physician that nothing would be implanted in her womb until and unless she got married to Brother Day, and that’s when to intimidate her, Demerzel told Sareth on her face that it was she who had killed her family members. Sareth had a conversation with Brother Day, and he confirmed that it was on his orders that her life had been completely overturned and her family condemned to death.

Queen Sareth was devastated, but she knew that she couldn’t stop fighting. She arranged for a meeting with Brother Dawn at a place where nobody could see them and told him about the recent developments. She requested that Brother Dawn help her cause and be the father of the babies she was going to carry in her womb. Sareth told Dawn that, unlike Day, he was compassionate, and she was very sure that he wouldn’t turn out like him. Dawn was scared, and he told Sareth that it would be suicide, as if Brother Day got to know about it, he wouldn’t leave him alive. But Sareth was persistent, and she told him that they were genetically identical, so it wasn’t possible for anybody to differentiate between them. Dawn was scared, but he was way too attracted to Sareth to say no to her. They shared an intimate moment, and Dawn was ready to go on a suicide mission.

Did Salvor Get To Know About Hari’s Death?

Salvor was restless, and she wanted Gaal to understand that they needed to find Hari Seldon as according to them, he had absconded with their spaceship. But Gaal had already made up her mind, and she wanted Salvor to also give up her quest and start afresh. Salvor was learning to harness the power she always had within her, and though she had not fully transformed into a Sighted, Tellem had told her that she was going to reach there soon. Salvor could hear the food screaming in pain, and she was told by Tellem that this was the downside of having enhanced senses. Salvor was walking on the beach when she noticed that Loron was looking at a boat, time and again. She came back later to check that its travel history had been deleted, something that didn’t happen that often on Ignis. She was intuitive enough to know where that boat had been last, but Gaal told her not to focus on unnecessary things that would derail them from their mission. The fact that the future could be changed and Salvor could be saved from getting killed by the hands of the Mule was alluring for Gaal, and she was way too blinded by hope to see what was happening in front of her.

During Foundation Episode 7’s ending, Salvor sneaked out in the night and used the technology on the boat to redirect it on the same course that it had taken on its last trip. Salvor reached the place where Hari Seldon was killed, and she saw his body floating in the water. She was horrified when he saw the great man dead, and she wasn’t able to process what was happening. She jumped into the pool, and that’s when Tellem arrived there and used her powers to submerge her in the water. Foundation Episode 7 leaves us with that cliffhanger, and we don’t get to know if Salvor survives or dies. We believe that right now, Tellem would refrain from killing Salvor, as she knew that it would hamper her relationship with Gaal. In the upcoming episodes, we will get to know if Brother Day’s aggressive strategy paid off or not and if Gaal gets to know what happened with Salvor and Hari Seldon.

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