‘Frankly Speaking’ Episodes 5-6 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Is The New Member On Woo-Joo’s Show?


Korean netizens love a good variety show, why else would there be just so many of them, each more amusing than the other? However, Netflix’s Single’s Inferno gained global popularity despite its prudish nature in comparison to dating shows from other cultures. Maybe it’s just the many pretty faces and the hot bodies people feel drawn towards; it’s also the way these shows are shot that makes one eager to watch on. Keeping all of that in mind, in the K-drama Frankly Speaking, the female lead, who is a writer, comes up with the idea of a dating show very akin to Single’s Inferno. I suppose it does make the show rather entertaining, and we see the leads get toyed with through the shooting of this dating game. With all that said, let’s dive into this week’s episodes of Frankly Speaking.

Spoiler Alert

Why is Ki-Baek an amateur? 

Frankly Speaking episode 5 begins with the shooting of Woo-Joo’s new dating reality show. It’s a show that allows anybody to participate, not just celebrities, so the most famous person on it is, of course, Jeong-Heon. It is after a lot of consideration that Woo-Joo brought Ki-Baek on board; however, we’ll find out soon enough that it is because of him that the show’s concept is brought to life. As expected, Ki-Baek is extremely awkward on the show, despite his desire to do well for Woo-Joo’s sake. On the other hand, Jeong-Heon decides he wants to be helpful to Ki-Baek and offers some advice here and there to lend him a helping hand. Woo-Joo tells Ki-Baek that victory could help him impress his audience, and he takes it very seriously. So, when the cast members are meant to play a physical game, he gets extremely competitive and ends up losing to Jeong-Heon. In a flashback, we see that they fought over a girl back in school. 

Ki-Baek notices that the girl he got paired up with, Yu-Yeong, was hurt in the game and decides to bring her a band-aid when the show isn’t recording. He overhears her speaking to her boyfriend, and she wonders if he’s going to reveal it to the producers. Ki-Baek promises her that he has no such plans, but he hands her the band-aid, and they make a deal to stay loyal to each other by choosing each other for the first round of the games. In the meantime, Jeong-Heon tries desperately to get Woo-Joo’s attention, but she’s only focused on Ki-Baek, whom she cares for dearly and feels responsible for. 

In multiple flashbacks, we get a glimpse of Ki-Baek and Jeong-Heon’s friendship in school. They were mainly focused on their friendship with a girl, whom they clearly both liked. At the same time, it seems like history might repeat itself in a strange way because Woo-Joo seems to be developing feelings for Ki-Baek. On the other hand, Un-Baek, Ki-Baek’s brother, comes to the set with drinks for everyone made by their mother, and despite Jeong-Heon’s display of wealth, everyone drinks the “shike” made by Ki-Baek’s mom. The director of the show then asks Un-Baek if he could stay on and help with the show because they’re understaffed, and he volunteers to do so because he’s already got a huge crush on her. 

At the end of Frankly Speaking episode 5, the cast is meant to hike up a mountain in pairs, a “horror” bit, and reach a shed. Before they head out, Ha-Young, the assistant writer, tells Ki-Baek that he’s doing his “job” well by provoking Jeong-Heon, making him believe that that was the reason Woo-Joo invited him on the show. Feeling frustrated by the situation, Ki-Baek tells Yu-Yeong to take a different path than the rest of the crowd, who all follow Jeong-Heon. Somehow this leads to disaster, and Ki-Baek accidentally falls, rolls over, and knocks himself out in the dark of night. The whole team gets concerned, but Woo-Joo decides to rush to find him on her own. When she finds him, he confesses that he felt bad hearing about him being a set-up for Jeong-Heon. He asks Woo-Joo what potential she sees in him, and she says it is because she feels butterflies for him. 

Who is Cho-Hui? 

Frankly Speaking episode 6 begins with everyone looking for Woo-Joo and Ki-Baek. When they return safely, except for Woo-Joo’s twisted ankle, everyone is relieved. Especially Yu-Yeong and Jeong-Heon. It seems Ki-Baek’s sincerity has grown on the young woman, and she might be taking the whole dating show very seriously. Finally, it comes time to reveal the twist of the dating show, and it turns out to be all the men’s first love, a woman named Cho-Hui (wow, she’s like a celebrity). Apparently, first loves evoke a sense of sentimentality in men, and so this is why viewers will watch the dating show, with the big twist that’ll add a lot of drama to the show. 

Cho-Hui was the girl that Ki-Baek and Jeong-Heon fought over as high schoolers, and now she’s back in their lives. Watching her with Ki-Baek makes Woo-Joo feel a bit low. However, she is the head writer of the show and has to keep her head on straight. Jeong-Heon wins a date with Cho-Hui, but she’s given the chance to take one more person along (very “Single’s Inferno,” if you ask me). Cho-Hui obviously chooses Ki-Baek, and they head off to an amusement park for some fun and games. 

At the park, a bunch of gangster-looking kids act up with Jeong-Heon while trying to take pictures with him. It makes him feel uncomfortable, so much so that he becomes anxious but doesn’t know how to act thanks to the crowd he’s pulled. A “frankly speaking” Ki-Baek comes to his rescue and teaches the kids a lesson, along with the people taking videos of the whole situation and not doing anything else about it. It turns out Jeong-Heon was once slapped in the face for not smiling for a picture, which is why he felt so anxious in that situation. 

On the other hand, Ki-Baek realizes that it was his notebook that helped Woo-Joo come up with the special concept of the show. At first, he tells her that he understands, but after sneezing, he confesses that he felt hurt by the situation; however, since it was he who gave her the notebook in the first place, he can’t really hold it against her. He then promises to do well for her, and then they overhear some of the younger writers talk about how he was so cool, saving the day like that. At night, it is revealed that it is Cho-Hui’s birthday, so the cast plans a celebration together. This is when Jeong-Heon realizes it is also Woo-Joo’s birthday and gets his team to bring her a cake. This makes her really mad because nobody celebrates birthdays on sets, and it makes her look unprofessional. Jeong-Heon thinks he can waltz in and win back Woo-Joo’s heart, but she is certain that she’s over the guy and has no plans of getting back together with him. In the meantime, Ki-Baek is also very sure about his feelings towards Cho-Hui and tells her that he has no plans of getting with her on the show or off it. She thinks it’s Yu-Yeong that he’s fallen for, and somehow Cho-Hui manages to send her away from the show. But Ki-Baek then goes to Woo-Joo to celebrate her birthday with her, bringing her the spicy food that she likes to eat when she’s stressed and making her happy. He promises not to confess his feelings for her because he came on the show to date, so he’ll stick to that. 

At the end of episode 6 of Frankly Speaking, there’s a new twist on the show because there needs to be a replacement for Yu-Yeong. Shocking everybody, the new cast member is none other than Woo-Joo herself (yikes). I suppose Ki-Baek can now easily date her. 

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